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New Ford Vehicle Retail Orders Surged To 70K In December 2021

The semiconductor chip shortage and other related supply chain challenges have severely impacted global automotive production over the last year or so, leading to dwindling new vehicle inventory and skyrocketing prices for both new and used vehicles. However, this pandemic-induced problem has also forced automakers to change the way they do business. Ford CEO Jim Farley admitted last summer that the automaker would switch to more of a built-to-order approach moving forward, and that shift has apparently already begun, according to FoMoCo’s December sales report that shows a surge in new Ford vehicle retail orders.

The automaker revealed that it took over 70,000 new Ford vehicle retail orders in the month of December, which is up from 58,000 orders in December 2020. A significant 33 percent of Ford’s retail sales last month stemmed from customer orders, much of which is due to a bevy of recently released products like the Ford Bronco and Ford Maverick, which customers were able to reserve and then convert those reservations into orders.

This trend is nothing new, as Ford also accumulated 70,000 retail orders back in July, which at the time was 10 times higher than the year prior. As Ford Authority reported last month, this shift appears to be permanent for The Blue Oval, which is currently targeting a 50-day supply – considerably less than the 75 days supply that the automaker has historically maintained as it shifts toward a more profitable order-based system.

Less inventory on dealer lots means fewer dollars spent on incentives trying to clean out old, unsold inventory, and direct sales models are the hallmark of EV automakers like Tesla and Rivian, which can charge full price and don’t have to worry about the overhead, haggling, or markups associated with physical dealerships.

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  1. Charles E. Kendrick

    When will production on the 2022 Ford Expedition start, I ordered one the first on November 2021, getting anxious, lol.

  2. Larry Alan Mellis SR

    This idea was floated in late 90’s but CEO was fired ‘ great idea u get what u want it was said to order and get one in 15 days. This can happen very easy when u get back to normal. At the plants u build a lot of fills just to keep working mostly work trucks

  3. George S

    I have nothing against wanting to order a vehicle to your tastes but the customer has no control and the dealer has no clue when to expect delivery. 1, the Dealer sends the order in but when after you sign the deal? It could be that day or a months later. 2, when the manufacture accepts the order is unknown. 3, when the order is scheduled, 4, the factory sets a build date, 5, the order is actually on the factory floor being built and completion date is known. 6, when the vehicle is delivered to the dealer? Right now every step is an unknown and it’s why so many just want a vehicle right off the lot. You see it and take it home that day, it’s what I did recently buying a RAM.
    In the case of the C8, dealers can only order a set number of vehicles per year. The dealer can hold on to your deposit for months before they can enter the order. If Ford and others want more sale orders, they should learn from Amazon. A 6-8 week wait time seems to be acceptable by most.

  4. Gordon Kirk

    Why don’t ford fix their death wobble problem on their 250 an 350 4×4 front ends before they kill someone?

  5. mike s.

    With GM now offering a Silverado EV pickup, the stakes become higher for lost Lightning sales. I’m not sure you won’t have to order that pickup as well, BUT if GM does introduce their pickup at the equal price to the Lightning and without the many months of waiting, I feel safe in saying that there will be suddenly be a much greater availability of Lightnings. Ford has alienated me with their business practices. They have used the chip shortage to rip off the customers. I will no longer give them my dollars. Lightnings and Mavericks galore by 2024.

  6. Howard

    Ford needs to stop advertising to sell new trucks when they have a 6 month backlog now

  7. Anthony C Zajac

    I got rconfirmation Oct.27th went well my truck be be buitd. Iordered in Fl and will be going back North shortly

  8. Brad Barefoot

    I actually like this idea, the last 4 new Fords I’ve bought were special orders. Normally it took around 3 months to get your vehicle. Planning on sitting down with my dealer an ordering a new Transit Connect Wagon. The only thing I’d add into the decision … give customer waiting orders who made deposits priority over dealer stock orders. If not for the “chip” shortage a “priority order” from a customer should be in a couple weeks, not months.


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