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Ford Mustang Mach-E Becomes CR’s Top EV Pick Of 2022

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has earned its fair share of accolades in recent months, including grabbing a spot on Consumer Reportsrecommended cars list, being named one of the most satisfying electric SUVs to own, and ranking second in J.D. Power’s EV Satisfaction Study, while 87 percent of owners said they would buy the Mach-E again, if given the chance. Now, the Ford Mustang Mach-E can add yet another distinction to its drawer full of them, as the EV crossover has been named Consumer Reportstop EV pick of 2022.

Each year, CR hands out its Top Picks across 10 automotive categories, including electric vehicles. That particular category has been dominated by Tesla for some time now, as the Model 3 has held down the top spot for the last two years. However, this year the Mach-E has supplanted it by achieving a higher overall score from the consumer organization, which is determined using a variety of factors including safety, owner satisfaction, predicted reliability, and road tests.

While CR still recommends the Model 3, it notes that the Mach-E offers superior ride quality, a more intuitive and easier to operate infotainment system, and better reliability thus far. Meanwhile, the Model Y – the Mach-E’s direct rival – has exhibited far worse reliability among CR members, with a number of issues popping up pertaining to paint quality, the climate control system, hardware, and body integrity. The Mach-E also received an additional two points because its BlueCruise driver-assist software has an effective driver monitoring system – which neither Tesla provides, as Autopilot doesn’t keep tabs on a driver’s eyes when it’s engaged.

The Mach-E also garnered praise from Consumer Reports for the fact that it’s fun to drive, with “quick acceleration, agile handling, and a well-mannered ride. This well-executed new model catapults Ford into the burgeoning market with its first purpose-built EV that blends being green with character and driving fun,” CR concluded.

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  1. Stephen Ketterer

    Where does most electric power come from?

    1. Montana Man

      Decreasingly, from non-renewable resources.
      Which are more polluting: electricity generation from non-renewable resources, or from internal combustion engine exhaust?
      (Follow-up question for extra credit: which Congress has passed on a bipartisan display of patriotism a bill into the Build Back Better law that increases funding from taxpayers for more renewable resource energy generation? Answer: THIS Congress of patriotic Republicans and Democrats.)
      For fact-based, source-verified journalism on the subject of the patriotic Build Back Better law and its God-given benefit to America and patriotic Americans, you might consider having someone read this to you:

    2. Everyday Patriot

      Less and less from fossil fuels, as our bipartisan Congress stood by our president and his Build Back Better bill, voting it into law.
      I’m proud that we have leadership in Washington that unites, not divides, and addresses clean energy generation for our national grid (not including Texas, of course) and the electric vehicles which will rely on it. I’m also proud for future generations of Americans who can look back on us now, you and me, and be thankful we rose above here-and-now selfishness to work together for progress of this country and the people who are lucky enough to live in it.

      1. Falcon Eddie

        Your delusional if you this electric vehicles are going to save the planet. California has rolling brown-outs now when to many people run there AC. Like Stephen says above, where is all this power going to come from?

        1. Everyday Patriot

          Okay, thanks!

        2. Montana Man

          Electric vehicles are one of many opportunities to pollute the planet, particularly these United States of America, less. The Build Back Better law, passed by patriotic Republicans and Democrats, addresses the need for renewable resources to generate electricity for our national grid.
          Like Everyday PATRIOT says above, we’re moving forward, and progress will get us there.
          Have a great day!

        3. Emotodude

          Are you aware that gasoline takes electricity to produce as well? Additionally the majority of EV charging happens during off-peak hours which is NOT associated with rolling blackouts.


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