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2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Rear Emblem Now Available

FoMoCo’s catalog of Ford Bronco parts has grown exponentially in recent months, adding a bevy of new parts and accessories including a Sasquatch fender flare kit, a functional beadlock ring kit, a tire pressure monitoring kit, and an off-road light kit, to name a few new wares. Now, that catalog has expanded once again to include a gloss black 2021 Ford Bronco rear emblem, which came as standard equipment on Wildtrak and First Edition trims.

The new gloss black 2021 Ford Bronco rear emblem is available through the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-1447-BRB and retails for $45. As one might expect, the emblem is rather easy and straightforward to install and comes with two-way tape already mounted on the back. The emblem itself is made from injection-molded plastic and is the same OEM part found on Wildtrak series 2021 Broncos.

This particular part is sure to be a popular upgrade for many Bronco owners, as the chrome emblem on the back of most series models is the only shiny part present, for the most part. It looks somewhat out of place given the fact that everything else is painted or molded-in color plastic, and tends to stick out on Broncos including the Badlands trim, for example.

Ford continues to add more and more Bronco parts and accessories to its catalog with each passing week, and this certainly won’t be the last. And while the reborn SUV also enjoys a robust aftermarket full of additional goods as well, some folks simply prefer to stick to OEM upgrades on their own vehicles.

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  1. Bronco

    Glad this is out. Now if they could get me my 21 Bronco from a year ago I’d have something to put it on…

  2. Steve

    I find it very funny. Ford offers something that doesn’t have a home. Why are you wasting time on this stuff? Why not get me my Bronco first, then offer it to me. Cart before the horse? I’m thinking Ford would love to see us reservation holders cancel them. Why? Because we are buying them so much cheaper than they could sell them for now. You reserved yours for 55 grand, cancel your order and mysteriously, your Bronco shows up for sale for 65 grand. Shocking…. No Ford wouldn’t do that….would they?

  3. Joe Blow

    I got 2 of them like 4 months ago for less money. #oldnews

  4. Michael Ryan

    So does this mean Ford will actually fill orders or are they going to keep screwing customers with reservations?

    1. Steve

      Michael, Ford is going to make you wait. Wait so long that you cancel your reservation. Why? Because they can sell your reserved Bronco for a lot more money than you originally reserved it for. That’s why you haven’t received it yet. I’m in the same boat. Ford says they delayed your Bronco because of some chip shortage or parts. BS. If that was true then dealers wouldn’t be getting inventory of Broncos. I will wait. I can afford to wait. I will wait those Ford Exec’s out.

  5. David A. Wier

    I have been waiting for 19 months and now I don’t even get e-mails from Ford on the process, most disappointing! David W.


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