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2022 Ford Maverick FITS Blueprints Officially Released

As Ford Authority reported last August, the 2022 Ford Maverick comes equipped with the brand new Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS), which are essentially slots or receivers designed for matching mounts to slide into and hold accessories. Many of these accessories are sold via Ford’s catalog, but a QR code sticker located in the bed of the compact pickup also gives owners access to the slot geometry used by FITS, which allows them to 3D print any kind of accessory they can dream of. Now, Ford has officially released the files that owners need to create those FITS-compatible accessories.

These files were supposed to be available at the time the 2022 Ford Maverick launched last year, but appear to have faced a bit of a delay. Regardless, a number of Maverick owners have already used their resourcefulness and imagination to 3D print all sorts of things, from cupholders to smartphone docks, grocery bag hooks, and even a dog water bowl, to name just a few things. Several folks are already selling their genius creations online to boot, while files from third-party users are also available to download.

Each Maverick comes equipped with eight total slots – including one at the rear of the center console and seven located in the under-seat storage bins. Ford currently sells a number of ready-made FITS accessories for those that aren’t quite as adventurous, including a trash bin, cupholders, cord organizers, purse or bag hooks, storage bins, and storage dividers. Or, owners can purchase an accessory package that includes all of these items together.

For the DIY’ers out there in the world, the Maverick’s 3D printing capability is sure to provide a fun and productive alternative to purchasing accessories from a catalog, however, even though Ford is sending owners of the delayed and now sold-out Hybrid model a free FITS kit as a token of appreciation.

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