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2022 Ford E-Transit Will Not Offer Back Up Alarm System

2022 Ford E-Transit production began back in November at the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant following a bit of a delay, shortly after the very first E-Transit pilot program launched in the U.S. The all-electric van began shipping to customers earlier this month, but there is one particular feature missing, it seems, as sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2022 Ford E-Transit will not offer a back up alarm system as of yet.

The E-Transit’s back up alarm system has been pushed back to the 2023 model year, though that feature is still available as a $145 option on ICE-powered 2022 Ford Transit models. The back up alarm is capable of emitting a sound of up to 102 decibels. Thus, it seems that commercial customers that wish to equip their all-electric vans with this sort of feature will need to look to the aftermarket, at least for now.

FoMoCo has already secured 10,000 orders for the 2022 Ford E-Transit, though fleet orders for it and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning are currently on hold due to high demand. The EV van shares quite a few similarities with its ICE-powered brethren, yet also a few distinct differences, aside from its all-electric drivetrain. The electric Transit has no frunk, unlike many other EVs, and its spare tire is mounted up front, rather than below the rear cargo area. Additionally, the E-Transit weighs around 600 pounds more than ICE Transits, mostly due to its 67 kWh battery pack, and it also costs roughly $9,000 more as well.

Aside from lower operating costs than gas-powered models, E-Transit commercial customers will also enjoy a number of complimentary services from Ford Pro, including a trial period of E-Telematics, which enables fleet managers to track battery range, locate charging stations, and learn about power consumption trends.

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