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Ford Once Again Caught Benchmarking The New Cadillac Escalade

Last July, Ford Authority spies spotted Ford benchmarking a new, 2021 Cadillac Escalade prior to the reveal of that model’s rival, the refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator. This comes as no surprise, given the fact that those two models are fierce competitors, giving FoMoCo a very good reason to take a closer look at the big, luxurious SUV from its chief cross-town rival, General Motors. Now, Ford Authority spies have spotted Ford benchmarking a new Cadillac Escalade once again, a few months after the refreshed Navigator’s reveal.

This Escalade – which is wearing the tell-tale yellow sticker that adorns all Ford-owned vehicles – is not the same model previously spied, either. This particular example is finished in Black Raven paint and is a regular-length (not the extended-wheelbase ESV model) Premium Luxury trimmed SUV. It’s powered by GM’s 6.2L gas V8 that produces 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. However, as Ford Authority recently reported, a more potent Escalade-V variant is on the way, too.

The Cadillac Escalade was all-new for the 2021 model year, ushering in a host of exterior and interior styling, tech, and drivetrain/powertrain changes for the new-gen model. By comparison, FoMoCo gave the 2022 Lincoln Navigator a mid-cycle refresh for the new model year complete with a few minor exterior styling tweaks, new tech, and a corresponding price increase, as Ford Authority reported last month.

The 2022 Navigator has been updated with a refreshed front-end design featuring a revised signature grille flanked by standard adaptive pixel projector headlights, as well as new 3D taillights in the rear. Inside the cabin, the 2022 Navigator features a new and larger 13.2-inch infotainment screen with SYNC 4, as well as a 12-inch digital gauge cluster, a 5.8-inch digital module for second-row passengers with climate and audio controls, a new head-up display, and new interior themes to choose from.

As Ford Authority recently reported, production of the 2022 Navigator and its Ford T3 Platform mate, the 2022 Ford Expedition, is already underway at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant.

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    Where is the over 750hp V8 from ford?

  2. Scott Z

    Look how BAD the aerodynamics are on that Escalade are, just like a brick wall.! Probably why it needs a 6.2 L V8 & the BAD fuel economy to go with it.

    1. Steve

      People that can afford this class of vehicle are not concerned about gas mileage. I know these people, trust me, it’s about the vehicle. And it is way nicer than what Ford can do. It really is a very nice ride. Distinction is what they are going for in the looks department. It’s called product identification. You know what it is a mile down the road.

    2. Jay

      Do you own a wind tunnel? I’d bet that this current escalade is orders of magnitude more aerodynamic than any previous gen suburban or expedition.
      It has a spoiler designed to ease the turbulence behind it, air curtains designed to smooth out the air flowing past the wheel wells, and a front end with grill shutters specifically designed to create an aerodynamic bubble in front of it on the highway. Any new truck has similar technology. Looks don’t mean anything to the wind.

  3. jack uber

    ford should come up with their innovations. for example look at sears , they were no 1 until they started looking at k mart and their business practices, looked good at first but where are they now!!! be good at what you do,dont copy LEAD WITH NEW IDEAS AND IMPROVEMENTS


  4. Steve

    Ford needs to give up trying to beat out the Escalade. Listen Ford, Cadillac owns you in this market so stop trying. Escalade owners will NEVER EVER switch. Why? It’s a Cadillac. Not some Ford. Do you see Chevy anywhere on the badging?? Nope. Just stop already. You’re wasting money and looking foolish at the same time.

  5. Chris

    The Lincoln SUVs are not Gaudy like the Cadillacs. I keep thinking Tony Soprano everytime I see an Escalade on the road.

  6. William B Meyer

    Ford is as always underpowered.

  7. Big Larry

    You can make it look the same but it All ends there. Once you drive a Cady you will know what luxury is.

  8. JAB

    Actually the Navigator started this whole segment of full sized luxury SUV but over the years have settled in to seem more catering to the older mature crowd where as Escalade has younger appeal with higher output engines.


    I want a mini Escalade … white w/navy blue glitter sun reflecting base… sooo … when are those smart brains of YOU geniuses getting to work ?!?!?

  10. Swamprelic

    In 1963 Jeep introduced the first luxury suv the Jeep Wagoneer !


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