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Ford Mondeo Wagon Renderings Provide Solid Basis For Fusion Active

The all-new, next-generation Ford Mondeo sedan was revealed for the Chinese market earlier this month following months of leaks, rumors, speculation, and spy photos. With it, Ford is ushering in a completely new era of design, one that is also reflected in the recently-revealed Lincoln Zephyr and Ford Evos, also China-exclusive models. However, a Ford Fusion Active, based on this next-gen Mondeo sedan, has been rumored for some time now, and these Ford Mondeo wagon renderings from KDesign AG provide a solid basis for what that might look like.

A new Ford Mondeo wagon would certainly be a cool addition to The Blue Oval’s lineup, even though there’s no evidence that FoMoCo is considering making such a vehicle. At the same time, Ford Authority spies have yet to capture the rumored Ford Fusion Active on film, and no information regarding that potential model is currently available, either. Regardless, these renderings – with a taller ride height and some body cladding added – would essentially represent what this theoretical Fusion Active might look like.

These renderings look essentially like a wagon version of the Mondeo sedan recently spotted uncovered in Michigan by Ford Authority spies, save for its white roof and black roof rails. The artist simply extended the sloping roofline of the sedan all the way back, adding considerable utility to the new Mondeo with its flat-back liftgate supporting a spoiler up top for a bit of sportiness as well. The overall look goes for more of a traditional wagon shape, while the Evos crossover represents somewhat of a mix between a hatchback and a wagon.


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The whole thing looks quite natural, which isn’t a surprise given the fact that the previous/current-gen Mondeo is available in wagon form. Whether or not Ford would consider making a wagon version of the new Mondeo is currently unclear, but if nothing else, perhaps this gives us a sneak peek at a future Active variant.

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  2. Michael

    I would buy that over any Ford SUV any day, and especially if it comes in a Hybrid.

    1. William L Covert

      I feel the same way. This is (potentially) the best wagon/crossover I’ve seen on the market.

  3. Andrew

    The Active will be the Evos.

    End of story.

    1. Vasily Zaytsev


  4. Mark L Bedel

    Ahh, brings back good memories of my Sable LS wagon! I could certainly do that all over again. Let’s make it happen for the US market Ford!

    1. Mick1

      My 1992 Sable past 60k miles and the repairs kept coming. Hope this is as good as my C Max.

  5. Mesut Uyanik

    Hello dear Ford Authority
    The next generation new Ford Mondeo Wagon Coming to 2023 in germany or in europe ?

    Best Regards
    Mesut Uyanik From Germany

  6. Vasily Zaytsev

    Not happening. And the renderings are amateur AF.

  7. Nihar M

    I don’t like how the roof slants up going towards the rear, makes the proportion look off. it should come back down a little.

  8. Robert Schaefer

    Been waiting two years now for a Ford replacement for our beloved 2014 Fusion Hybrid. Ford is losing by it’s inactivity. We are now considering Honda and Hyundai /Kia alternatives. Why is so difficult to drop the Fusion hybrid train in a modified Mondeo Body?

  9. james b wiseman

    Sure hope that Ford wake`s up . Not everyone wants TRUCK or SUV .

  10. Norm Clark

    I’m not a wagon person per se, but I saw a Buick Wagon at the car show 2 yrs ago and thought it looked good. This version of the Mondoe / Fusion has the same draw / look that drew me to like that wagon look. LOOKIN GOOD! Too bad no more Mondeo / Fusion in the states…

  11. Shawnski

    Build this for North America Ford!

  12. Wayne

    Why can’t Ford and GM bring wagons or estates back to North America, not everyone wants a SUV or Pickup truck ? Big sellers in Europe and England.

    1. Vasily Zaytsev

      Unfortunately, even Europe (btw, England is still part of the continent, even though it’s no longer part of the Union) is gravitating towards crossovers, so wagons are on their way out of there, too. Not as quickly as in the U.S., where there’s virtually no market left for them.


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