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Poll: Does The Ford Bronco Look Good With Painted Bumpers?

The all-new, sixth-generation 2021 Ford Bronco was designed with modularity in mind, and thus, it’s incredibly easy to modify the reborn SUV. This was done on purpose, of course, because Ford knew that future Bronco owners would want to personalize their vehicles, and a burgeoning aftermarket was ready to make a tremendous number of parts and accessories to facilitate those changes. Aside from adding new/better parts to their vehicles, however, some folks will also be doing little things to their Ford Bronco, like paint the bumpers.

The Ford Bronco Outer Banks comes from the factory with body-color painted fender flares, but this particular Bronco – posted to Twitter by aftermarket outfit Steeda – is wearing painted bumpers, which gives it a truly unique appearance. Whether or not this treatment looks good on the open-air off-roader, well, we’ll leave that for our readers to decide by voting in the poll below.

This particular Bronco is in fact equipped with Outer Banks trim, so it emerged from the factory with painted fender flares, in this case, finished in Race Red, the brighter of the two available reds for the 2021 model year compared to Rapid Red. The owner apparently decided that having the bumpers finished in a different color looked out of place, or perhaps simply felt like paint-matched bumpers would look better.

In our humble opinion, the painted bumpers don’t look bad, per se, but lend a very different appearance to the Bronco that’s truly unique – at least until more folks follow suit, if they do. As for whether that will happen, well, that depends on how many agree that body-color painted bumpers look better than a contrasting color when fitted to the Bronco. So be sure and vote in the poll below, because we’re curious to hear what our readers think about this particular modification!

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  1. Bob

    No matter what you do the Bronco, it looks bad. Pitiful design.

    1. John

      Someone needs a hug.

  2. Hans

    Nit picking not on my radar.

  3. Jb

    Painted bumpers = rock chips and rust.

  4. Steve

    Painted takes away from the rugged look of the Bronco, which is what I like. Also, more expensive to repair when damaged. Paint chips, rusting and just overall paint wear. Most likely the replacement will be a non painted bumper.

  5. Chuck

    I like the black plastic bumpers with the fog lights. Plastic doesn’t rust!

  6. Kiet anh

    The same color looked not cool and wild,lost the shape of cowboy

  7. Kiet anh

    The bumper same color not cool ,not wild and lost the cowboys attitude.


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