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2022 Ford EcoSport Production Slated To End In May

Shortly after announcing that it will cease its manufacturing operations in India and discontinue the Ford EcoSport in that market last year, FoMoCo also confirmed that it will stop selling the much-maligned crossover in America in mid-2022 as well. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the final 2022 Ford EcoSport models will be produced on May 29th, 2022, though that is a targeted date that is subject to change.

Meanwhile, order books for the 2022 Ford EcoSport closed back in January, signaling the beginning of the end for the crossover. A refreshed EcoSport was reportedly in the works for India with plans to launch last year, but FoMoCo’s decision to shutter production at the Ford Chennai Assembly Plant this year effectively ended those plans. However, even though it will no longer be sold in India and the U.S., Ford says that it will continue to produce the crossover at the Ford Craiova Assembly Plant in Romania for the European market.

In the meantime, the EcoSport has received a few notable changes for the 2022 model year. The crossover has dropped Ford’s 1.0L EcoBoost I-3 from the lineup, making the 2.0L I-4 the EcoSport’s sole engine option, and it will also come standard with all-wheel drive, as Ford Authority reported back in September. Meanwhile, the 2022 EcoSport also received a minor price increase of $50 across all trims, as Ford Authority reported last month, while destination charges have also increased by $50 – from $1,245 in 2021 to $1,295 for the 2022 model year.

The EcoSport has been the target of some harsh criticism in recent years, including, most recently, a second-place ranking on Consumer Reports‘ 10 Least Satisfying Cars Survey, which is based on the latest data from the consumer organization’s members.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    I must admit, I’m not surprised. I’ve always thought that it’s styling was one of Ford’s poorest to date. I realize that the SUV world in many cases feels that it gets a styling pass, but the Eco-Sport is clearly challenged when it come to this aspect.

    1. Brenda Buchanan

      This 75 year old lady loves her little white, 2020 (bought in 2021) EcoSport. It suits my fancy with its black hood, top, and trim! I don’t mind the slowdown at STOP signs. I’ve always been a Ford woman. My favorite car was Thunderbird five-speed stick shift.

  2. crabbymilton

    Exactly the crossover type car I would never buy. The thing is high enough and the wheelbase is so short that all you have to do is sneeze toward it and cause it to flip over.
    Probably rides like crap too.

  3. Falcon Eddie

    Styling?, This vehicle is a tool, it gets you from point A to point B, and mine has been flawless.
    It’s got plenty of room, it has a nice ride, and gets great mileage.

  4. crabbymilton

    Well traditionally the shorter the wheelbase the rougher the ride unless they figured it out. Most of these were good for parking lot patrols for security companies.

  5. M.H.

    Ford was extremely incompetent with this generation, including in Brazil, where it was created and was successful in its first generation. Despite having an engine initially consistent with the time, Ford was not fast enough to update and keep up with the new competitors that emerged and quickly gained market. The model’s salvation would be the new generation, which was practically ready and was discarded with the end of manufacturing in Brazil and India.

  6. David Dixon

    This just shows how spoiled we have become when reviewing vehicles that the reviewer has poor concept of what a particular vehicle is designed for and marketed too. Apart from one happy customer posting here I’m guessing all others would not own a small economy vehicle therefore your comments don’t mean a great deal. I have had the pleasure of driving several of these in the recent past and found them to be fun to drive with good performance, pretty good handling and comfortable…I’m typical male ..6ft 200lbs so for me I thought them a good little car. The last version one could get with 2.0 and all wheel drive is probably a blast to drive and yes I would buy one but I’ll continue to enjoy my F150 and GT350.

  7. William meny

    I own a 2021 ecosport and I like it. The awd is great we had a snow storm three weeks ago in nyc and the car handle beautiful. The 2.0l has enough hp. 166 good enough. There are three complaints ford should of made the rear a little bigger seating and cargo area. The car is a little hard riding improve on the subspendsion. The car media was not fare with the negative write ups. This is a nice car just a little bigger like the Honda HR -V. To bad ford giving is discontinuing the car.

  8. Amilcar

    He tenido 3 Ecosport desde un turbo diesel de 2007, pasando por un 2010 a gasolina y actualmente un 2017 a gasolina con equipamiento Freestyle, es cómodo y fácil de conducir, aquí en Argentina fue número 1 en ventas siempre. Ford cometió un error en dejar de fabricarlo en Sudamérica y no actualizarlo a tiempo, se olvidó de nosotros los clientes fieles de la marca

  9. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Ford needs a crossover in this segment. The AWD 2.0 version would be a good fit for the US market.

  10. Mauro Garcia

    I’m must say I have had the pleasure to say my 2018 ses ecosport has never led me down. It just needs to be a bit bigger in the back seats and trunk or rear area.and maybe soften the suspension 🤔 but I Stan behind my ford ecosport ses.

  11. Dave Mathers

    I got one as a service loaner last year and being a BIG guy (tall and wide through the shoulders) I couldn’t believe how narrow it was. I understand why it has been cancelled (a mercy killing perhaps?)!!

  12. Danita Sanders

    Wow 😳… I just bought the 2019 EcoSport 2w ago, so far I am enjoying it!

  13. josswilson

    Perhaps the European Puma could replace it? Their similar size wise and the Puma is a much better car

  14. AFischer

    Although during the last Seattle snow storm (that’s becoming a thing), we went up and down hills with no problem … as we watched people in SUVs and Subarus slipping and sliding and crashing into other cars. It most likely has to do with the drivers and their lack of knowledge when it comes to driving in snow but it was pretty awesome to be passing them in the our little EcoSport. And we’ve owned Subarus and are still pleased.

  15. MJ

    Kinda felt this coming when the Maverick debuted earlier. Ford’s entry level went to a truck, go figure…

  16. John H

    This is a segment that Ford has lagged in for many years. So many vehicles in this segment to choose from. I’ve always been a Ford guy but this was the last vehicle in this segment I would’ve ever chose. The Chevrolet Trailblazer by far is a much better choice and one of the brands best sellers which btw replaced a car or two in its lineup.

  17. John H

    Btw does anyone else remember when Farley said he wanted the Puma here in North America, this would be the perfect replacement!

  18. Steve

    The vehicle needed to be about a foot longer to give it a more balanced look and a more powerful base engine. To me the 1.0 ECOBOOST was overmatched by the weight of the vehicle. It seems that it was a stop gap until a new product will be introduced. The Puma is a logical choice as a replacement and a smaller version of upcoming Kuga/Escape would make sense.


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