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Ford Will Add Third Building To Michigan Central Station Complex

Ford’s Michigan Central Station renovation has been going on since 2018, even pressing on in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The automaker is investing $350 million into its future 1.2 million-square-foot innovation and mobility campus, which will ultimately host 5,000 employees. The automaker is using 3D scanning technology as part of that process, which recently involved receiving a literal ton of concrete and discovering a cool historical artifact in the old building. Now, Ford will reportedly be expanding its planned Michigan Central Station complex to include a third building, according to Crain’s Detroit Business.

This third building will serve as additional office space for Ford’s forthcoming mobility tech hub and will be located in a vacant lot across from the train station on Vernor Highway that is currently being utilized by construction workers as a parking lot. As of now, the third office building is in the early planning stages, and no final decisions regarding the layout or square footage have been made. It’s also currently unclear when construction of the building will begin.

Originally, Ford planned on erecting a third building at the complex on Rosa Parks Boulevard at the site of a former brass factory that has since been torn down but ultimately decided against that as it works to concentrate the density of the campus around the train station and Roosevelt Park. “We shifted from (the old brass factory) site to really have the density around the train station. That allowed us to think about (the brass factory) differently,” said Rich Bardelli, Ford’s construction manager for the Michigan Central Station project.

Renovations to the second building at Michigan Central – a former book depository that served as Detroit’s main post office in the 1930s – are expected to be completed by the end of June, after which Ford employees and mobility companies can start utilizing the space this summer.

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  1. PennyCandy

    I’m glad Ford is renovating and putting to good use these buildings.
    I was worried Coleman Young would’ve torn them down when he was still the boss, even though the Train Station is on the National Register of Historic Places.
    He would’ve made parking lots of them and had them named after himself.

  2. Steve valmassoi

    Very pleased Ford motor company has purchased the old train station ordered a new 2-door Bronco and the new Ford Maverick truck

  3. John allen

    Thus renovation is so inspirational to anyone planning on relocating to Detroit, it is a glimpse at the future!!!
    Good for Ford👍

  4. Leo Vansickle

    I’ve been told that there used to be a tunnel from the station under the river to Canada.

    1. JoeBryant

      Actually there already is a tunnel to (and from) Canada, it’s located by the Ren. Cen. on Jefferson.

    2. Craig Morrison

      Certainly was (Is) a tunnel. Trains from Detroit to New York went through Canada, crossing into New York State near Buffalo. I believe the tunnel now is used by freight trains.

      1. Peter Dudley

        The Michigan Central Railroad (M.C.R.R.) Detroit River Tunnel was completed on July 1, 1910, and has been in continuous operation ever since. MCS was built where it is, because that’s where the tunnel is. MCS opened December 26, 1913.
        Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) freight trains still use the tunnel. M.C.R.R.’s Canada Southern Railway (CASO) Detroit / Buffalo “shortcut” no longer exists — the last Amtrak passenger went through the tunnel on January 31, 1979.
        However, Amtrak’s future plans (since passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill) include a new Chicago / Detroit / Windsor / Toronto WOLVERINE section, which will make its Detroit stop at “a newly redeveloped Michigan Central Terminal” (!)

  5. Montana Man

    As a shareholder of FoMoCo and owner of Ford trucks, I commend leadership in historic preservation of Detroit. Property values and homeownership in Detroit are on the rise, and restored, historic buildings contribute to civic pride. Ford has a very long history of succeeding more often than not at being true to their Michigan workers. Ford realizes the value of a strong middle class, and works well with representation. Buying an old building is one thing; restoring a part of a city and its history is another.
    Well done, Ford!

  6. David Rice

    I sincerely applaud FORD Motor company for their constant innovation. FORD has not lost sight of what made them great and will continue to grow the economy and the company. It is a global world with lots of need for all that FORD has to offer. Saving the train station is a brilliant move in bringing Michigan history into the future. Excited to tour the grounds once they are completed. We own 2 Fords. Looking to have more. Kudos to FORD.

  7. Russell Lauer

    The you Ford Motor Company, and all the Ford family for continuing to have faith in Detroit. Hard to do at times. I had the privilege of departing MC station about 1986. I barely remember it but know it was in disrepair then. I hope train service could return. S hurtles can take casino customers to the casinos and hotels. Public restaurants and coffee joints could over look the tracks and perhaps Detroit from the upper floors. Opportunities abound.
    Thstks to everyone’s commitment to the old lady!

  8. Dave Mathers

    My father worked for the NYCRR and I used his free pass to travel from St. Thomas to Detroit quite often in the 50s. I was always in awe of the beauty of the inside of the station. Great jo restoring it.


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