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Ford Maverick Named 2022 North American Truck Of The Year

Back in September, the 2022 Ford Maverick was nominated for North American Truck of the Year, alongside five other semifinalists – the GMC Hummer EV, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Nissan Frontier, Rivian R1T, and Toyota Tundra. Then, last November, that field was whittled down to three finalists, and the Maverick made the cut along with the Santa Cruz and R1T. Now, Ford’s brand new compact pickup has beaten all of its competition and come out on top as the 2022 North American Truck of the Year, making it two years in a row The Blue Oval has claimed this honor after the 2021 Ford F-150 won in 2021.

“Ford has revived the compact truck segment with one of the most compelling packages you can buy in 2022,” said juror Karl Brauer. “The Maverick’s efficient packaging delivers an urban-friendly, highly functional truck with an impressive list of standard equipment, even in base trim. But the Maverick’s most impressive standard feature is value – an increasingly rare trait in modern vehicles.”

“The Ford Maverick hybrid establishes the first new vehicle category since the Chrysler minivan of the 1980s,” added fellow juror Dan Carney. “Would-be contenders in this segment have been too expensive, too thirsty, or too precious. The Maverick is the first affordable, efficient, entry-level vehicle that happens to provide pickup truck utility.”

The NACTOY awards were founded in 1994, making them the longest-running new-vehicle awards not associated with a single publication. A total of 50 automotive journalists from magazines, newspapers, websites, television, and radio in the U.S. and Canada vote three times to determine the NACTOY winners, each of whom tests each vehicle and judges it based on innovation, design, safety, performance, technology, driver satisfaction, and value.

This award is the latest in a number of accolades racked up by the 2022 Ford Maverick in recent months, a list that includes Green Truck of the Year, two 2022 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards – Best New Model and Best New Compact Truck, and a spot on KBB’s most considered electrified vehicles list.

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  1. Joe Figg

    WHY? You never acknowledge.

  2. R. Walke

    I’m a little tired of hearing about the Maverick. I’ve seen pictures and read about it for over a year now. However, the dealership still doesn’t have any to go sit in and look at. I understand there is a chip shortage but, they need to get one or two, out to the dealerships. Hell, ship them without the chips. Let people see what you are talking about. The Ford and Lincoln lots here in Wilmington, NC have nothing on the lot but used cars.

    1. mike s.

      R. Waike, I agree with you 100%. Ford should make available a vehicle the public can evaluate first hand. I am not knowledgable enough but I would think that the chips could be installed by the mechanics there. Ford is really missing the boat because GM is gonna have stock available and consumers are (and already have) grow tired of waiting for 9 0r 10 months to order a Ford. At least with a chance to actually experience the Maverick perhaps more would order then. This chip excuse is being used to inflate prices and lower thier costs of doing business. OK for them but we will never see big discounted prices again.

  3. Alan C

    Dealer nearest me is in Bangor, Maine.
    They had Two Mavericks to sit in, over a Month ago. My Lariat is scheduled to
    Arrive January 22 ( ordered early June
    Last year! ) Most available info indicates worth waiting for. Fingers
    Crossed 🤞

  4. Matt

    I wonder how stupid motor trend feels, seeing that they’re pretty much the only ones that didn’t give maverick it’s well deserved truck of the year 🤣


    Where is my Maverick. I ordered it in October?? I was told by Christmas 2021

    1. Ron Baker

      I ordered in October as well, I was scheduled for production in mid February, just received notice from Ford production has been moved up to Jan 24th.

  6. Steve v Heiser

    Every body brags about the Maverick hybrid but you can’t buy one what gives now i have to wait till August 16 lets go Ford start producing this doesn’t say much for your management expand your producing line put on a double shift get moving.

  7. hacmaverick

    I ordered my Maverick Lariat in the end of Oct. I have not heard one word about it. What is going on? Maybe you need to go to three shifts, I am sure it would be easy enough to get workers in Mexico. I know they do good work. I had a Focus that was made there and it was a pretty good car.

  8. rudolfo teng

    All the good products whether Ford, GM, Rivian, etc. are great if they are available now but they are all ads at the moment liked carrots dangling in front of our faces.

  9. phillip hines

    Even though I own a 2020 Ford Ranger XL, if I could do it all over again I would consider the Maverick. Personally beyond the powertrain, I think Ford put a lot more thought into the design especially the interior. Beyond that, the MPGs and starting price are great. If they reduce the recalls and keep up the quality, Maverick will represent one of the most significant vehicles Ford has brought out in years. Unfortunately, I don’t think the low starting price will last in today’s market unless Ford can spread the manufacturing costs across their lineup.

  10. ghh

    I ordered in late August and got email couple of weeks ago with a VIN number and build date of week of 2/21. Patience

  11. Betsy

    I ordered late August too. Hopefully I will here soon.


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