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2022 Ford Maverick Immediately Sells Out In Brazil, More On The Way

The 2022 Ford Maverick has proven to be a red-hot commodity in the U.S., a country clearly hungry for an affordable, fuel-efficient compact pickup. Maverick dealer inventory is turning in just four days, while Ford recently stopped taking orders for both the Hybrid and 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 powered models as demand quickly exceeded its production capacity for the 2022 model year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 2022 Ford Maverick also enjoyed immediate success when it launched in Brazil recently, as the compact pickup sold out in that country in just 24 hours as well, the automaker has announced.

The first batch of Mavericks in Brazil consisted of 300 units, all Lariat FX4 models with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 and a sticker price of R $239,990 ($47,513 USD). Buyers will receive their pickups within 60 days, and the next batch is already available to order through dealers. The very first Mavericks arrived in Brazil last October to help support the launch, though those models – like all Mavericks – are produced at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico and imported into Brazil.

Meanwhile, the Maverick has been such a success in the U.S. that used examples are selling for a premium, which has prompted some owners to flip them for a profit. That, coupled with extreme demand, also led to the Maverick landing on the top 20 fastest-selling used vehicles list last month, too. All of these factors have made it rather difficult to score a discount on a new Maverick, as the compact pickup is excluded from Ford’s lease deals and factory order incentive program.

The Maverick Hybrid – which made up the bulk of Maverick sales in January – was also recently named one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market. Select trim levels of the pickup recently received their first price increase, while some used examples are hitting the auction block and selling for over MSRP.

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  1. Michael

    You cannot buy a Maverick in North American because production cannot keep up to demand, so lets sell the Maverick in Brazil ( and who knows where else ) and keep the loyal reservation holder customers in North America waiting another year for theirs. What a way to treat your customers.

  2. Mike

    I am 64 years old. I have never opted for a car made by an American auto company until I placed my order for a Maverick hybrid. I’ve never been more excited about a new vehicle, and I’ve never felt so abused when buying a vehicle. A willingness to buy, sight unseen, should be supported with continued communication. Neither my dealer or Ford Motor Company have offered any updates other than my order being confirmed. In reading “American Icon”, about Ford’s cultural transformation under Alan Mulally, I would have thought the customer would rank higher in 2022. I guess Ford has lost its way again.

    1. Mike

      I am 67 years old and have had a 1996 Ford Ranger Splash for 18 years that I have been waiting the last couple years for it to die, so I can finally replace it with something new. When the Hybrid Maverick was introduced, I thought perfect replacement. Now I am praying for it not to die, not knowing when, if ever, I can get a hybrid Maverick, especially knowing that this will probably be my last vehicle ever.

  3. Less Frequent

    Something not right with this commentary…

    “The 2022 Ford Maverick has proven to be a red-hot commodity in the U.S., a country clearly hungry for an affordable, fuel-efficient compact pickup. The first batch of Mavericks in Brazil consisted of 300 units, all Lariat FX4 models with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 and a sticker price of R $239,990 ($47,513 USD).”

  4. Dennis Darrow

    I owned a 2003 Ford Explorer sport Trac. Had over 260,000 miles on it. Expected to keep it and use it around town until the wheels fell off. The vehicle never had major mechanical problems.But I had an accident and the truck was totaled. So I ordered a Maverick XLT from the same dealership. I cannot get any help as to where my order stands. I asked for my order number number so I could track the progress. Their comment was Ford has not given them a number. I am about to start looking for another vehicle.

  5. jack uber

    find out why they can sell brazil maverick in 60 days, and i have one on order for 6 months , lets do some investigative reporting , instead of praising success one place and not reporting , things that should be, such as 6 mo old orders, if you can find out sales numbers you should be able to find out , production numbers that are not copmleted –jack

  6. Doug

    I understand Ford is a for profit company BUT selling 300 Lariats ( with more to come) in Brazil that were RECENTLY ordered really ticks me off. Who ever allowed this news should be fired. Instead of slapping each other on the back about the success of the Maverick take care of your customers who bought in early from pictures and the power of the brand. The FITS offer was nice but deliver would be a lot better. Anyone want to bet this email will not go up the ladder to let mgt see how out of touch the marketing team really is with customers.

  7. Matthew G Maloney

    I think that’s pretty poor judgement to send a bunch of them to Brazil, all high end models, while people who have actually ordered these vehicles in the states sit and wait with no communication from ford. I am driving a 14 year old car that’s slowly falling apart.

    Ordered a maverick in december. I will be lucky if it’s even a 2022 model. Lots of people jumping ship because of lack of communication, and the 300 units with more on the way going to brazil does nothing for the brands image in its core market here in the states.

    Sure ford underestimated the market for a small fuel efficient and inexpensive pickup, but to shift these to a country away from their core buyers market will be a mistake. Bad news travels at lightspeed these days.

  8. MF

    I don’t think the fact that 300 units were shipped to Brazil would have any major impact that would influence the waiting time in the North American market. The same can be said for sales in other Latin American countries.
    With the positioning given by Ford in this region (expensive), the model will be placed in a niche category, with very few annual sales, including in Brazil, which is by far the largest automotive market in the region.
    In reality, the model will mainly serve as a demonstrator of the brand’s image, as it already does with the Bronco Sport, not competing in sales volume with some of its main competitors produced in the region.


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