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Ford EcoSport Ranked Second On 10 Least Satisfying Cars Survey

Last year, the Ford EcoSport ranked as the least liked vehicle among Consumer Reports members and later drew the ire of the consumer organization itself for its poor rear visibility. Now, the subcompact crossover has made that list for the second year in a row, this time ranking second on the 10 Least Satisfying Cars Survey based on the latest data from CR‘s members.

Consumer Reports ranks its least satisfying cars based on owner satisfaction scores, which are based on whether or not owners say they would definitely buy the same car again if given the choice. In that regard, the Toyota C-HR tops the list, as just 29 percent of surveyed owners said they would purchase it again. The Ford EcoSport ranked right behind it with a score of 30 percent, followed by the Chevrolet Trax at 37 percent, the Infiniti Q50 at 40 percent, and the Nissan Rogue Sport at 42 percent.

The EcoSport has an overall CR score of just 45 due to its below-average predicted reliability and well below-average owner satisfaction score. The crossover also scored poorly in virtually every measurable category, including driving experience, comfort, value, and styling, all of which help rank it at the bottom of its class in terms of owner satisfaction.

At the very least, the EcoSport won’t be appearing on this list much longer, as Ford will discontinue the model in mid-2022 after its decision to FoMoCo’s decision to shutter production at the Ford Chennai Assembly Plant and cease production in India altogether. In the meantime, 2022 model year EcoSports will drop Ford’s 1.0L EcoBoost I-3 from the lineup, making the 2.0L I-4 the crossover’s sole engine option, while all-wheel drive will also become standard, though destination charges are increasing as well.

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  1. Chris D.

    The vehicle you get when scrambling to fill a major hole in your lineup. Lack of market foresight/product planning under Mulally and/or Field’s tenure. Same with the late to the game Ranger. Thankfully, we put in the effort to bring it up to spec for the U.S. market so at least it’s a solid performer.

    1. Drew

      Sorry Chris, but I love the Ranger. It is the perfect truck for people who want to park their vehicle in a space-limited garage.

      Also, this CR list is based on owner responses to the question if they will buy their vehicle again. Did you notice all of the vehicles are entry level vehicles within their brand’s echelon? Of course most owners will aspire (no pun intended) next time to a vehicle higher in the echelon.

      1. Chris D.

        I too believe the Ranger is a good truck. There’s little to complain about with the vehicle, and it has an impressive resale value. My criticism is the product planning, or lack thereof, allowing Toyota and GM to own a highly profitable segment for years. With the Eco however, it’s both product planning and product. We had no vehicle in a hot segment then a bad one. It’s outdone by the competition in nearly every area. A few years back, there was talk of a Fiesta-based crossover possibly replacing it but that was speculation. Haven’t heard anything recent.

  2. John

    We have had an EcoSport, (Lease)
    For 4 years … NO Problems!!!
    Above Average Gas Mileage,
    Looks Great , peoples comments are Always complimentary.
    Bright (Race Red) paint , Nice wheels
    Not Flat Black , sorry Not “Matte Black”
    Way too many newer vehicles have
    Black wheels 🛞 now. We also own larger Ford Vehicles 2 , but now I seem to Drive the Small “Station Wagon”
    More and more … no problems ,
    good fuel mileage, Going to miss it when we have to turn it in Next Month
    AND it’s NOT A Toyota!!! Thank God …


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