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Ford Duratec V6 Water Pump Lawsuit Certified As Class Action In Canada

A lawsuit filed by three plaintiffs In Canada gained class action status after the Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved that status against Ford Motor Company and Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. However, many claims levied at the automaker were either altered or revised in the process. The suit itself claims that defective water pumps are responsible for causing engine failures, primarily because the pumps themselves leak coolant into other sections of the engine, which in turn damages other components, reports Car Complaints. The list of vehicles alleged to be impacted by the defective water pumps is expansive and seems to revolve around the Ford Duratec V6 engine family.

Vehicles which the plaintiffs allege to contain defective water pumps hail from the late 2000s through 2019:

  • 2007-2018 Ford Edge
  • 2011-2019 Ford Explorer
  • 2009-2019 Ford Flex
  • 2010-2012 Ford Fusion
  • 2011-2012 Ford Fusion Sport
  • 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor
  • 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
  • 2008-2019 Ford Taurus
  • 2008-2009 Ford Taurus X
  • 2009-2016 Lincoln MKS
  • 2017-2020 Lincoln Continental
  • 2010-2019 Lincoln MKT
  • 2007-2018 Lincoln MKX
  • 2007-2016 Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ
  • 2008-2009 Mercury Sable

While no specific engine families were apparently named in the suit nor available on the site of the law firm representing the plaintiffs, all of the aforementioned vehicles hosted at least one Ford Duratec V6 engine during those particular model years. Those engines included the Ford 3.0L Duratec V6, Ford 3.5L Duratec V6, and Ford Duratec 3.7L V6. Conspicuously absent from the list is the Mercury Milan, which was virtually identical to the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ and came equipped with the same engines as its Ford-branded counterpart.

Either way, the suit has now been certified as a class action, although the court did make some changes. For starters, the judge decided that claims of negligent manufacturing and a claim of negligence for failure to warn and for the “cost of repairing a dangerous product that presents a real and substantial danger” should not be certified for class action. Additionally, Ford Credit Canada Limited was removed as a defendant and the just refused to certify contract and unjust enrichments claims. Other aspects of the suit did survive the transition to class action, such as negligence in design, but only under the conditions that a vehicle equipped with a failed Ford Duratec V6 water pump caused damage to the engine itself, or injured its owner.

As Ford Authority previously reported, this isn’t the first time that Ford owners have pursued litigation against the automaker over issues with Ford Duratec V6 engines. A U.S. District judge dismissed a lawsuit that made similar claims about Ford water pumps on the grounds that the plaintiffs never adequately proved that the company knowingly sold problematic vehicles to customers with defective parts.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. MalibuRam

    What a stupid design what was ford thinking?

  2. Sean

    It was the design of ford’s coolant that was unable to give corrosion protection, (they gave unreal service intervals for the coolant), the seal fails from corroding eating chunks out of the seal on the coolant side. Coolant leaks into shaft and rusts out the roller bearings, they rust seize and cause the shaft to grind down against them. As the engine chain turns the pump forcibly with no bearings to roll on, grinding it creates a gap. Coolant spills into oil side of timing chain from spaces created by the play in the shaft, destroying the seals.

    They all but made the orange disappear, and now it’s the “yellow” coolant. They are at fault. Disassemble any failed water pump and look for corrosion damage on coolant side. Then check out the roller bearings.

  3. Mark

    What a terrible and costly design for the unaware customer. Ford can fight this lawsuit, but in doing so, it guarantees that it will lose customers going forward. Based on this uniquely costly maintenance repair that I just paid, I’ve decided that Ford is no longer an option for my next vehicle. Ford is simply too expensive to own from a long-term maintenance perspective and apparently indifferent towards their customers.

  4. Rufus Williams

    Yes i purchase a 2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD 3.5 6cyl as is for cash in Delaware and drove to my home in Philadelphia PA. And the water pump is leaking and engine light on and vehicle has over heated. Would like to know if it’s covered under water pump class action lawsuit against Ford motor Co.

  5. Brenda F

    I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Limited and just had to replace the water pump. How do I join the class action lawsuit against Ford?

  6. Ronald Andrus

    Need to join class action lawsuit… Bought a 2011 Ford Flex with a 3.5 Duratec V6 in April 2022 and the Water Pump broke down in September 2022 and I paid $6700.00 for the car… It was a great running car but now it’s just sitting in my parking lot at my apartment and I’m trying to come up with $2500.00 to try and get it fixed… Antifreeze and Coolant is already in oil pan with oil… Hopefully I caught it in time.. But might be too late.. someone help

    1. michael

      I would not fix that, I did the same thing with my car that has the same pump, it went out in May 2022, I paid over 3500 to fix it, few weeks ago total engine fail and they quote me over 10k to replace engine. The car had 80miles on it, I’m the original owner, it was well kept car and the water pump was only issues i ever had with it, well untill few weeks ago.

      1. Amy Sanders

        My edge is at dealership now getting the water pump replaced 😩

  7. Melissa david

    I got The same issue with the vehicle that I purchased I’m actually going through this right now was A08 Ford Edge limited all well drive this is so costly I cannot I cannot repair it I’m losing work I can’t get to work I mean I’m living on a limited income now as it is and now this poor design has affected millions of people and nothing has happened

  8. Gregg Rich

    I now own a pile of scrap my 2013 pis needs water pump, can’t afford to repair just got out of hospital after heart attack.

  9. Roger

    I bought a used 2011 Edge with 38000 miles and I loved the vehicle. I had a problem with the car with the car sputtering and stalling and around 78000 miles and found out the water pump went on me and it ended up costing me $8,500 rof a new engine that took 7 months for the dealer to get because of the pandemic.

  10. Janette

    How do I join the class action suit? Does anyone have a link for it? The engine just died on my 2011 Ford Edge that only had 150,000km on it because of the water pump that leaked into the engine.

  11. Gail

    I’m selling my 2014 Ford Edge for salvage tomorrow, because the water pump failed and destroyed the engine. There was no warning-suddenly the car started shutting down on the freeway, and the oil light came on. Long story, but I had it towed to my mechanic, who told me it was the water pump, and he no longer will work on Ford Edge water pumps due to how time and labor intensive they are. He warned me the engine might be damaged but I wouldn’t know until they get in and look. He also said if only the water pump needs replacing, I would likely spend around 2K. Four mechanic calls and no one would work on it. I finally had it towed to another shop, and they said the engine would have to be replaced but the car would never be the same and did not recommend I do this. The dealership I bought the car from offered me $500 and a tow (they told me how they were doing me a special favor-they don’t want the car but since I am a loyal customer, blah, blah, blah) plus they would sell me another Edge. No thanks. I have bought 5 Fords from this dealership, but this ended my 30 year loyalty to Ford forever. I wish I could join this lawsuit. But in the meantime, I have to get a car with nothing to trade in. Props to the mechanic who said he isn’t charging me for looking at it, even though I know he spent time on it that could have been spent on other repairs.

  12. Dick Ajealamonia

    Sorry guys, I own a Ford Taurus X 2008 I bought from a friend last year January. Great car but then I was always overheating till it burnt the top cylinder gasket and mixed oil and water. Got over 3 mechanics till my regular guy fixed it with labour of around $25 and the water pump cost about $15 in present Nigeria’s $1 to N1000 ratio. But since this is a design problem I will sell the car so I don’t face that issue later.


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