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Lincoln Nautilus Also Discontinued After 2023 Model Year In North America

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025, seemingly leaving the pair of crossovers in limbo. Yesterday, Ford Authority reported that the Edge will be indeed be discontinued following the 2023 model year, and now, sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to Ford Authority that the Lincoln Nautilus will follow suit.

It’s unclear what will become of the Lincoln Nautilus name or if the luxurious crossover will have a successor of some type. However, it is possible that one of the five EVs set to be built at the Oakville plant will be a direct successor to the Nautilus. Ford ended production of the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT crossovers at that plant back in 2019, which left the Edge and the Nautilus as the sole Blue Oval products produced in Canada. Retooling at the Oakville plant will begin in 2024, with the first of five new EV models expected to roll off the assembly line one year later, with another model following suit in 2028. As Ford Authority reported last June, Lincoln will transition to a fully electrified lineup consisting of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric vehicles by 2030.

Sales Results - USA - Nautilus

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
20242,034 3,3963,801 2,8822,821 2,570 17,504
20231,608 1,7352,162 2,4892,076 2,2862,438 2,1231,980 1,3181,620 2,49924,334
20221,384 1,5232,182 2,9952,329 1,4421,739 1,7451,458 1,3301,027 1,48120,635
20211,740 1,5892,043 2,6092,104 1,3421,416 2,6672,666 2,4582,340 1,46924,443
20201,760 2,1451,340 9871,951 2,0981,876 1,9241,971 2,1231,874 2,69322,742
20192,612 2,6122,612 2,7292,729 2,7292,654 2,6542,654 2,4252,590 2,71231,711
2018 3,3643,364
2017 00
*** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages.

Nautilus sales actually increased in 2021, from 22,742 units to 24,443 – a gain of 7.5 percent, year over year. However, those sales pale in comparison to results from the 2019 model year, when Lincoln sold a total of 31,711 units of the luxury crossover.

After receiving a comprehensive interior refresh for the 2021 model year, the 2022 Nautilus Black Label gained a new Flight interior theme, as Ford Authority reported last month. Otherwise, no major changes have taken place on the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus, even though the luxury crossover’s Ford CD4 platform-mate – the 2022 Ford Edge – is now available exclusively with all-wheel drive across all trims, as the crossover has dropped front-wheel drive as standard equipment. As Ford Authority reported back in August, the 2022 Nautilus retains front-wheel drive as its standard configuration save for the Black Label, which comes equipped with standard all-wheel drive.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Doesn’t matter. FORD/LINCOLN has pretty much given up on the hearse and livery platform business anyway.

    1. John

      Pretty sure you don’t know what vehicle they’re talking about.

  2. Steve

    This is THE best looking SUV on the road….Period. All these other brands don’t hold a candle to beauty. My wife will be trading in her XT5 for this one.

    1. JB

      Totally agree. After almost 20 years of driving (mostly) BMWs, Benzes and Acuras, I went with an MKX aka Nautilus (2.7 Twin Turbo) after both wanting to ‘buy American made” and to not have to deal with post-warranty rip-off service charges by the German marques. I leased it because even though I loved the looks, I couldn’t be too sure how much I’d enjoy it. Well, I have been extremely happy with the quality, Fit n Finish, and content included. I ended up buying it when the lease was done and while I’d like to have the refreshed interior and Sync 4.0, I’m still thrilled with it and expect to have it for a few more years at least.

  3. Sharin

    I love my Lincoln Nautilus 2021 and when you quit making it you are making a HUGE MISTAKE. I will drive it until you quit making parts. I don’t want an EV and I won’t have a Ford..your loss!

    1. Davidm0604

      Agreed! No more Nautilus No more Edge?
      No more FORS-EVER
      Loyal Ford owner since my 1966 Galaxie 500 that I received as a High School Graduation Gift.


    Not a fan of these vehicles, no I won’t miss them.

  5. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Last summer I traded my 2012 MKX ( one of the finest vehicles I’ve ever owned, foreign or domestic nameplates ) for a 2021 Nautilus. The interior upgrades are excellent and it’s a fine vehicle overall. I just can’t understand how Lincoln can be a three model brand with stand-alone dealerships. As empty nest adults, when we need to take some passengers the backseat room is much greater than a Corsair; ditto the cargo space. I think this is a niche that Lincoln must occupy if it’s serious about competing with Lexus, Acura, or even Cadillac.

    I would be interested in their plans to replace this size model. Is that what the rumored Lincoln Mark-E will be? The size may be right but I’m not sold on E-vehicles, especially for cross country travel that we like to do.

    Lincoln planners and designers, I hope you’re reading this thread.

  6. Jeff Michaels

    We love our Lincoln Nautilus can’t believe they are going to stop building it we have a new 2022 on order we have a 2019

  7. Jeff Michaels

    We love our 2019 Nautilus can’t believe they are going to stop the manufacturing of this vehicle we have a 2022 on order

  8. Jeff Michaels

    This is my second reply

  9. Lindsey

    Love my 2019 Nautilus. I was going to order a 2022 due to the new interior, but looked at and test drove a Lexus before my final decision was made. Based on looks, technology and price I’m sticking with ordering a Nautilus.

  10. Ford Employee H

    I’m really disappointed in the leadership of Fords luxury division Lincoln. How can they repeatedly miss the mark with nameplate recognition? Please get your heads out of the ground and realize Lincoln is being left behind by the competition. Inadequate, undefined advertising, insufficient product lineup and sparsely located dealerships. You guys and girls are sabotaging a storied brand intentionally it appears?

  11. Tanya

    I have a 2022 Reserve on order. I get a new vehicle every 3 years or so. If Lincoln goes all EVs. I will not be buying another Lincoln. This is my first after having 2 Ford Edges and wanted something a bit nicer. I will put an 8 year Ford ESP on it and Ford/Lincoln will not see me back in the market again for a very long time.

  12. Douglas

    I have owned a 2008 Edge and 2019 Edge. Just ordered a 2022 Nautilus and very excited. Very sad to hear that the Company has discontinued this mid-size model. Hope to see something similar down the road.

  13. Don

    Just completed my first year of ownership of my 2021 Nautilus. Great SUV, and no regrets. Shame they are discontinuing it. Can’t understand that. It gets compliments all the time, and it’s a joy to drive.

  14. Michael Marks

    I have a 2019 Nautilus that I leased in Feb2020. It is far superior than my friends BMW and I hope Lincoln continues with the model.

  15. Joe Gola

    I had a ’12 & ’16 MKX, great vehicles, now have a ’19 Nautilus which I love. Why Lincoln is pulling the plug on the Nautilus (and Ford Edge) is beyond me. Instead of discontinuing, they should concentrate on coming out with a plug in Hybrid version.

  16. Ed Stanley

    Have a 2020 Nautilus loaded, only negative is driver leg room, need more. Quiet, smooth ride, trans buttons could be reconfigured . Retired 84 yr old male

  17. Daniel Boone

    The Edge and Nautilus are beautiful vehicles and a great two row suv size. I don’t understand this decision. How about converting it to a plug in hybrid? Ford going all EV is ignorance, especially at the pace they are transitioning.

  18. Betty W

    I am a 2022 Nautilus owner and am very disappointed they are discontinuing it for an EV. I too do not want an EV and the Corsair is way too small and the Aviator is bigger than I want. I really hope they change their minds on discontinuing the model.

  19. Penny C

    I just stumbled on this site and information that the Nautilus will be discontinued. I just leased my 3rd Lincoln Midsize SUV, 2016 MKX, 2019 and 2022 Nautilus, with no plans of changing. I’m extremely disappointed to hear this. Now I have to figure out what will be my next car in year 3. This is awful news.

  20. Kim O

    I am truly upset that Lincoln has gotten to this decision to discontinue. I agree the transition to total electric vehicles is a sudden do or die position. Is there something about fossil fuels that the public is unaware? I’ve been in love with the Lincoln brand all my life. Dreamed of owning one for years! When I finally got my 2009 MKX I was beyond exhilerated! Traded it in on the 2013 MKX which I still love and drive and am just getting ready to get another. Now this…. I am like most everyone here. I will get my next one and drive it until there aren’t any parts for it. The pricing and the maintenance of the EVs are not where we can just get everyone into them. Be practical. I am sure Lincoln thinks that the quality will exceed the timeframe so that as EVs go live the gas driven ones will still be on the road. So does that mean the gas stations will be transformed into EV charging stations? Or is everyone suppose to be charging at home. The part of the country I live in people struggle to drive 10 year old cars. Where is the money coming from to own, insure and drive them?

  21. D. Wellons

    The discontinue is just for production in North America. The 2024 Nautilus is to be manufactured in China. Not sure what drove that decision, but the new Nautilus does look like a next level/next gen option. That said, I am not planning to wait and “Enter the Dragon” with a first of its kind Chinese production. I am planning to trade my 2020 2.7 V6 for the updated 2023 Black Label edition. The 13.2″ screen feels huge thought the new full. console monitor in the 2024 looks nice in the pre-production concept.


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