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2022 Ford Ranger Lineup Gets Modest $215 Price Increase

The 2022 Ford Ranger has earned its fair share of accolades – even as it’s set to be replaced by the next-generation model revealed last year. That praise includes being named a better buy than the 2022 Chevy Colorado by Consumer Reports, as well as earning the distinction of being the consumer organization’s highest-rated American pickup truck. The 2022 Ford Ranger also introduces a host of changes to the mid-size pickup, as well as a modest price increase.

2022 Ford Ranger Pricing Changes
Model 2022 Ford Ranger 2021 Ford Ranger 2022 +/-
XL SuperCab 6-foot box $25,285 $25,070 +$215
XL SuperCrew 5-foot box $27,685 $27,470 +$215
XLT SuperCab 6-foot box $29,335 $29,120 +$215
XLT SuperCrew 5-foot box $31,510 $31,295 +$215
Lariat SuperCab 6-foot box $33,375 $33,160 +$215
Lariat SuperCrew 5-foot box $35,550 $35,335 +$215
XL SuperCab 6-foot box $29,140 $28,925 +$215
XL SuperCrew 5-foot box $31,540 $31,325 +$215
XLT SuperCab 6-foot box $33,035 $32,820 +$215
XLT SuperCrew 5-foot box $35,210 $34,995 +$215
Lariat SuperCab 6-foot box $37,075 $36,860 +$215
Lariat SuperCrew 5-foot box $39,250 $39,035 +$215
Destination and Delivery $1,295 $1,195 +$100

All 2022 Ranger trim levels and configurations are getting a $215 price increase across the board, while destination and delivery charges are also going up by $100 for the new model year. The pickup isn’t alone in that regard, as a number of other Blue Oval models are following suit in 2022 as the cost of raw materials and consumer goods continues to rise.

Regardless, 2022 also ushers in a number of changes for the Ranger as it prepares to bow in favor of the all-new, next-generation version. The most notable is the debut of the Splash Package – a 1990s retro throwback – as well as the Splash Limited Edition, which will present the introduction of a number of limited-edition color options over the coming months.

In addition to those changes, the 2022 Ford Ranger will also offer buyers the choice to delete auto stop-start or add a new pixelated graphics package, as Ford Authority exclusively reported back in September. Additionally, a new red windshield banner is now available through the Ford Performance catalog for those looking to add another splash of color to their current-gen Ranger.

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  1. Steven Laughlin

    What they don’t tell you is all the perks / components / equipment that they DELETE from the truck. All of this goes into higher profits for them, less equipment for the consumer. Deleting my LED headlights and fog lights R-E-A-L-L-Y made me ANGRY!!! The parts alone are over $4000 and they graciously “gave” the consumer a $500 credit on the build…

    And then, there’s a whole host of other items they deleted…
    1. no rear folding headrest
    2. no hood struts (as of 2022)
    3. no PRNDS light
    4. no glovebox damper
    5. no RANGER embossed into the Lariat seats
    6. no console (pen) cubby
    7. no 12V outlet in the console without 110v option
    8. no bright trim rings on the 12v covers that matched the radio knobs
    9. only 4 bed tie downs instead of 6 (as of mid 2019??)
    10. no engine cover
    11. no owners manual cover
    12. Eco badge on tailgate
    13. no plugs in the rocker panels
    14. no ignition bezel (has always been missing)
    15. steel front fenders (aluminum before) estimated after March 2021 and all 2022
    16. no bright button on parking brake
    17. no color keyed tailgate handle on Lariat just black plastic without chrome pkg.
    18. no aluminum spindles, they’re now steel
    19. rear passenger doors no longer have external touch lock
    20. front seat headrest tilt adjustment
    21. (2) 4.2″ productivity screens instrument cluster replaced with (1) 4.2″ screen in Lariat 500A
    22. Floor Mat mounting tabs on passenger side
    23. no small cubby inside glove compartment to hold owners manual
    24. no removable rubber pad at the bottom of the cup holder
    25. no removable rubber mat inside the console storage area
    26. Eliminated Auto Start/Stop feature ($50 credit)
    27. Eliminated LED headlights on Lariat Trim ($500 credit)
    28. Eliminated rear differential drain plug.
    29. 2 Hood Bumpers
    30. 2 Hood Side Weather Strips
    Probably others that I am missing here…


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