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2022 Ford Maverick Powertrain Production Mix Finally Revealed

Demand for the 2022 Ford Maverick proved strong from the very start from both retail and business customers alike, which wasn’t a huge surprise given the pickup’s impressive fuel economy and sub-$20k MSRP. This demand quickly exceeded Ford’s production capacity for the new compact pickup, prompting it to stop taking orders for 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid pickups, followed by models powered by FoMoCo’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 shortly thereafter. Many have been wondering what percentage of total Maverick production consists of each powerplant, however, and now, we have those numbers to share.

A total of 40 percent of the total Ford Maverick pickups produced for the 2022 model year are Hybrids, while 60 percent of that product mix consists of 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 powered models, Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

Sales Results - USA - Maverick

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
202412,443 13,26213,356 12,077 51,138
20236,272 7,6487,558 6,5836,965 7,4737,627 8,2998,005 9,53010,379 7,71994,058
20226,513 4,0378,695 9,5376,089 3,8826,720 3,1753,154 9,2337,457 5,87874,370
2021 506 4,1402,582 6,03013,258

Through January, Ford has sold a total of 19,771 Mavericks, which means that roughly 11,862 are EcoBoost-powered models, as well as around 7,908 Hybrids. Regardless, the electrified version of the compact pickup proved to be incredibly popular, and actually made up the majority of Maverick sales in January, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the Maverick Hybrid continues to be one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market, even though it is effectively sold out until the 2023 model year. The Maverick is in such high demand that it was actually one of the top 20 fastest-selling used vehicles in January, while many are being flipped for profit. Those that want to order a 2023 Maverick will be able to do so when order books open this August, as Ford Authority reported in December, though some existing 2022 orders may also get pushed back to the next model year amid supply constraints.

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  1. Brad Barefoot

    Bill Ford … maybe it’s finally time to reconsider some past business decisions. Maybe it’s time to do as Robert McNamara one did … in 1964 Mustang production was shifted to more than one factory. It’s time to build Mavericks in the US. And Bill, offer the XLT w/factory Nav an Sat Radio with the XLT Lux/Package. This decision will make a great many people happy, and create jobs in the US. If I had to pay $1,000 to $1,500 more to get one made in USA … great, let’s do this.

    1. Jeffrey D. Sproul

      Agree there either needs to be multiple plants or there needs to be a dedicated plant especially if Ford is selling the Maverick in Brazil, South America, and Canada as well. I would pay extra for Sat Radio on my XLT. Do have a build date of the week of March 7 which originally was February 14 and then March 14. I hope that the build date is not changed again and if so I might contact my Ford dealer and have the sprayed in bed liner deleted since that is causing some delays (ordered an XLT hybrid with just spray in bed liner, full size spare, and floor trays and nothing else). Tim Bartz has a weekly podcast on Tuesday nights from Long McArthur Ford in Salinas, KS and gives a lot of good information on production and orders.

  2. Ernest F. Petruzzi

    Hmmm. Use two factories? Why not. A lot of orders and talking about pushing back 22s until 23. We’ve waited only 4 months so far for our XLT FWD ICE with lux/package and Co-pilot 360. Sigh. All those chips. Hoping to see it by June.

    1. Jack E. Christian

      I have had a Maverick on order since 6/11/2021 from the Ford dealer in North Hampton, NH and I have not heard a single word, note or phone call since I ordered it ! Have they stopped production ?
      Thank you !

      1. Judy

        CALL Ford customer service right away to see if they actually have your order in .

        1. James McGarvey

          I ordered mine on 6-11 as well, It is now in production since 4-4-22

  3. Starwatcher

    I have owned Fords since the original Maverick in 1970. I ordered my new Maverick last August, and get nothing but smoke blown at me by Ford. No idea when it will be made. Was recently told it may not be made in ‘22, and if not, I need to order a ‘23, and go back to the end of the line. And I ordered a base Maverick! If that happens, I will buy something else, by someone else, and no Ford will ever darken my driveway again. Ford is utterly disorganized.

    1. Jerry

      I ordered one in August last year and it was built Dec 14 (or so they say) , but it’s still sitting in the factory lot waiting for computer chip. It’s a Lariat eco boost. Dealer says he doesn’t have a clue when it’ll be here.

  4. jack uber

    starwatcher is right, who ever is running the maverick project, did not think the project thru to completion. when we have 2 idiots running the country, who wouldn’t think a low a low priced , hybrid vehicle , wouldn’t be a hot seller. planning should have been in place to make these trucks in the order of purchase, also would have been nice , to have them made in the U S A jack

    1. LessFrequent

      Agree wrt the MY22 launch of a new vehicle category (Maverick Hybrid Truck) by arguably the 1st of the top three automakers in the USA. Piss poor execution in year one wrt manufacture and delivery. Although it is understandable to certain extent due to materials shortage an alternative would be to have delayed the launch until everything was in place to make a successful launch. Same thing with the Bronco…

    2. Joe Brandon

      Agreed the project planner should have anticipated 6% GDP growth encouraged by our nation’s strong leaders after 4 years of sub-3% GDP growth by a failed steak salesman. Come on Ford.

  5. Michael

    Maybe Ford should concentrated all of their hybrid resources, Escape hybrid and PHEV, Corsair Grand Touring PHEV and potentially 2023 Corsair hybrid, which all use the same power plant and frame as the Maverick Hybrid, and are not that popular, to the Maverick hybrid, and utilize those capacities at the Louisville plant to build the Maverick hybrid. That could, short term ( or possibly longer term ), solve the supply problem, and help satisfy Ford Maverick Hybrid customers. Just a thought.

    1. Ralph Natola

      Michael, maverick is built in Mexico to save on labor costs. I agree that it will probably be expanded to production in other factories with a higher price that the consumers will bear. My maverick is amazing. The ev coach screen allows me to do eco driving in excess of 50mpg. It is also very roomy, stylish, and has car-like handling. I waited 7 months for delivery, but would recommend this truck to everyone in spite of the wait time.

      1. Starwatcher

        It does no good to keep cost down to have a low sticker price, if you don’t build the vehicle and then enrage your customer base.

        1. 11timeford

          For sure happened to me _ after 11 ford cars @#@

  6. Robert

    I ordered mine June 14, 21, was told by the dealer in January that I moved to priority 2 which means all components are in just have to schedule build date. That means it could be late February ( passed ) March or early April, or who knows when haha, can’t wait to get it.

  7. Matt Pike

    The only reason the hybrids are only 40% is because no one can get one. Not many people can wait months and months for their truck. I’m one of the lucky ones that can wait, but I’m also getting annoyed at waiting for months and months while seeing all these ads for ford’s build to order program when they’re completely failing in the production and communication front. At least communicate with us, we want to give you our $.

  8. Davest

    Those numbers we’ve waited for mean absolutely nothing. Not only was the hybrid delayed until December folks have been waiting over six to eight months for even a build date. How about they release the actual order numbers rather than what they could underwhelmingly produce.

  9. Jack E. Christian

    I had one of the first Mustangs, a sport Trac that I loved and have been waiting for a Maverick for almost 9 months ! AI have not received one single call,note,message or cancellation ! This is not like Ford and is inexcusable !

  10. Jack E. Christian

    What has happened to the Ford Motor Company that I grew up and have gotten old with ? What ever happened with Keeping your Customers Happy because Repeat Business is how we used to sell vehicles, year after year ?

  11. Glen West

    Goodbye Ford. Hello Toyota!

  12. George Theetge

    I asked my dealer to have them assign a priority # 10 to my order. He said it has the highest priority # that could be assigned by the dealer. I changed my order and deleted some items that might slow down the process (as per ford). When I signed new order I noticed it was assigned a priority # of 19 which he said was the highest # that they can give, I don’t understand why ford tells you one thing and dealer tells you different.

  13. Bill Byrne

    I hope the JERKS at Ford read all these. GET WITH IT. I ordered 10/21 nothing !!!! I my never buy a ford again.

  14. Gabor

    It is the end on March, no new news on the Maverick Hybrid. I have placed my order 2021 July. Received an acknowledgment in August and another one in March 2022. Even offered to by white paint to get my order processed. Responded to the part shortage to reconfigure through the dealer to remove the luxury package and Ford-coPilot360 which at other brands considered basic safety … Still nothing. Ford should at least let order holders over 8 month what is going on … In 9 month a human baby is ready


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