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Ford Flex Wins 2022 Best CPO Value Award In Large SUV Category

The Ford Flex debuted for the 2009 model year, putting a fresh face on the run-of-the-mill crossover that has since won over consumers across the globe. However, during its many years on sale, the Flex never really won over consumers, with sales figures hovering around the 20k mark over that time period. Thus, Ford ultimately decided to discontinue the Flex following the 2019 model year, leading to a large layoff at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the crossover was built. But while it’s gone, the Ford Flex is not forgotten, and it continues to earn accolades even now, years after its demise.

That list now includes Vincentric’s 2022 Best CPO Value in America award, which the Flex has earned in the large SUV segment. This is actually the fifth time the Flex has been recognized with this particular award, this time fueled by the fact that the crossover has the lowest insurance and total ownership costs in its class. The Flex joins a few other Blue Oval products recently recognized by Vincentric in its annual certified pre-owned awards, including the Ford Fusion Energi, which topped the EV/PHEV class, and Ford’s entire truck lineup as well.

The Ford Flex beat out its competition thanks in part to five-year ownership costs that are 4.9 percent below expected costs based on 15,000 miles driven per year. Vincentric measures value by first looking at these ownership costs, which it calculates by combining depreciation, insurance, repairs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, finance, fuel, taxes, state fees, and opportunity costs. A vehicle’s expected cost of ownership is based on statistical models that correlate the price of a vehicle with the cost of ownership. Any vehicle that falls below the average value line is a better value than a vehicle that falls above the average value line. Based on that information, vehicles are assigned a value score of 1-5, with 5 representing the best value.

Meanwhile, Ford’s CPO program as a whole has proven to be appealing to customers for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that these vehicles are subjected to a multi-point inspection and assigned either Gold or Blue Certification before each hits the lot. Ford’s Blue Advantage CPO vehicles also include comprehensive limited warranty coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance, FordPass Rewards Points eligibility, and, as Ford Authority reported last week, will soon offer a 14-day, 1,000-mile money-back guarantee.

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Several of our friends own Flex vehicles and they all love them.

  2. Lurch

    My cousin would still have hers if she didn’t live in the Rust Belt.

  3. Artie

    I recently bought a 2017 Limited Flex. It seriously is every bit as great as they say. One of the all-around greatest vehicles Ford ever made, they really should consider bringing them back

  4. Laura

    Ford demonstrated the same idiocy back when it planned to replace the iconic Mustang with the Probe. Did corporate heads roll then? They sure as hell should roll now.

  5. Russell Mayo

    I love the 2011 Flex I bought last year. It is hands down one bad ass ride.

  6. TomT

    Best vehicles we’ve ever had. We have two of them!

  7. Joseph Miller

    I own a 2010 and can’t think of anything made now that could replace it. Ford’s combination of quality, affordability, utility, ride and ease of repair makes this vehicle the best I’ve ever owned.

  8. Rayfield Ockert

    It’s a very well built car lot’s of room drives very nice one of the best handling vehicles that I have drove I have a 2017 Ford Flex Limited front wheel drive it goes where I need to go live in Michigan

  9. Gerard

    Have a 2018 flex limited it’s absolutely awesome . Fun to drive huge interior feels like a high end luxury car . Easy to maintain and we love the looks of it. We are starting to get waves from other flex owners

  10. Gregory Foster

    I have the 2019 limited….Awesome ride!

  11. Brad Barefoot

    I owned a 2010 Flex, many liked it … more hated it. As you can guess it was the soccer mom crowd that hated it. Ford, I’ve written hundreds of times to not listen to the soccer mom set that only does what their fellow “LEMMINGS” that run off a cliff want. You’ve got a second chance with the Mondeo Wagon. Again I’ll put n an order for one, and fly out to the factory to pick it up and drive it home … I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is … something all those “LEMMINGS” aren’t willing to do.

  12. Ona Fuller

    Where can I rent a Ford Flex from? Going from Richmond TX to Austin TX.
    Would a dealership let me take it for several days on test drive situation?

    Love it!

  13. B Leary

    The reason they sold so few units is that they never marketed it, or marketed it correctly. We bought a 2009 when it first came out in August 2008. We now have well over 200,000 miles on it and still love it. My 6’4″ husband can lay down in the back when we’re on long trips…he hauls band equipment with ease. He’s 6’4″ – I’m 5’0″ and we both drive VERY comfortably. They really blew marketing on this one!!

  14. RonArb

    Don’t forget the Lincoln MKT ! Best vehicle that I have owned in years ( I’m 75 ). Getting 23 mpg on the road and just hit 86K with zero problems save for normal maintenance. Still running on original brakes. Would gladly trade-in this one for another MKT, guess I’ll wait for a Maverick sometime down the road.

  15. Christina D Osbourn

    Had a 2010 SEL Edition. Had over 300,000 miles when i was hit head on by a Toyota Tundra in it last summer. Full speed head on collision that I walked away from with one small scratch on my wrist caused by my phone hitting it. SAFE vehicle. My mechanic was so bummed… he was looking for that car to hit 500,000 miles and keep going. Went and bought a 2017 Limited Edition two days after the accident and am still driving it today.


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