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Ford Mustang Mach-E Currently Taking 14 Days To Turn

After roughly a year, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has earned its fair share of accolades, including a spot on Consumer Reportsrecommended cars list, an appearance on Kelley Blue Book’s top ten most considered electrified models list, and a second-place finish on J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study. The Mach-E has also been a hit with consumers, as Ford sold 27k units of the EV crossover in the U.S. last year in spite of production constraints, while 87 percent of owners recently said they would recommend it to others. Demand for the Ford Mustang Mach-E hasn’t let up much either, as the model is still taking just 14 days to turn on dealer lots, according to FoMoCo’s January sales report.

That is slightly slower than the 12 days it took the Mach-E to turn in June of last year, but still an impressively quick rate, regardless. With sales continuing to expand with each passing month, it’s clear that Ford needs to expand production of the Mach-E – especially since it was forced to push a number of unscheduled 2021 orders to the 2022 model year – and that’s precisely what it has planned.

As Ford Authority reported back in December, FoMoCo plans to ramp Mach-E production up to 200,000 units per year by 2023. That process will begin this year and will be made possible by the fact that Ford will be dedicating 100 percent of its production capacity at the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico to the Mach-E, which is currently the only vehicle built at that facility. As Ford Authority reported in December, all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator that were previously confirmed to launch in 2023 have now been pushed back to late 2024 and neither will be produced at the Cuautitlan plant as originally planned.

Meanwhile, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently revealed that the automaker has doubled its planned annual EV production to 600,000 vehicles by 2024, and he expects EVs to account for 40 percent of FoMoCo’s global sales by 2030.

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  1. Michael Placa

    Ford could turn the Mach-E faster if dealers didn’t have the crazy addendum/mark ups. A dealer in North Carolina was bragging about charging someone $15,000 over sticker.

  2. Billy Bob

    So sad to see so many “American” car companies sending manufacturing jobs to foreign countries. Just one more reason why we love our Tesla’s.

  3. Joseph Drew

    Odd, this thing turns my stomach much faster than that…

  4. TTT

    Ford has recently delayed delivery of 2022 Mach E’s by 3 months. Same is true for the Bronco and the Maverick. Thousands of cars already constructed are stacking up at the Mexico factory, presumably waiting for chips. Cars that started through the factory in December are now not slated for delivery until June. It seems Ford is sacrificing these cars and customers to help ensure the launch of the F150 Lightning goes off without a glitch.


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