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Ford Mustang Mach-E Twitter Complaints Getting Ford Rep’s Attention

Ford has long used Twitter as a way to communicate with customers, not to mention address complaints. In fact, in addition to posting jokes addressing common concerns about EVs, FoMoCo also forced a dealer to remove a markup on a Ford Mustang Mach-E after it was posted by a user for all to see. Now, Darren Palmer, Ford’s general manager of battery-electric vehicles, is using the social media platform to address complaints regarding the automaker’s all-electric crossover, too.

Each week, Palmer picks a couple of disgruntled customers and personally calls them, directly addressing their complaints and offering to help. “They’re delighted you call them,” Palmer told Automotive News. “They love talking about their cars.” It all started when he phoned up an owner that wasn’t getting the range he expected from his Ford Mustang Mach-E. After a little chat, Palmer discovered that the owner wasn’t plugging the vehicle in at night or preconditioning the battery in cold weather, as the automaker recommends. Those changes netted the results that the owner expected.

This made Palmer realize that Ford’s efforts to communicate these types of things needed to be tweaked a bit, particularly with electric vehicles, as many Mach-E drivers are first-time EV owners. “When they’re BEV enthusiasts and early adopters, they read and get everything,” Palmer said. “But what’s happening now, especially with the GT, they’re now moving to mainstream customers and haven’t looked at all this. They just got the car. We’re thinking about how do we show [this information] to them.”

Regardless, most Mach-E owners seem to be highly satisfied with their vehicles, as 87 percent recently said they would buy one again if given the chance. Meanwhile, the Mach-E recently joined Consumer Reports’ list of recommended cars, ranked second on J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study, and was named one of the most satisfying electric SUVs to own.

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  1. Martin Lane

    We love our 21 mme gt performance. This is our second ev. I ordered a premium for my wife this month. The only thing I didn’t like is the mark up of $4,000 when i pickup our gt.

  2. richard kaplan

    I would very much appreciate a call from Mr. Palmer.
    My Mustang EV is a first edition with aprox, 8400 miles.
    I have many concerns, thinking of trading the car in.
    Richard Kaplan

  3. Jerry Thompson

    Love the car but in whisper rides like a truck. Hardest suspension I have encountered in a new car. Even GT 350. Gives you a headache after awhile.

  4. Graham Beevers

    Mach E owned from Sep 21 to Dec 21. … inferior to our 3 year old Jaguar I Pace in almost every measure except Summer range.

  5. Jerel Todd

    My 2021 Ford Mavh E4 after one month after purchase a module went out on the motor. Ford could not replace the part for almost 2 months, my hats off for the Ford Motor company not only did they fix my vehicle they paid me over $4000 for my inconvenience they paid my note for 2 months. Now .y Mach E runs Perfectly fine. Thank you Ford I’m loving my all electric vehicle with gas prices going though the roof, I had not been to the gas station since owning my Mach E.

  6. J. Keith Kennedy

    We love our 2021 Mustang Mach E, there is a “but” the phone app needs work! When we first purchased our car 8 months age it was flawless but after a few trips to the dealership, conversation with ford specialists and firmware updates the app still needs improvement other than that the car is a hit out of the park.

  7. Stanley Carbett

    Congressman nailed the AM removal situation. AM in emergency situations is too important to drop. I have been using AM in my Mach-E for over a year and there is no static noise.


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