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Poll: Are You Having Issues With Your Ford Bronco 2.7L V6 EcoBoost?

The 2021 Ford Bronco launched with two engine options – Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 and 2.7L EcoBoost V6. The latter powerplant has proven to be a very popular option, to the point where those ordering a Bronco with the V6 have faced longer wait times due to supply constraints. However, several Ford Authority readers who have reached out lately say that they’ve experienced some issues with their 2.7L EcoBoost V6 equipped Ford Bronco models, which had us wondering – is this a widespread issue, or one affecting a small percentage of owners?

Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost V6 is optional on all trims, save for the Wildtrak, where it’s included as standard equipment. While the 2.3 is rated to produce 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque on premium fuel, the larger 2.7 cranks out a healthy 330 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque on the same higher-octane gas. Both engines utilize a 10:1 compression ratio, while the 2.3 features direct injection, and the 2.7 has both direct and port injection. The four-cylinder uses a single twin-scroll turbo to make its power, while the 2.7 has a pair of mono-scroll units.

While the 2.3 can be mated to Ford’s new seven-speed manual transmission, the 2.7 cannot and is only available with Ford’s 10-speed automatic. However, when the Ford Bronco originally launched, buyers couldn’t pair the Sasquatch Package with the seven-speed either, but Ford reversed course on that decision for the 2022 model year after receiving quite a bit of customer feedback on the topic.

Aside from the Ford Bronco, a number of other Blue Oval products are currently available with the 2.7L EcoBoost V6, including the Ford F-150, Ford Edge ST, and the Lincoln Nautilus.

Thus, we’re interested to hear if any of our other readers have experienced problems with their 2.7L EcoBoost V6-equipped Bronco. If you own one of these versions of the rugged, reborn SUV, be sure and let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Steve

    Widespread issue? Really…widespread. You say that like there’s thousands of 2.7 liter Broncos on the road. Maybe hundreds but not thousands. I have one huge problem though, I don’t have one because I’m still waiting since Oct 2020 for mine, but hey, that imitation Bronco they call Sport, well you can get one today. Hey Ford, how’s the ROI on that Bronco going? Anyone ever ask that question Mr. Journalist? Love to hear their response.

    1. Brad

      As of Dec 17th, 25,000 Broncos delivered. Definitely thousands of them on the road. I understand your frustration though. Day 1 reservation here with no build date to speak of.

    2. Jimmy

      yes, widespread, as in at least 50 blown 2.7 all from the range of June 21 to August 21…so 50 out of about 5000 Broncos.

  2. Liz

    How does Ford Authority verify that the yesses and nos are legitimate owners?

    1. doc0to60 (on Ford Authority)

      I own one of the first 2019 Ford Edge ST 2.7’s. No problems after 3 years and 23000 miles. The 8 speed and paddle shifter issues are a different kettle of fish.

  3. NCEcoBoost

    Between the problems with the 1.5L and 2.0L EcoBoosts and now maybe the 2.7L, you have to wonder. And fuel economy no better than without a turbo (had Ford gone with larger non-turbo engines). Hmmm…

    1. David W

      I see many posts about poor gas mileage with the Ecoboost engines. My own experience with the 2.0L in the Edge AWD is 26 mpg avg all the time and over 31 mpg on the highway all the time. Once in perfect conditions I was getting 34 mpg on the highway for over 2 hours. I do think the Ecoboost powertrains provide great drivability with smoothness and quiet, low end torque and good mileage as long as you keep a light foot.

  4. Ross

    What type of issues are people experiencing?

    1. Chris Marsh

      According to Bronco G6 . Most of the 26 failures have been a dropped valve. Something got said about brittle valves. And the odd thing is the mileage. It varies from under a 1000 miles to 4500 .

  5. Bob

    Ford dealers are jacking up all prices. Dodge does not do that. I bought a Dodge now. I’m not getting jacked. Sorry. Very happy actually. Quite impressive. All my friends and family too.

    1. YeahRight

      Lol. Imagine not understanding that’s because nobody wants a Dodge

      1. TheRetiredViking

        You wouldn’t know it to look around my area. And, trucks here are for work, not vanity statements.

    2. Pedro77

      Same here. No way I’m paying the 5000-9000 Ford dealers added market adjustments.

      1. The Gentle Grizzly

        I just ordered a new Ram because I could order with the options I wanted without being compelled to buy a trim level I didn’t want, and then $5k package over that.

        As for the original topic, the 2.7 and problems, I have heard there are problems in general with the turbo engines from Ford. Had I bought the F-150, it’d have been with NA engine.

      2. Joe Dunn

        I bought a new ford 150 lariat and didn’t pay a dealer markup they tried to add $5000.00 I told them to give me my keys to my trade in and drove off. I got about 10 miles down the road and they called and said they would sell @ my price. if everyone would tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine it would stop.

  6. Travis

    I have the 2.7 eco 10 speed in my F150. 90,000 miles and no problems. I was surprised how much power it had and I average 24 mpg in that heavier vehicle. I bet that engine in the Bronco would be fun to drive! That engine has been around for a long time now. I’m sure if there were known issues there would be some information about them.

  7. Mike

    My issue is that the ’22 dealer allocation formula means I won’t be getting a Bronco for years.

  8. Christopher kramer

    Having major problems with dealers stealing Bronco reservations from customers.

  9. Tony

    Edge ST with 40,000 miles. No issues at all, good gas mileage, great performance.

  10. Animal

    Specifically? We’ll, there’s a growing number of blown 2.7 engines out there from owners with less than 10k miles on their new Broncos. Word on the street is that these are from defective valves that randomly drop in a cylinder while driving.

    Having said that, I’m still waiting for my 2.7 2021 Sasquatch Badlands Bronco. This whole experience feels like I’m playing a game of Russian Roulette. If only Ford would make a public statement regarding these issues then I think it would go a long way to calm some anxiety.

  11. M

    I have driven the 2.7 in two different F-150s and no issues to date. Very fun to drive especially for a vehicle this size, due to good low end torque.

  12. RM

    2019 Edge ST owner here. 16,000 miles and engine has been fantastic. Did have that 10 speed transmission fail at 6,000 miles though. Four months at dealer shop due to Covid induced parts shortage.

    1. commbubba19

      Edge doesn’t have the 10spd transmission

  13. Dee Hart

    I think I will stick with the coyote motor… If I want to get stupid for power I hear Ford is adding a factory supercharger boosting that motor up to 700 HP… Imagine that in a stripped-down F-150! I would love to see this option in an Explorer.

  14. P

    Build date of 9/24. Had mine since 9/27. 5k miles on the Badlands with the 2.7 non sas running the 3.3 BFG’s. So far so good. I have had some issues with hill descent warnings and I have some concerns about the ten speed transmission. Seems to rack back and forth at times especially at lower speeds.
    Gas mileage is not awesome but in line with what they said it would be. I average 16.5. But I do a lot of stop and go drives with limited freeway. The One time I have gone 300+ miles in a trip it was under 16 mpg with 80-85 mph with no other headwind etc.
    I was a little surprised since 2017 expedition el with eco gets the same or better mileage.
    4cy 2016 fusion eco averages 25 in my driving for comparison. I can get upwards of 40 on the interstate. But at higher speeds typically 30-32.

    I changed to the soft top in august and got my build date pretty quick after the change. I feel fortune to have mine.

  15. George Corbin

    I’m one of the unfortunate owners of a dead 2.7 Bronco Black Diamond with only 1795 miles on the odometer. Mine was completely unexpected with no warnings or indications of a possible issue. I shut it off Christmas Eve after an hour long freeway drive and it would not start the next time I tried 2 days later. So far she’s been a pavement princess and had barely finished the 1000 mile break-in period. It was towed into the Ford dealer 12/28 where it awaits a new engine. No ETA on the engine so I think it’s safe to assume it will be there for at least a month which will make it lemon law eligible… I want to keep it, but it’s going to be hard to trust it again.

  16. Jeff

    23% of your poll have a blown engine 🤣. I doubt 2% of people reading this have a Bronco. Badlands, 2.7, SAS. 1500 miles, no issues so far. Delivery date 12/11.
    It’s certainly an issue and I’m on the forums. That said, it was a certain batch of lifters and and a known timeframe for build.

  17. BDMull

    2019 Edge ST with 30,500 miles and the 2.7 has been flawless. I’ve heard, as well, that the problem has been tracked to a particular run of motors and is not symptomatic of the motor in general. Hopefully that is true.

  18. Bronco User

    There seems to be quite the pattern developing on forums. Ford needs to act.

  19. Drew Peroni

    Our original 2.7 dropped a valve at 2199 miles.

    Replacement crate engine #1 took about a month to get installed and ended up having a bad knock upon startup.

    Replacement crate engine #2 arrived a month later and we just got the Bronco back on December 31st.

  20. sam davidson

    I have a 2016 F-150 XLT crew cab with 2.7 eco with approx 70k. No issues. What seems to be the problem?. In the summer I get 24-26 mpg on the highway, In winter 18- 22 mpg

  21. Raymond Heemstra

    I’m not a new bronco owner nor have i even ordered one but ill bet i can guess why some bronco owners can’t get as good gas mileage as as F150 owners it’s pretty simple, really you rarely if ever see brand new F150s with 35/37 inch BFG KO2’s and a factory or even aftermarket lift kit for that matter I’m not saying they aren’t out there on F150s’ with the 2.7 but probably 75% don’t and they don’t have a factory lift available let alone 35/37 inch BFG KO2’s it’s all about unsprung weight and rolling resistance

    1. Jaded

      Fact : Larger diameter tires have less rolling resistance vs smaller diameter.
      Fact: Wider tires have less rolling resistance vs narrow tires.
      Fact: Unsprung weight effects handling not gas mileage.
      Fact: Rotational weight effects gas mileage.

      1. Kelvin

        Fact: you have not measured anything comparatively so this is almost like a joke with your “facts”.

        It’s well known that narrow tires are more energy efficient than wider tires. This is why you lose range with an EV when you go to a wider tire. Also, rolling resistance is dependent on tread and compound in addition to the “roundness” of a tire. While width may impact your efficiency having a chunky tread vs a smoother tread will have an impact. Larger tires are also heavier and thus less energy efficient. You’re mixing up all kinds of bad logic with your facts so the final fact I have for you is: bad logic doesn’t make what you’re saying more meaningful to anyone.

      2. RL

        Jaded…that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read.

  22. Raymond Heemstra

    And how much energy it takes to get tires that size moving from a dead stop before you can even get rolling tire size and weight make a HUGE DIFFERENCE just my theory anyway

  23. Debbie

    Yes I am having issues with my v6 turbo boost. You built the wiring harness to rest against the drive shaft which in turn burns through the wires due to friction/heat. When that happens it tenders the vehicle inoperable. The part was replaced but because of the design flaw it will keep happening so u am currently waiting doe ford to do the recall. Right now my wires are zip tied and dock taped away from the shaft but inevitably it will keep happening.

  24. Richard

    Don’t hold your breath waiting on Ford to acknowledge anything. I was an early buyer of the F250 6.0 litter diesel engine in 2004 before it was known to have notorious fuel injection issues. Repairs were expensive. No acknowledgements or free fixes. I became a Toyota follower.

  25. Ed Waters Jr.

    I don’t know the reasons, but I am seeing a number of Broncos on used car lots. Not dealer lots, but independent used car lots. I’ve easily seen six or seven just on lots in my town. Are they repos or unsatisfied customers who couldn’t work it out with the Ford dealership? Just passing this along.

  26. commbubba19

    The 2.7 in the Bronco and current F150 is not the same as the 2.7 in the Edge and 19 (I think) and older F150. Gen 1 vs Gen 2.

    Be that as it may, I had a 16 Edge that had cylinder #5 foul out and eat oil. The 2.7 isn’t a bad motor but be being that Gen 1 was DI only but Gen 2 is Dual injected is a good thing. The bad being it sounds like they either have some questionable manufacturing or something else causing these to fail. Maybe even a design oversight with the refresh.


    Well they should have put a V8 in it!!

  28. Steven Peterson

    The 2.7 has always had issues since its introduction in 2015. 7 years on, this is nothing new, nor widespread, nor shocking. You’re not the first person to discover it, just the latest. With any engine, issues always happen. Everyone can talk bad and good about the Ford 5.0 and 3.5 Ecoboost. Depends on the situation. You have to remember, these aren’t low volume hand built engines like the GT has in it. These are mass produced by a machine. There’s a reason a warranty exists.

  29. Diego

    Thankfully my Ford has neither a transmission not engine to have valves fail. Loving my Mach e. I hope they gett this squared away quickly

  30. stan mellegard

    Love my 2.7, have ran it hard for 34000 miles in an 18 F150. In town mpg has averaged 20 plus since new.

  31. John

    I have 4,500 miles on my 4dr Outer Banks with the 2.7 Ecoboost. No problems at all. I also had the 2.7 Eco in my 2016 F150, and when I traded it in October with 67,000 miles, it had NO issues of any kind, a beautiful, powerful, reliable engine. Its important to do the Ford injector maintenance at about 50,000 miles.

  32. Yeniss

    I’m telling people is better not buy car now from Ford Company, I bought electric Mustang Mach-E on July on August some crashed me now my car is in the auto body for 7 months waiting parts. This company its totally a disaster they don’t want be responsible for anything, my bank paid to the dealer this car, now I paying to my bank for a car I not using.

  33. Kim Minton

    Well, I have a failed 2.7 engine with less than 5,000 miles on it. So I would definitely say I’m experiencing issues.

  34. Paul

    I have a 2018 Ford 150 ex cab and have no problem with my 2 gen 2.7 engine. I use only Reg fuel. Avg city and highway 23 avg
    But on the highway I got as much as 32 miles on a trip of about 400 miles
    I have now in 2022 194,176 miles
    Use only Mobil 1 synthetic high mileage oil and it runs perfectly. I do have the 10 speed automatic it runs smooth but I change Tran fluid twice At. 70,000 and
    120,000. I will change again before 200,000 it runs smooth
    I could not ask for more. I have a delivery business and avg 200 to 300 miles a day. 6 days a week! Tks Ford

  35. Allan Forster

    There has been a Ford in my driveway for 40 years. I bought a 2014 Focus.
    There is a Toyota in my driveway now.

  36. Rret

    I also have paper towels in my kitchen.


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