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Ford Patents Portable Battery Packs For EVs, Electronic Devices

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for portable battery packs for EVs and other electronic devices with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on July 28th, 2020, and published on February 3rd, 2022.

The Ford Authority Take

Back in October of 2020, Ford filed a patent for a removable, range-extending generator that would theoretically sit in the bed of a pickup like a toolbox. It contained an engine, fuel tank, exhaust system, and electronics in one package, which would presumably kick in when an EV pickup – such as the Ford F-150 Lightning – is facing a low state of charge in its main battery pack.

This new patent provides a different way to tackle range anxiety, using a portable battery pack that would reside in the F-150 Lighting’s (or any other EV’s) frunk and could be used as a secondary battery pack(s) or range extender for the EV itself, or be utilized as a way to charge other vehicles or electronic devices. According to the patent, a vehicle utilizing these battery packs could also be moved autonomously using a “Following Mode” to follow the operator of another electronic device or EV.

From the patent images provided, we can see that the portable battery packs would essentially extend through the grille of the vehicle, almost like the giant battery banks that people already use to charge things like smartphones and laptops. This sort of technology would complement the existing vehicle-to-vehicle charging capability present in the Ford F-150 PowerBoost and F-150 Lightning with a more portable option that could go a long way in addressing concerns over range anxiety, if it ever comes to fruition.

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  1. David Dickinson

    Dear EV Industry: The solution to your biggest problem is to have swapable batteries. Stop resisting logic. You will lose. Embrace the solution and seize first-mover advantage.

    1. Everyday Patriot

      I have no argument with that, but I can see thieves and vandals going after removable batteries, the way they go after fuel in tanks, catalytic converters, etc.
      No doubt someone will develop technology that would put a battery into a comatose state if removed outside of a specific procedure, to mitigate theft.
      But I think you’re right; swappable batteries means supply along a route, or brought by AAA, would mean exponentially increased range.

      1. David Dickinson

        The EVs should have both. One permanently affixed battery (probably larger) and one removable (probably smaller). You can swap the smaller battery. It won’t last as long, but you can be back on the road in an instant, or have power if your main battery dies, or (as you state) have AAA deliver a battery (funny pun in their somewhere) if they both run dry.

        If the Ford engineer who implements this just gives me a shoutout in the future, I’d appreciate it. You can keep the idea free of charge (pun intended).

        1. John

          This actually sounds like a brilliant idea.

          1. Everyday Patriot


        2. Patrick Ganly

          The EV main batterypack should be of a standard design for all vehicles like todays 12 volt battery for combustion engine cars. The main batterypack should then be swappable at any service station, same as an Ebike. Because of battery weight, use drive-thru technology, same as automated car wash. Just swap and go in under a minute. End of range problem. This was proposed years ago but the race to decrease charging times for batteries took precedence and this great idea was alas shelved!

          1. Everyday Patriot

            I think Ford needs to hire the commenters here…..we’re all thinking along the same lines, which when extrapolated, indicates what we’d like as consumers. Readily-available, standardized, fully-charged batteries at dealerships, service stations, maybe even a private-sector concession at highway rest stops would eliminate one hurdle preventing an American consumer from considering seriously an electric vehicle.

    2. Dean Victor Ricci

      Hopefully, when Solid State Batteries are on the market, an EV will be able to “change batteries” when they are out of power, just like a transistor radio. Solid State Batteries are smaller, lighter and easier to handle.

  2. CommonSense

    Wow, so being a Ford product they will break down on the eighth use and start rusting about fifteen minutes after you sign the sales contract. Who cares.

  3. Darrel Thibodeaux

    As far as it goes, why would I give up my battery pack that just needs a charge (but I know has all good cells) for one that may have cells that are just hanging on by a thread. And believe me, you can count on these swapped batteries getting recycled cells. Then you will not be sure if they will last the same time as your original one.


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