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2023 Ford Explorer Refresh For China Has Leaked

The sixth generation Ford Explorer, which debuted on the all-new Ford CD6 platform in 2019, enters 2022 with nearly three years of production under its belt. Naturally, the three-row crossover was due to receive a refresh at some point, and it appears the upcoming 2023 Ford Explorer destined for Chinese dealerships has leaked. The new model boasts some substantial changes up front, equally dramatic alterations out back, and a heavily revised cabin that adds a giant touchscreen to the dashboard.

Chinese market 2020 Ford Explorer

At first glance, the refreshed 2023 Ford Explorer looks quite a bit different up front, but a quick peek at the current model reveals things aren’t being completely changed, just tweaked. Unfortunately, it appears the future crossover has lost a bit of its mojo, as the new model gains a largely formless grille as opposed to the more chiseled aesthetic of the 2020 Explorer. The fog light cutouts appear to have been switched from a horizontally oriented layout to a vertical one, although this particular model doesn’t have them at all.

2023 Ford Explorer

Out back, the 2023 Ford Explorer receives its own share of substantial revisions, most notably the chrome strip that runs across the entire tailgate and extends into the taillights. The fifth generation Explorer boasted a similar aesthetic in America, but did not have tailgate lighting, like this particular model does. The rear bumper looks quite different too, as it loses the reflectors to the body and gains its own reverse light, an addition that is either supplemental to the units in the tail light housings or a replacement for them. Additionally, the lower section gets its own enhancements.

2023 Ford Explorer

Refreshed Ford Explorer (Chinese market)

Inside, the 2023 Ford Explorer gets a dramatic restyle to its center stack and some changes to its console. A massive, landscape-oriented screen dominates the dashboard, a trend that seems to be spreading to every Chinese market Ford, including the Ford Mondeo and Ford Evos. The vast majority of radio and climate controls appear to have vanished and are presumably a function of the infotainment, at least in this model. The center console appears to have been raised a bit, but retains some of the current model’s parts, like the rotary dial shifter and cup holder cutout.

2021 Ford Edge (Chinese market)

It is far too early to say if the North American 2023 Ford Explorer will receive some of the changes outlined in these new photos. If the past is any indication however, it won’t. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Chinese market Ford Edge got its own unique refresh several years ago at the same time as its American counterpart, but its dramatically restyled cabin did not make it across the Pacific. Instead, North American models got their own 12-inch vertically oriented touchscreen.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Kurt

    Ford, when are you going to build a car and bring some of these to the US?

  2. Kurt

    Ford when are you going to build another car and bring some of these SUVs to the United States?

  3. Les Oppleman MD

    When will TPI be added back to gdi for ALL engines?I have 2 Ford SUVs an Escape and Explorer that I want to replace.Both are running great but do not want gdi inj engines without TPI to keep back of intact valves clean.My wife and I are strongly looking to get aToyota 4Runner and Rav 4 as Toyota has gone to gdi AND TPI in their engines.Ford get your act together and bring out vehicles for USA that we want.To hell with China.

    1. Explorer ST

      Numerous aftermarket catch-cans are available. Should solve your issue. Installed one on mine a few months back.

    2. Big M from 10thi

      Ford has recently added back TPI due to the issue you describe.


    I love the Explorer, bring it to the US 🇺🇸 market. Why are all the great looking vehicles overseas?

  5. Chris D.

    My two cents: for our Explorer, revise its front end slightly, just enough that you can tell it’s different/new when looking at it. Add to it the sharp looking rear end from this model, along with its large horizontal digital display and faux wood trim. I think those changes would keep it fresh, while addressing criticisms of the current model’s bland interior design.

  6. Explorer ST

    Not a fan of this new look at all (front end). I like the rear a lot. I did notice that in this current gen of Explorers the Chinese counterpart is slightly different. So hopefully the refresh for the U.S counterpart is slightly different as well.

  7. Bob

    wow racist much?

  8. Dadoo985

    If this 23 Explorer was coming to the USA I would order immediately!!
    Ford what’s up with USA not getting amazing vehicles like this but China does?


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