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Ford Edge Discontinued After 2023 Model Year In North America

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025, seemingly leaving the pair of crossovers in limbo. Now, sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to Ford Authority that the Ford Edge will indeed be discontinued in North American following the 2023 model year.

As of right now, the Chinese Edge is not affected by this news, as that model is produced locally at the Changan Ford Assembly Plant in Chongqing. However, Ford ended production of the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT crossovers at the Oakville plant back in 2019, which left the Edge and the Nautilus as the sole Blue Oval products produced in Canada. Retooling at that plant will begin in 2024, with the first of five new EV models expected to roll off the assembly line one year later, with another model joining it in 2028.

The next-generation Ford Edge was reportedly scheduled to launch on an all-new platform in June 2023, but those plans have now apparently been canceled. Meanwhile, the Edge received some styling tweaks and new tech features for the 2021 model year, while a host of changes have taken place on the 2022 model as well.

As Ford Authority reported back in August, the crossover has dropped its front-wheel drive configuration and will only be available with all-wheel drive for the 2022 model year. As a result, pricing for the crossover has risen roughly $2,000 across the board. The Black Appearance Package is new for 2022, as is the SEL Adventure Package, though the latter received a name change to Sport Appearance Package shortly after its launch.

The 2022 Edge is losing its illuminated glovebox, as Ford Authority reported back in August, while the ST will drop its Ford Performance paint color option in favor of Atlas Blue and the SEL is losing the SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad as standard equipment, while all 2022 Edge models have dropped the previously standard rear parking sensors, too.

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  1. JohnTaurus

    A 5 passenger Explorer (and presumably Aviator) would be a great replacement. This would allow Ford to combine sales as Jeep does with the Grand Cherokee (2 row) and Grand Cherokee L (3rd row).

  2. Mark L Bedel

    Mmm, I haven’t seen a commercial for the Edge in some time. I wasn’t sure that Ford was still producing it…

    1. Dennis Tesdell

      I see them now 2-3 times a week.

    2. bob silvers

      i have a 2022 sel edge i love mine sad that 2023 the last yr.

  3. Dave P

    As a satisfied Edge owner since 2012, I am sad to see the Edge discontinued. The Edge is the perfect size for my wife and I. We make frequent cross country trips. Current and near future EV’s are not acceptable for us.

  4. Kelby

    Also another satisfied Edge owner of an ST of 2019. Truly a big mistake on Ford’s part. What an interesting meeting I would have enjoyed sitting in on to have this outcome.

  5. Francois

    We also love our 2019 Edge ST. 30,000 miles so far, $0.00 spent on maintenance thanks to the Ford Pass / Ford Pass credit card points. It does everything well including surprising fuel economy and remarkable spunk when called upon driving up a challenging mountain pass.

  6. Outlook214

    On our second Edge. A 2018 SEL and now a 2020 ST. Such a nice driving, good looking vehicle. I guess Ford needs more Bronco spin-offs and EV’s.

  7. Oldtreker

    We love are 2016 SEL, which has been trouble free since day one. It drives and handles so good and we get 30 mpg with the 2.0 on trips. We thought about a new one but selection is so limited now. My Ford dealer had one Edge in the showroom with a not for sale sign on the windshield. The chip problem has caused havoc for the auto industry

  8. Cate

    I love the Edge. This is so frustrating.

  9. Donald Hayes

    My wife purchased a then new 2017 Edge Sport after test driving several other brands. She loves her Edge Sport for it’s performance and its the perfect size and comfort. Come on Ford. I was trying to purchase a new Taurus Sho or Fusion Sport, but ended up purchasing a new 2018 Chrysler 300C Hemi since you stopped making those two sedans in the US. Because of my highly recommendation of the Edge to my daughter in law. She just purchased a new 2021 Edge Titanium. Now I read your discontinued the Edge. So what’s going to replace it. Explorer is to large. The Escape is to small. Both are fantastic SUVs, but so is the Edge. I think this is another mistake that will send customers to other brands like you sedan decision did.

    1. Johm

      Haa! You could still buy both the Taurus SHO and Fusion Sport in 2018.


      1. Jem

        He didn’t say he couldn’t buy it, Johm. He said it wasn’t American made.

    2. Mick1

      You could have bought a Lincoln MKZ twin turbo.

  10. N

    Dumb dumb dumb. Why? Was it too successful and not called Bronco or Mustang? Poor move on Ford’s part.

    1. John

      What would be dumb dumb dumb is to ignore the sales numbers. They’ve been dropping substantially and it doesn’t pay to continue a model that isnt earning its keep.

      1. N

        Well when you don’t update something, never advertise what do you expect. The Edge still sells very well. Time for Ford to stop dropping vehicle with positive name recognition and loyalty. Always after the next best thing. Time for that to stop. Toyota does it. So does Honda. You’d think they would learn. So yes, dumb dumb dumb is the right way to respond to this. This is another case of Ford not paying attention. They have played this game and lost. But yes let’s bring out another small pickup. Oh then let’s take 2 years to produce a Bronco for a customer. Yes Edge was the problem in all of this, let’s kill that and introduce another vehicle that we can’t deliver to a customer for 2 years after they order it.

  11. Tim frisby

    Not enough profit! I own toyotas now and a f250 that is a money pit. I am done with ford after expressing there greed to drop cars and sell more suvs. There quality is horrible! The fusion with the 2.5L mazda motor is the only thing worth buying. Now I hope toyota produces a 3/4 ton truck so I can get rid of my current low quality money pit.

    1. John

      Toyota just dropped two cars and added more SUVs. Who you gonna run to now?

  12. Michae l

    Ford is nothing but trouble. They need to learn how to build TRANSMISSION.

    1. Philly Mags

      Could you elaborate, the tranny problem on the 2019 Nautilus 2.0T just needed updated software and it ran beautifully.

    2. Mark

      My 2009 Fusion has over 240,000 miles without any transmission problems. Sounds like a good one to me.

  13. Mike

    I have a 2015 Edge Titanium. Love it. It has 46,000 miles on it and it runs like a Top. Was considering buying a new one but not now. Typical Ford. You make a Winner then Kill it.

  14. Deb

    OH NO!!! I absolutely LOVE my 2020 Edge. All of the safety features are standard, the gas mileage for an SUV is great, and it’s the perfect size – beefy enough to feel surrounded and safe. The Explorer is too big and the Escape is too small, and the Bronco is, well, junk. I am so very sad to see this perfect SUV be discontinued. It’s a real, real disappointment. I’m a Ford woman all the way, but now they are forcing me to switch allegiance. 🙁

  15. Carol

    I am so disappointed to hear the discontinuation of the Edge. I have 2011 with 156,000 miles it still drive well with good excelleration and handelling. It has very good turn radius and spacious inside both front and back seats . I would purchase another Edge in the future. I will never buy an electric car. They make no sense to me. How can a middle class person afford one anyway.
    So sad Ford you have really messed up.

  16. Montana Man

    Hmmm……that’s curious.
    I have three minds about this.
    First, maybe Ford is doing the same thing as many manufacturers, regardless of product or market: fewer SKUs to manage is generally more efficient.
    Second, Ford might be taking a cue from one of its former brands, Volvo, and offer fewer but better models.
    Finally, Ford might be looking at logistic analyses and determining that the assembly line for the Edge would be better utilized for the exponentially increased demand for hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford might lose its Edge, but I don’t think it’ll ever lose its edge. Ford has proven it can respond to market changes and demands, as well as supply constraints, better than GM or Stellantis. I suppose its Lincoln equivalent will also be riding off into the sunset to join the Taurus SHO, Fairlane Retractable and Thunderbird. They made sense to build as long as customers thought they made sense to own.

  17. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Well I suppose this signals the end of the Lincoln Nautilus as well? Very disappointing as the Edge/MKX/Nautilus platform is a winner. As others here have shared, we’ve owned the MKX first and now the Nautilus and it’s the perfect size for us as an empty nest couple with terrific cargo space and rear seat room for guests. The Escape/Corsair models will have to get upsized considerably to compete for that legroom and cargo space. The Nautilus is a fine highway cruiser for long trips and extremely comfortable. In the absence of Ford and Lincoln sedans I think it filled a need that will push us to Acura or Lexus to fill. I hope FMC gets it figured out or they will only be producing a few niche vehicles.

  18. Dave

    Bought a 2007 Edge SEL FWD. Had the Edge for 6 years 82’000 miles
    and never any problems. Only services was LOF and Tire rotations
    was a Great vehicle.

  19. Roadrunner

    Sorry to see plans to discon0the EDGE. It is arguably the best looking SUV in its class.

  20. TomB

    Our family seems to be setting a pattern. Every Ford we buy gets discontinued. Ranger, Taurus, Fusion, Edge. Aggravating!

  21. J S

    Well this is a bummer…literally have a Lincoln nautilus being built now. Granted I’m sure it’ll run just fine and parts will be available for some time for repairs but still…

  22. Susan Schmadeke

    I have had three Ford Edges and love them. It is exactly the right size for me. Explorer is too big, escape is too small. Bronco is ugly and I definitely will not be getting one of those. I will be researching other brands to find something as close to the Edge as possible. BAD DECISION!

  23. Christopher

    I traded down from a 2018 Explorer XLT(previously owned a 13′ and an 06′) to a 2015 Ford Edge Sport and I love it. I had never driven a turbo-powered vehicle and the first time I pressed my right foot to the floor and felt the surge of power from that ecoboost engine I was hooked. This vehicle is the perfect size as we rarely used the third row in either of the previous Explorers. Couple that with features like heated/cooled seats, the panoramic roof, self-parking feature and a host of others, and often times I ask myself why would I need to buy a so-called luxury car? I just turned 54k miles and have not had a single problem. This is an incredibly bone-headed move by Ford. Just dumb, imho.

  24. BDMull

    Like others have commented, our 2019 Edge ST having just turned 30,000 miles has been flawless. It is a great highway driving machine that actually gets reasonable fuel mileage especially considering the horsepower and has tremendous cargo capacity for its class. Furthermore, it fits comfortably in a modern garage. An Explorer barely fits as each generation gets a little larger. The Edge might not sell as well as other models but the empty nester set looking for an SUV in the under $50k range will miss the Edge. Ford has done little to market the Edge in the last few years. Hopefully they will replace it with a similar sized SUV, perhaps with plug-in hybrid power.

  25. DAVID Thomas

    Edge was a failure in the U.K. only had the 2.0 litre petrol when at the time it needed a diesel even at two litre.
    Had one as a rental about five years ago with the V6..different car, pulled in at 93 on the I 10 in Florida. Very nice policeman let me off at 79.
    Only thing wrong with the car..sun obliterate the sat nav.
    I’m on my fifth Kuga (Escape)…this last one has the underpowered and thirsty 1.5 Ecoboust Petrol..🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

  26. Roland Conwell

    We have enjoyed our 2018 Edge SEL very much. As an RVer this car is perfect for towing. It is much more comfortable when we arrive at a destination than a Jeep Wrangler. We will have to baby our Edge for several years to have the comfort we want.

  27. Linda Robey

    I am a Edge owner since 2012, I’m on my 4th. It is the perfect size and a great driving vehicle. I am shocked that Ford would discontinue it. I was planning on my next new one to be 2023 but I guess I’m going to have to look at other manufactures. I am EXTREMELY disappointed!!!

  28. Deeman

    Ford running all their customers to other brands lol the money they spent making the eco sport could have invested into the fusion

  29. michele Broell

    Another Happy Edge owner of 2011 Limited with 180,000 miles and still running fine. Knowing about the discontinued news, I should get a new one before they’re gone. Every mile has been a driving pleasure.

  30. Carlos

    I’m not surprised. I still drive my 2007 Ford Edge and it’s a great drive while my new 2019 Ford Edge is a major disappointment compared to the 2007, I regret buying it. There are too many points to compare between the 2007 & 2019 but my biggest complaint about Ford is that when I purchased the 2007 Edge the only engine available was the V6 and now with the 2019 Edge the standard engine was a very disappointing L4 while the V6 was put into a higher end model that’s cost too much. Let me finish by saying that the 2007 Edge blows away in every aspect the 2019 Edge and I blame Ford for producing such a poor vehicle that will make me look at other car manufacturers for my next vehicle.

  31. phillip hines

    The Edge has been a consistent seller for Ford over the years, but the playing field has changed a lot too. If a person wanted more affordable options although smaller, the CRV and Rav4 are available with conventional and hybrid powertrains. The Prius Prime is already a big favorite among buyers and within the same range as the Edge. Lastly, I think Ford is trying to reserve its hybrid and plug in powertrains for the Lincoln lineup for profitability vs retooling the Edge with those options as a cheaper alternative thus gutting Lincoln sales.

  32. Jim

    I dont want a truck or SUV. Keep the Fusion going you idiots.

  33. Tom

    Been a loyal Ford guy for 53 years and have loved my 3 edges. If it’s being discontinued then guess it’s time to move on to another manufacturer.

  34. Angie Girl

    First, I absolutely love my 2018 Edge. Just the right size. Great price point that offers a lot of standard safety features. Great reliability, too.

    What’s with Ford? They’re all over the place, but they aren’t getting much done. Once the Edge is gone what’s left? Their trucks? That’s my husband thing. The new Bronco? That vehicle is for my 26 year old. The ugly Focus? Too small & did I mention ugly. The Equinox? Too big… it’s a Mommy vehicle. The Mustang? Love it, but not practical for me. Literally, they aren’t leavening anything on the table for us empty nester ladies.

    Second… for anyone who wants an electric vehicle, think twice. My friend has a Tesla. He made a 4 hour trip to visit us & came with his goofy car. The next day, he had to find a charging location (none in my area🤣) to charge his car. He told me charging on the correct charger would take about 45 minutes!!! GET REAL. Why would anyone want to sit around, in some old mall parking lot, for almost an hour as your car charges!? How dumb is that. Hand me that gas hose for my car. I will fill it up within 5 minutes & be on my way.

    Ford should stick to hybrid. Better yet. Stick to all gas. Save the planet from all those car batteries. Mining for the materials pollutes the soil. A single electric car battery weighing 1,000 pounds requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of materials. Not to mention only a couple of countries mine these rare earth materials and since they are rare… is there enough of them?

    Then we have ALL those big heavy dead batteries. Only a small portion are recycled. Eventually, we’re looking at massive health and environmental crisis as landfills are polluted with EV batteries. No thanks. I keep my gas engines.
    Honestly, I can’t stand the terms “Go Green” or “Get Green”, it such nonsense.

    BTW.. all those solar panels going up our farmlands… they too don’t get recycled.
    Harvard Business Review…. “By 2035, discarded panels would outweigh new units sold by 2.56 times. In turn, this would catapult the LCOE (levelized cost of energy, a measure of the overall cost of an energy-producing asset over its lifetime) to four times the current projection. The economics of solar – so bright-seeming from the vantage point of 2021 – would darken quickly as the industry sinks under the weight of its own trash.” So much for the “Go Green.” theme.

  35. Art Keriakos

    Awhile back I bought a new 2019 Edge titanium. Liked it even more than my wife’s Mercedes. A Great , Great SUV. Did everything well………….. stylish, comfortable, terrific fuel economy and handling and am now learning that Ford will be discontinuing the Edge for 2023. Was ready to buy a new 2022 since I like to update every 3 years or before I hit 50K. I think the Bone Heads at Ford should rethink their decision or risk pissing off Ford Loyals like myself. Is it possible that Ford has a Jackal on the decision level trying to destroy Ford. Seems that way doesn’t it? I conclude that I will now shop competitors. What choice do I have? Sadly, I move on !!!!!!!!

  36. Rick Mauriello

    My wife has a 2019 and she probably would trade me in before she got rid of the Edge…We bought it because it was the perfect size….Great ride…..decent mileage…great in snow….the Explorer is too big…..Escape a bit too small…….I think Ford is making a huge mistake…Trying to buy nonimport……their loss

  37. David Head

    I will be keeping my 2019 as long as repair costs don’t exceed installment loan payments for a replacement. Very happy with it, it does an amazing amount of things right that make it a dream to drive. And it’s a fast SUV.

    As for replacing it with an electric, the electric that does everything that my present car will do at an affordable price will be required. I drove it from Virginia to the North Slope of Alaska, mostly simply because it’s there, but it required some fairly aggressive range performance. I covered slightly over 1000 miles in 1 day on the way back, Billings Mt. to Cedar Falls, Ia. If the replacement electric will do that, either with a battery that exceeds 1000 miles on a charge, or can be recharged for about 400 miles of range in 10 minutes or less, and also was available for the same price as the Edge, then I’m interested. Otherwise, I look at something like the Hyundai Kona N.

  38. Don and Pat Moore

    Guess we’ll be keeping our little 2017 Escape instead of selling it and moving up to an Edge. Thanks for nothing

  39. Stefan

    I love and drive the Ford Edge 2012 but never loved the new design when it came on the market in 2015! The 2015 design is very conservative and ugly and similar to many other brands like Toyota, Hundai, Nissan…. The 2012 model looks from every angel stylish, sportive and elegant. The 2015 and all the following face lifts are total miss-designs! I feel the Ford people are to much concernd what all the competitors are doing, so they try to copy many competitor brands. That’s why the Germans are the leaders in the industry; always standing out and very recognizable! Kia has recognized this by hiring the chef designer from Volkswagen 10 years ago. The results can be enjoyed on the streets and guess what, they will get even better. My advice to Ford, take finally some risks and hire a german design team, you will not regret this!!! Good luck!

  40. Fred

    I have a 2010 Edge and I still own it! It has 132,000 miles on it and I haven’t had any problems with it!! I enjoy driving it daily!! I also have a 1999 Ford Ranger Stepside! The only bad thing about the stepside is that the paint job faded out only on the drivers door!!

  41. David Zier

    Sales of the Edge are in the top 5 in the segment which includes 21 midsize SUVs. Even though sales are off, others are off by even more. Ford has 2 of the top 5, Explorer at #2 and Edge at #4. Edge is a much better ride than the Explorer: More athletic, quiet, great handling and smooth ride. Consumer reports placed the Edge as a benchmark for fun to drive and ride quality in the segment. Check it out yourself.

  42. Mike C.

    What a bunch of FOOLS running FoMoCo. They abandon the mid size sedan segment by dropping the FUSION and driving even more domestic customers to Toyota, Mazda, and Honda, and now they drop the EDGE. Just keep pissing off Americans who want to buy American made cars. Guess you just can’t fix STUPID!! I have been buying Ford products for over 30 years. My next vehicle will be the MAZDA CX-5

  43. Jim O

    Fords management and product planners are terribly mis guided. I am a long term Ford owner, I don’ t buy anything else but they will force people to. I currently own a 15 Escape ( SE with 2.0), a 2008 Mustang GT and a 21 Explorer XLT. When the Escape is 10 years old I will replace it. I won’t need another Explorer, so what am I to do? Buy a Hyundai? Then they wonder why we buy imports and the uninformed think its because they are better cars. I have also owned several Taurus and 2 Fusions. Its a shame, not everyone wants a 60,000 EV

  44. Sherry

    I agree, I love my 2008 Ford Edge SEL. I was hoping to upgrade….
    I think Ford is making a grave mistake in discontinue the Edge

  45. Carolynn Bulmer

    Too bad ford is discontinuing one of the most comfortable cars I have ever found. Has head room, great seating, feels a nd performs solid on the road with power when you need to punch it. Our canadian roads in the small community I live in are handled great by this vehicle. It seems to me ford is trying to compete with other manufacturers where it’s totally impractical for the consumer. Electric cars in the rural areas of Canada are not practical and charging stations are low in numbers. Too bad ford has decided to quit making vehicles for their consumers and keep downsizing and cheaping out on features. Drove a new escape when shopping to replace my old one. I’m keeping the old one! New ones felt like driving a tin pan down the highway with no head room. And …. what happened to the c d players?

  46. Michael S

    Okay …. so Ford (caving to the unions again) is going to cancel the Edge (one of their best SUVs) so that they can produce EVs in an effort to “save the planet”. I would LOVE for someone to explain exactly how that will happen? Where do these people think the electricity comes from to charge the VERY toxic batteries in these cars? And what are we supposed to do if we plan to drive more than 300 miles and don’t have 8 HOURS to sit around waiting for our car to charge????? Its just a ridiculous move for a technology that will not serve the public in the way they are used to traveling.

  47. Elmer F. Graham

    Why has Ford discontinued and made unavailible a center console for the rear (second row seats) , I have a 21 Explorer ST which I want to buy a Lincoln Aviator console but they are unavailible. I am a retiree and on my 6th Explorer, Please help

  48. T Bellamy

    We owned two VW Touaregs 10&14 prior to now having owned a 15 SEL and 19 Titanium presently both from new. Big mistake Ford, this SUV is a fantastic vehicle and if I can find the 23 we want I will again move into a new one but once that is used up I guess I’m finding a new supplier because this size and set up plus the looks should stay in the lineup.

  49. Robert Arcadipane

    I’m on my fifth leased Edge (2011, 13, 16, 19 & 22). To say I am satisfied with this vehicle would be putting it mildly. A ton of room both cargo and passenger, great ride, handling and acceleration (even with the 4cyl), you can’t beat it. Big mistake dumping the Edge without having something comparable to replace it. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  50. Lloyd

    What a shame Ford is doing by getting rid of the Edge which was a great auto
    They are making Ford customers go to other brands

  51. Slava

    My 2016 ford edge flexplate cracked twice which was extremely expensive and unnecessary to fix so I’m glad it’s discontiued.

  52. D.Huber

    I am retired from Chrysler. We purchased a 2018 Edge and never turned back. The vehicle has performed very well and currently has in excess 58,000 miles. What is Ford Corp. planning for the future. The discontinuance of production in North America of the Edge is, in my opinion suicidal . They have the Explorer, Escape and F150 models in hybrid platforms. Is the Chinese hybrid Edge going to be available to American purchases?? Your dealer personnel are unable to answer my question!! My main question is: why produce a desirable vehicle in a foreign country and pass the added production and shipping expense onto your American customers.
    Is Ford headed in line with your once known competition and many other companies that have relocated to foreign countries for the almighty dollar??


    Ford finally puts out a decent vehicle in the EDGE and than goes out and cancels it after 2023 . Ford is currently run by idiots and in my mind the future doesn’t look good UNLESS they get some real automotive people in Management,,, I may have bought my last Ford product after buying ONLY Fords for past 35 years



  55. Bruce Yaeger

    Ford executives have not a clue what the American people want. I work at a smaller Ford Dealership in the middle part of Wisconsin and we sell a large number of Ford Edge’s. In fact our customers who have older Edge’s are currently upgrading to newer Edge’s after hearing that Ford phasing out the Edge in 2025. Our customers love the Edge size and the drivability of this platform. Put the EV’s on the “backburner” and build a vehicle that sells.


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