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Ford Credit Customer Loyalty Program Change May Benefit Many Buyers

Ford Credit has fared well in a number of J.D. Power surveys in recent months, including a fifth-place finish in the 2021 U.S. Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study, a third-place ranking in the 2021 Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study, and a first-place finish in the 2021 U.S. Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study. Now, on the heels of rolling out a new policy that opened up 84-month financing to more customers and launching the 2022 Ford Maverick Financing Guaranteed Approval Program, Ford Credit is making some changes to its loyalty program, according to a dealer bulletin seen by Cars Direct.

According to the bulletin, Ford is removing tier and payment history requirements for its Customer Loyalty Program, which could possibly make it easier for current Blue Oval owners and lessees to score a better deal. Approved applicants will receive a one-tier upgrade which could give them access to lower interest rates. The newly simplified program does require a 12-month minimum account history with Ford Credit that’s been active within the last 36 months, while customers cannot have a prior repossession or bankruptcy. Additionally, the vehicle purchased or leased must be for personal use.

This revamped program can be combined with standard rates or other promotional rates, enabling qualified shoppers to make a purchase with a 0 percent APR in some cases. With the federal reserve set to increase rates in the coming months, these changes could prove to be a big money-saving move for those in the market for a new vehicle, even with incentives near record lows.

As inventory remains near its own record low levels thanks to the semiconductor chip shortage, this revision will also make it a bit more attractive to purchase a new vehicle, even if there aren’t a wide variety of configurations available on dealer lots.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mary Durling

    Ford is a excellence company to deal with ,love my ford

  2. Mary Durling

    Love my ford they are excellence to deal with

  3. G.H.

    Been a Ford/ Mercury customer since 1967. Excellent company including Ford Motor Credit.

  4. JE Miller

    Bleedin Blue Too.
    I have 8 Fords dating back to 1939.
    Proud of what Henry Ford built and very proud of all of you who maintain that today.

  5. Zachary Galantis

    Well where to begin my experience with ford is remarkable ford has been there for me just traded my 2020 Raptor for for a Ford Explorer platinum all I can say wow I had ordered a new Raptor and it hasn’t come in yet but I just decided to go with the explorer big difference but I love it so when you are looking for a new vehicle look at ford the right choice

  6. David Beachum

    As good as Ford is, you still have to find the right person at a good dealership. Now days, cars are cars. I actually stay with Ford because of FMC and especially Melissa Henson at Long Lewis Ford, Muscle Shoals, AL. I’ll be calling her soon for my fifth new Ford.

  7. Daniel J Wilson

    Loved my 2005 Ford Five Hundred which I owned. I now lease a 2020 Ford Edge and absolutely love it. Ford is awesome to deal with and so is my local Ford dealership West Herr Ford.

  8. Steven Banks

    I was wanting to purchase new F250 bit after looking at blog sites concerning f250 people have ordered I guess I will drive my 2017 until it falls apart. I am not waiting 30+ weeks for a new truck. Does not seem to be chip shorted for EV’s just another control by goverment trying to subjugate their will on Americans.

  9. Jeff Lind

    Ford loyalty rebates. I’ve purchased several new Ford cars over the years, and I’m looking for a new car loyalty rebate. I’ve been looking at the new Ford explorers, and admit to considering a comparable Chevrolet suv. The Chev suv is very apples to apples, but will come in at $4000 cheaper. I guess I need to know if ford can offer something/anything. I will be deciding soon. Thanks

  10. Jeff Lind

    Ford loyalty rebates. I’ve purchased several new Ford cars over the years, and am looking for a loyalty rebate. I’ve been looking at the Ford new explorers, and a comparable Chev suv model, which both are apples to apples, but the Chev model will come in at about $4000.00 less. I need to know if Ford can offer a Ford loyalty rebate. I will be deciding soon. Thanks

  11. Christine Short

    What a scam the customer rewards are.unable to use them to get a payment under $500/ doesn’t care about customers

  12. Romolo Debottis

    I am going to purchase a new truck i have been a loyal ford customer for almost 40 years me and my wife have bought nothing but fords last count over 40 new fords.i have a f250 now want a f350 called customer service to find out how i could apply for a loyalty rebate they said its random.I have never received a loyalty rebate in my life from ford I JUST RECIEVED ONE IN THE MAIL FROM CHEVY.I have not purchased a chevy in 40 years maybe its time please wake up ford know who your loyal customers are and take cere of them.


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