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Ford Ranked Eighth In Car Brand Owner Satisfaction Study

Ford has produced mixed results in recent Consumer Reports studies, including a below-average finish in the consumer organization’s 2021 reliability ratings, while the Ford Mustang was named one of the top ten most satisfying vehicles to own and 87 percent of Ford Mustang Mach-E owners surveyed said they would buy the EV crossover again if given the chance. Now, after Lincoln owner satisfaction dropped from second place last year to mid-pack this year, Ford has ranked eighth in Consumer Reports‘ most recent car brand owner satisfaction survey.

Ford scored a 71 out of a possible 100 points in CR‘s latest car brand owner satisfaction rankings, placing it behind a number of other brands including Tesla (82), Porsche (80), Genesis (75), Chrysler (74), Dodge (74), Ram (73), and BMW (72), though ahead of many other rivals including Mazda (70), Hyundai (70), Toyota (69), Volvo (68), Lexus (68), Subaru (68), Mini (67), Chevrolet (67), GMC (67), Honda (66), Volkswagen (65), Audi (65), Mercedes-Benz (64), Kia (64), Jeep (62), Buick (61), Nissan (59), Acura (57), Cadillac (56), and Infiniti (43).

To determine these scores, Consumer Reports asked its members one simple question – would they buy the same vehicle again if given the chance? The results show that Ford owner satisfaction has faced a few challenges over the past year that led to its reasonable finish in the overall rankings, though not all categories are to blame. Ford scored a perfect 5 out of 5 in style, a 4 in both driving and comfort, a 2 for in-car electronics, and 1 in value.

This year’s Consumer Reports ownership rankings were derived from its 2021 Annual Auto Surveys, which contain data on over 300,000 2019-2021 model year vehicles, as well as a few 2022 models. The data comes solely from vehicles that haven’t received any significant updates over that time, which means that some ratings are based on a single model year.

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  1. Thurston Munn

    When QUALITY is no longer “JOB 1” this what happens. 🙁

    1. David K

      Absolutely untrue. All automakers are on a level playing field these days except for maybe some KIA models. Ford released more new models in last 2yrs than anyone ..hence the scoring from this review. I’ve owned many brands in my 35+ yrs driving an always buy new. Never had any Ford vehicle let me dwn. There trucks are on another level of design, engineering & durability. You can’t go wrong w/them. Resale values very high. New Mach-e electric SUV also class leading & beating Tesla SUV. Who else has the extensive lineup Ford has? Not GM or Toyota.

  2. David K

    I’ve bought many new Fords thru yrs. Mostly trucks/SUVs.. an F150 & Ranger very recently. They’ve always delivered in reliability & value. Ford put out many new models out in last 2yrs hence that may have reflected the scoring. There quality an design is as good as anyone & better than most. I dont trust Consumer Reports as much as others . They show favoritism & have had cracks in there trustability lately. Not the source they once were!


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