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Ford Bronco Price Protection Being Offered For 2021 Customer Orders

From the day the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed, tens of thousands of eager customers placed a $100 deposit to secure a reservation for the reborn off-road SUV. Unfortunately, demand for the new Ford Bronco far outweighed supply, a problem that was further complicated by pandemic-related supply chain issues and hardtop production woes. Ford wound up pushing most but not all unscheduled 2021 Bronco orders to the 2022 model year but noted that it would provide price protection for those customers. Now, the details of this Ford Bronco price protection have been revealed via a dealer bulletin seen by Cars Direct.

2022 Ford Bronco Price Protection
2022 Ford Bronco Two Door Protection Total 2022 Ford Bronco Four Door Price Protection Total
Base $800 $250
Big Bend $400 $250
Black Diamond $975 $825
Outer Banks $400 $250
Badlands $975 $825
Wildtrak $800 $695

The 2021 Ford Bronco price protection will be offered in the form of an incentive, which gives eligible customers a discount on a 2022 Bronco model ranging from $250 up to $975, depending on trim and configuration. The incentive also offsets the 2022 Bronco price increases announced last fall, and these incentives can be combined with Ford Plan Pricing, but not any returning lessee bonuses or loyalty discounts. These incentives are available for eligible customers through December 31st, 2022.

Regardless, the Bronco remains in high demand, with dealer inventory taking just seven days to turn on lots, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. The backlog of customer orders recently prompted Ford to use staff members to begin taking questions on social media, too. Meanwhile, those interested in taking delivery of a Bronco sooner can do so by ditching certain supply-constrained options, as Ford Authority reported last month, as 2022 Bronco production began at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant back on December 15th, 2021.

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  1. gregandrews

    It would be nice if Ford were to send a notice of this to those of us waiting for our Bronco to be produced.

    1. Douglas Slaughter

      You will get one right as they are building it with estimated delivery window and a photo of it coming off the assembly line. We finally got our notification after 16 and change months. I think Ford really screwed the pooch on their roll out of the bronco and this order system. It may work with other lesser items like a baby yoda statue but with cars and high end items it never works.

  2. Gabriel Garcia

    It would be great if ford offered specificity on where the various ordered vehicles are in relation to production. We ordered ours this past year, but the local sales staff is in the dark in relation to where we are in line for manufacturing…………

  3. Why bother

    I don’t see any discount for loyal builders of said vehicles either…. big laugh but at 55k a pop…the ford discount is meaningless

    1. Steve

      Ford should take a look at their Dealers that are markings up their Broncos and ripping off the buyer.

  4. Kiet anh

    I am driving Explorer 2017,used to be Gm guy since 1980 and Japan. My car Ford o lkes it alot,that why i try the Bronco ,but my 2021 been pushed to 2022still waiting everyday for my VIN in Ford company production,i feel abit dsappointedbut stiiwait,i put my deposit for a while now,just happy if i see thet now

  5. Steve

    I reserved my two bronco on the first day. I had to convert my 2021 order to a 22. Mean wile I see Broncos being sold a several dealers for huge mark ups. I feel like a fool for beliving my reservation was tied to a earl delivery date. Its like buying a from a used car dealer on the bad of town.


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