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2023 Ford Ranger Will Also Ditch The Traditional Owner’s Manual

When the 2021 Ford F-150 was revealed, it introduced a number of new and innovative features to the long-running best-selling pickup, but one thing was missing – a physical owner’s manual. Ford traded the paper manual for a digitized version in the new F-150 – which saved a literal ton of paper – though the truck does still come with some printed materials. It won’t be alone in FoMoCo’s lineup in that regard either, as the all-new 2023 Ford Ranger will also come with a digital owner’s manual, the automaker has revealed.

Like the F-150’s digital owner’s manual, the 2023 Ford Ranger guide will boast useful how-to videos and in-depth information on the pickup’s features via its SYNC 4A touchscreen. The digital owner’s manual is one of many new features present in the international market version of the 2023 Ranger (the U.S. variant hasn’t been revealed just yet), including a DIY-friendly bed, an e-shifter instead of Ford’s traditional rotary dial, and a standard digital instrument cluster.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported last year, the next-generation Ford Ranger will represent the first of an eight-year production run. The new Ranger will enter production in Thailand and South Africa in 2022, and at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in the spring of 2023. 2023 Ranger order books are scheduled to open for European customers in late 2022, with the first deliveries expected in early 2023.

Meanwhile, the next-generation Ranger Raptor will be available in the U.S. for the very first time, and as Ford Authority exclusively reported last week, will have a starting price of $52,500. The 2023 Ranger Raptor will also come equipped with the larger of the regular Ranger’s two infotainment screens, Code Red interior accents, paddle shifters, and other unique features, as Ford Authority exclusively reported yesterday.

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  1. Gary B kempf

    Yes very disappointed. I’ve had my current f150 for 18 years and I still look things up in the manual. It’s all about 📈 profits.

  2. Charles Mozingo

    I was so excited that the NEW RANGER was coming out in 2019, So I bought a 2019 DEMO on a Charlotte Ford Dealers lot. You are right, I had to go ask for a copy of the owners manual. My RANGER was the LARIAT, nicely loaded. It had 2000 miles on it when
    i bought it . The article here shows the RANGER with a RIGHT SIDE STEERING WHEEL, GO FIGURE. i have had 3 RANGERS & even with all the time that expired B4 I bought them the, owners manual, was still in the glove Box.

    1. David K

      I’m a huge Ranger fan too! Great truck. I happily own a ’19 XLT FX4 as well. There is a paper copy owners manual comes w/this vehicle. It’s the upcoming all new ’23 Ranger that will have a digital copy.

  3. chris filizetti

    Yes I also take the owners manual and read it end to end in my favorite chair, marking important pages like towing, fluids, and programming radio and garage door opener’s

  4. James

    Wait until you have a dead battery, then try to read the manual! I was taught “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, I’ll leave it at that.

  5. R. Walker

    It would be nice, if you could at least order one as an option. Would that please the bean counters ? I don’t know.

    1. David K

      Good question? Send it upstream. Should be made a available if you want a paper copy I agree. Keep truckin!

  6. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Ford probably doesn’t want to go thru the cost of offering a printed manual because they figure only a limited number of owners would buy it. You can go on the internet and print a maintenance schedule and it might be available in PDF form which in that case you could print it. Most manufacturers are going to electronic owner’s manuals. I have printed various manuals on power equipment I have bought and yes I realize that those manuals are not 200 plus pages but if you want one bad enough you can print one.

  7. Clive Bright

    Yes I would love to have a owners manual.

  8. Paul B Williams

    Ford really dropped the ball on the 2019 Ranger. It looks nothing American. Looks more like a messed up foreign car. The last model 2001 was much more American. Stick with what works. Take a page out of Harley Davidson. It’s what we want. Hard core fans the meat of loyal owners want Amercan.

    1. David K

      Are you kidding? Everyone else that’s seen it absolutely loves the new look. I own a current model design Ranger an its an amazing truck. Have owned it since new.. 3yrs now. Been impeccable. Will be 1st in line for new redesigned ’23 model for sure. Not selling my ’19 Ranger either!

  9. P. ALLAM

    Ford & GM now Tech companies. No hard copies is progression of no paper workshop manuals. The driver is’nt always the owner & would’nt be able to familiarise him/her self prior to embarkation when away from the car when wishing to do prior ‘homework’. Everyone has a Duty, of Care, to ensure they perform safely when driving, or maintaining, a vehicle. This innovation could prevent anyone from fully carrying out their legal obligations. Could also stop drivers getting the best from their model & consider what the competiton offers at next purchase.

  10. Area Man

    Just wait till you have to pay a subscription fee for things like your heated seats and certain other options to work.
    Toyota and Honda and BMW already do it on certain models.

  11. Bill Byrne

    its a shame I thought ford was holding on to still be a good USA company, made me upset they are in china ( get out)guess not and I have a 2019 f150 in my driveway, most expensive vehicle I ever bought, im 66, and we also ordered a maverick for my wife in Oct. 21 ( still waiting)

  12. Rick Dee

    To those worried about the lack of a paper manual. These are digital times. Everything is on line. Do you have a daily newspaper delivered to your home?
    Probably not. You go on line. No different. I’ll bet you could download a.manual and print it, if you really want one.

  13. John Melleady

    As the buyer of a new 40K+ Ford vehicle, you should, at least, be given a choice of a digital, or printed owners manual.

  14. Robert Arthur

    I just bought a 2022 Maverick Lariat and the first thing I did was study the owner’s manual like I do every time I get a new vehicle. Getting rid of these is a VERY BAD IDEA! I like to dog ear pages that I will have to refer to in the future like for maintenance, tire changing, setting adjustments, etc. At the very least, if it doesn’t come with the car like it should if you care about your customers, they you should be able to purchase one at the parts department.

  15. Pat Barnes

    I plan on purchasing a new Ford Ranger 24. If I can’t get a paper manual I don’t want the Ranger. I’ll just keep driving my old 150.

  16. Robert T Arthur

    I would not like to buy a car without an owner’s manual. I re read all of mine from time to time and always seem to pick up something new that I forgot. This is nickel and diming the customer!


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