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Ford Bronco Driver Does Doughnuts Inside San Diego’s Petco Park: Video

With Major League Baseball currently dealing with a lockout amid labor negotiations when spring training would usually be taking place, one can’t blame fans for being, well, a little impatient. However, crew members at Petco Park – home of the San Diego Padres – enjoyed a little action on the field this week as the driver of a new Ford Bronco decided to enter the facility via an open tunnel near left field and proceeded to rip off some doughnuts as the dirt surface was being prepared for fresh grass, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Luckily for the rest of us, the incident was caught on tape by Ryan Carlson, who initially thought that the Ford Bronco driver was a member of the grounds crew at Petco, at least until he started driving erratically. “He just whips out and starts doing doughnuts,” Carlson explained. Regardless, Carlson remained confused, thinking that there must be a valid reason why the off-road-focused SUV was on the field, tearing it up and just generally having a good time.

Those good times quickly came to an end, as one might imagine, when workers sealed off the open tunnel with a forklift and confronted the driver. “After about a minute, he came to a stop, and a bunch of the grounds crew guys made their way to the car and did like a citizens’ arrest,” Carlson said. “It happened peacefully, wasn’t aggressive, at least as far as I saw. They walked him over and sat him down. It was totally surreal.”

While the damage on the field doesn’t appear to be too bad, the Bronco driver is now reportedly facing a felony charge for vandalism, according to San Diego Police. But then again, as most of us are well aware, driving like a hooligan on private property isn’t the best idea, particularly when there are plenty of off-road trails where Bronco owners can explore their limits safely and legally.

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  1. crabbymilton

    So is the point being that only people who drive FORD products behave like stupid idiots or in universal for all builders?


    I see a commercial coming out of this…or some sports ad jab. Actually, I can see a lot of things.

  3. Roger Sunderland

    Meh, they weren’t gonna use the field anytime soon anyway…

  4. Frank Prickett

    It must have been a lot easier for him to get his Bronco than for me to get the Ranger I’ve ordered! I don’t think I’ll take a chance on losing it, when I ever get it!

  5. Ed

    I saw this on our local news last night. Not quite sure what the guys was trying to prove?

  6. Dave Mathers

    NOT cool. I hope they throw the book at this idiot!!


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