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Ford Mondeo Sedan Spotted Once Again In Michigan

The all-new next-generation Ford Mondeo sedan was revealed earlier this month for the Chinese market, but Ford Authority spies spotted the new model months ago in the Metro Detroit area, wearing lighter camouflage. Earlier this month, those same spies captured a completely uncovered Ford Mondeo sedan near Dearborn, giving us our first look at the next-gen model in production form. Now, a Ford Mondeo sedan has once again been spotted in Michigan, wearing the same plates as one of the previously-spied prototypes.

However, this newly-spotted Mondeo is a bit different than the previously-spied uncovered sedan, as it’s wearing different wheels, as well as white A-pillars versus the black pillars present on the other Detroit-based Mondeo. Otherwise, these two models look virtually the same, and sport the same white exterior hue, along with a Ford Evos-inspired front fascia.

The front end of the new Mondeo sedan features slim LED headlights with a C-shaped signature, an oval front grille with 3D elements flanked by fog lights, and a lower grille that spans the entire width of the front end.

From the side, the sedan features a black accent piece of trim along the bottom of the doors, which gives it a slimmer appearance. The door handles are flush with the doors, while the sloping roofline extends over the rear wheels.

Out back, there’s a single shark fin antenna in the center of the black roof, while the taillights span the entire width of the rear, mimicking the look up front, with three vertical lines on each side. A touch-sensitive rear Ford badge activates the rear liftgate, while the lighting in the front and rear is animated. Finally, a piece of silver trim adorns the bottom of the rear bumper, while this prototype is fitted with an EPA exhaust and trailer hitch.

The all-new Ford Mondeo sedan will be built by Changan Ford – a 50:50 joint venture between Ford and Changan Auto – and is expected to launch later this year. What’s particularly interesting, however, is that Ford seems to be leaving the door open for some sort of version of the Mondeo to launch in other markets, though that may apply only to a more rugged Active variant, as Ford Authority previously reported.

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  2. JE

    This is a car I definitively would buy. An SUV or a crossover, never. Not everybody likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. I really hope the actual SUV cancer ends asap. This is a car that definitively should be sold not only in China and not only in Active version. I really don’t understand that mania of having every car to look off road.

  3. Rog

    Since GM is abandoning the car market I’d be very interested in this car.

  4. robh

    I like Ford products. but this car looks like something out of Korea. Especially the front grille. Styling wise, its completely unremarkable. the recently discontinued Fusion is a better looking car and is more distinctive looking than cheap, generic asian import look. The new Escape looks similarly cheesy. when i saw one for the first time, i was expecting to see a kia badge on it. Even the new Explorer doesn’t look as good as the previous model. The back tailgate somehow looks like a toyota highlander. Hopefully the cars are okay and just the styling sucks.

  5. R. Walker

    I agree. It’s nice looking but, I really liked the styling of the US Fusion when they discontinued selling it here in the states. It would be nice to be able to buy one but, I agree….. don’t hold your breath.

  6. Mesut Uyanik

    Hello dear ford authority
    Is coming to new mondeo 2023 in europe or in germany ?

    Best regards

    Mesut Uyanik from germany

  7. Brad Barefoot

    Like what I see … but where’s the “wagon” version. I need to haul a wheelchair, trunks are too hard to get one out of. I commented when the “wagon” version was shown here I’d put my money where my mouth is and buy the 1st production model off the line. Yes, I’d fly out there with the wife, take delivery of my order w/temp tags and drive it home for my dealer to give it the pre-delivery check offs. Ford … we’re tired of the super duty trunks an suv’s, the idiotic cross overs, 4 door pickups, among other design blunders. It’s time for you to reclaim your “Crown” as the Wagon Masters as you owned for decades. I realize that a Country Squire is a long shot, but a Mondeo Wagon is already an European Favorite, and would be here as well. Listen to us, and not the soccer mom or suv owners who really aren’t old enough to make a buying decision without seeing what the other “Lemmings” have bought.

  8. GM Fan

    I really wish this was available in America.

  9. Mark L Bedel

    Mmm, I wonder if Ford is contemplating re-introducing sedans to this market? Maybe dropping the Fusion nameplate for the more European Mondeo adding to the new aspect?

  10. Chris

    They shouldn’t be driving the Chinese variants around Michigan playing mind games with Fusion fans. They’re just gonna keep shoving the Maverick down our throat. Not that Maverick is bad but Ford couldn’t keep at least one sedan???

  11. BlueOval26

    I’m really interested in this with the 2.7 Ecoboost/10 speed auto powertrain. Maybe AWD and even a wagon version?

  12. 20Fusion_EAM

    I currently own a 2020 Fusion Energi Titanium-Best sedan I’ve ever driven. I’m sure they’d be able to sell them here (North America) even if at low volume considering it would be sold all over the world, and China comprising a huge share of the sales.

  13. Marquise Ramirez

    I bought a 2018 Ford Fusion Platinum 2.0 Twin Scroll Ecoboost New and I’ve been holding off on an upgrade because I had faith Ford wouldn’t abandon us🇺🇸 Ford Loyalists! I only want A Ford Fusion/Mondeo or Focus ST! I honestly don’t want to go to The Japanese or Asian markets for a Car! US🇺🇸 Real Enthusiasts Want A Low Center Of Gravity! We have a whole Fusion group dedicated to Our Cars! We(300+ OF US) get together every year(FUSION FLOOD!) to show off our cars! Despite the issues We come together to help solve them! We’re A Family!🙏🏾💪🏽 PLEASE DON’T LET US DOWN FORD💙🤞🏽

  14. Steve

    Maybe Ford is having second thoughts not offering a sedan in its product offerings. This would be a welcome addition and an update of the Fusion. As an owner of a 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid, I could see myself driving this vehicle as a replacement. Ford would have no trouble selling this in FWD, AWD, Hybrid and plug in versions as well as the wagon Active version. As a former SUV owner, Ford needs to be smart and proactive and reconsider discontinuing the current Fusion and offer this vehicle. I am over the SUV craze and more vehicles like this tare needed to give the Ford buyer more options.

  15. Vernon

    My 2020 Fusion is one of the best cars…and best looking cars I’ve ever owned! The car satisfies in almost every metric and gives back reliable consistent economy with adequate power perfectly suited for what it’s asked to do. I haven’t been able figure why Ford didn’t keep at least one sedan in the lineup to offer drivers in North America. The cookie-cutter boring SUV’s have absolutely zero soul or style.

  16. Marquise Ramirez

    Please drop The Fusion name and call it Mondeo here too because it literally means “World Car” I’d be grateful either way tho because the only way I’d trade My 18 Fusion Platinum in is if I could upgrade to a newer 2023 Ford Fusion/Mondeo or New Focus ST! I’m not giving up hope yet because I don’t think Ford would let us down like that!💪🏽🙏🏾

  17. Sam

    I bought my 2017 Fusion SE AWD 2.0 ecoboost new…and have held off buying something new. I love my car, and if a fusion/mondeo came back to the US. I would jump jump on it. If they don’t cheap out on it like the escape.

  18. Francie Brown Ashton

    I’ve had 3 fusions in the post and was so sad to see them go. I am so happy to see them back. My lease is up in another 13 months and if I go with Ford I will definitely be getting another fusion

  19. DWH

    In 2018, The last full year for the Fusion. It sold approx.170,000 units. I can’t understand why the Mondeo which is an attractively redesigned Fusion isn’t sold in the US. Come on Ford. It’s time to reintroduce at least one sedan back into the US and the Mondeo would be the perfect choice. I drive a performance sedan, but unfortunately I had to look elsewhere.


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