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Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Among Top Considered Electrified Models

The Ford F-150 PowerBoost – the very first hybrid version of the venerable pickup – has been a hit with consumers and critics alike since it launched for the 2021 model year, also proving rather useful when all sorts of natural disasters strike. The hybrid pickup is also gaining ground in terms of the sheer number of new vehicle shoppers considering it, according to Kelley Blue Book’s Q4 Brand Watch Survey. There, the Ford F-150 PowerBoost has landed a spot among the top ten electrified models, joining the Ford Maverick Hybrid, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Ford F-150 Lightning in that regard, while Ford as a brand took over the top spot as the most considered non-luxury brand and the F-150 was the most considered pickup truck.

KBB’s Brand Watch report – a customer perception survey that analyzes consumer shopping behavior to see how different brands and models stack up against each other – found that consumer interest in electrified vehicles continues to grow with each passing quarter, once again setting a number of new records in Q4. Last quarter, a total of 28 percent of new-vehicle shoppers considered an electrified model, up from 24 percent in Q3. Of that group, 20 percent considered a hybrid and 13 percent considered an EV, all of which are new highs.

The F-150 PowerBoost made its debut in Q4, coming in at number ten on KBB’s most considered electrified vehicles list. Together with the Maverick, F-150 Lightning, and Mach-E, this gives Ford four vehicles in the top ten, more than any other automaker, and a big improvement from just one year ago, when it had zero vehicles represented on the list.

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  1. Montana Man

    “…..among top considered….”?
    Not in my family, it’s not.
    It’s the ONLY considered electrified truck.
    My brother, a cousin and myself, all F-series owners for decades and generations, made our reservations for the Lightning. That reservation will become orders, and those will become sales. We’ve built a dual charging station in the barn here, and poured a foundation for another at the county road for our friends and neighbors to use on a subscription basis, complete with an app for access.
    Sure, Tesla, GM, Rivian and others might offer a truck, but only Ford offers the F150 Lightning.
    So there you have it.


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