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Ford EV Charging Network Expands In Europe By Adding GeniePoint

The Ford EV charging network has expanded rapidly across the globe in recent months, even though 155,000 chargers were already available to Europeans way back in October of 2020. The Ford EV charging network is already the largest of its kind in the UK after the automaker tripled its size earlier this year as a sizeable chunk of buyers in that country are expressing interest in purchasing an electric vehicle over the coming years. Shell recently opened its first dedicated EV charging station in the UK as well, but now, the Ford BlueOval  Charging network is growing once again following a new partnership with EQUANS, which owns GeniePoint – the third-largest rapid charging network in the UK.

“We’re delighted to be linking with Ford to provide their drivers with access to our rapidly growing GeniePoint network,” said Dee Humphries, managing director of EQUANS’ EV Solutions business. “This partnership reflects our focus at GeniePoint, which to make it as easy as possible for EV drivers can get a charge whenever and wherever they need it.”

GeniePoint currently operates 500 rapid charge points in the UK, which can now be located, monitored, and paid for within the Ford Pass app by owners of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford Kuga PHEV, Ford Transit PHEV, and Ford Tourneo PHEV, while owners of the Mustang Mach-E GT and E-Transit will also be able to utilize GeniePoint chargers later this year. This deal also expands the Ford BlueOval Charging Network to 16,000 EV charge points in the UK and more than 30,000 across Europe.

“The new Mustang Mach-E, and our plug-in hybrids, are propelling Ford at pace towards electrified engines accounting for more than half of our car sales by the end of 2022,” said Tim Nicklin, Ford’s electrification manager. “Key to this roll-out is providing Ford customers with a supporting infrastructure and now, together with GeniePoint, we continue our commitment to match more electrified vehicles with enough locations to charge them.”

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    It looks like the networks are being built out. Shouldn’t be long now.

    1. Montana Man


  2. Thurston Munn

    No one ever talks about the cost for all of this. It’s not and never will be cheap and the consumers will eventually be tasked with paying the bill.

    1. Montana Man

      Does anyone BUT the consumer pay for the cost of petroleum fuel?
      Heck, we’re so kind-hearted, good and generous, we even pay Exxon-Mobil’s taxes for them.
      Of course the consumer will pay the bill, and as a consumer with a Lightning reserved, I know full well the costs associated with it.


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