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Lincoln Brand Consideration Dropped Another Percentage Point In Q4

It’s been about two years since FoMoCo’s luxury division introduced an all-new model: the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, a three-row luxury crossover that reintroduced the Lincoln brand into the segment. Since then, it’s been the automaker’s mass-market brand that’s been stealing the thunder, as vehicles like the 2021 Ford Bronco, 2022 Ford Maverick, and 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning became so popular that Ford had to stop taking reservations for all of them. Lincoln wishes it had the same problem, as it seems less luxury buyers are considering the brand than ever before, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Only eight percent of luxury buyers flirted with acquiring a vehicle from the Lincoln brand in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the publication’s latest Brand Watch Report. As Ford Authority previously reported, that’s a decrease of one percentage point from Q3, when nine percent of buyers though about picking up a Lincoln to call their own. Meanwhile, Lexus and BMW tied for first at 20 percent, with Tesla close behind at 18, a three percentage point increase from the third quarter. Overall, brand consideration for well-established brands dropped slightly while newer marques like Rivian, Lucid, and Polestar attracted more attention from shoppers.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch is a quarterly survey that seeks to measure consumer perceptions about automotive brands and how individual models stack up against in each other when those individuals ultimately make a decision on what to buy. According to KBB, a robust 70 percent of luxury buyers considered a utility vehicle last quarter, while 49 percent toyed with picking up a car. With a lineup completely devoid of any sedans or cars, Lincoln would theoretically be well positioned to capitalize on consumer interest for utilities, but as previously mentioned, it has been a long time since the Lincoln brand has introduced an all-new model into the lineup.

That said, it seems like The Blue Oval is aware of the situation. As Ford Authority recently reported, the luxury marque is slated to receive a slew of fully electric vehicles by 2027, either as replacements for all existing nameplates or as additions to the roster. Lincoln previously declared it would switch completely over to electric by 2030.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Timm

    There biggest seller should be in the Nautilus class, but it’s old, outdated and in desperate need of being replaced. They also must get a smaller crossover beneath the corsair. Once they have a fuller line up then perhaps the recognition will increase. I love my MKC but have switched to Genesis as I needed a larger vehicle and would not sink my money into an aged Nautilus.

    1. Joe

      People will not buy a smaller Lincoln than the Corsair as people didn’t buy the smallest Ford the Ecosport, even when that product has heated seats, steering wheel, mirrors, power roof and Nav. The Nautilus/Edge has consistently been praised by for it’s ride, comfort and quality. Nautilus had the interior made over in 2021 and now is more modern. It get good reviews from most car sources.

  2. JE

    I used to buy Lincoln, but I stopped considering it the same day they decided to sell only SUV’s or crossovers. Not everybody likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. I will consider Lincoln again the day they start selling a sedan or a sports coupe.

    1. William Paul Maceri

      I agree. The decision to build only SUVS I believe is very short sided. Perhaps the better decision would to have invested in the sedan category. People can’t buy something that is available. Like everything else in the automotive industry, there’s a place for many different options. It saddens me that while stopped at an intersection all we see are hatchbacks and SUVs. And the fact that the brands are mostly imports is another topic for another time. All things considered I feel lucky to have lived during the late 50s, 60s and 70s when the car designs were creative. Yes they were big, and not fuel efficient or as safe as they could have been, but for the most part they were distinct from one another and yet somehow managed to fit in with the current styling trends. The excitement that went the cars designs is gone, which gives us nothing to look forward to. I could go on and on about what’s missing but especially sedans. So sad. Why can’t we build cars, SUVs, and yes even station wagons with today’s technology and yesterday’s styling? I say we can, and should. Let the youth of today experience that excitement that Detroit would bring us every year when the new models would hit the showrooms, complete with the search lights that would light the skies from the dealers. And consider what would happen if the cars interiors were large enough to be comfortable once again. Who knows? It could even see drive-in movies, car hopes and long distance road trips return. How bad would that be?

  3. Blair Williamson

    Where is my F150 Lightening?

  4. Jeff Michaels

    My wife and I have Lincoln MKS and Lincoln Nautilus they are two great vehicles no problems MKS IS A PLEASURE TO DRIVE THEY BOTH HAVE GREAT FUEL ECONOMY.


    Own a 2020 Corsair love it would love to buy a Nautilus non available you can’t sell from an empty cart showrooms empty

  6. John R Smith

    I am the very happy owner of a 2010 Lincoln MKT. I bought it used, and once I sorted through the common issues (heater blend door actuators, etc), it has been an outstanding vehicle. It has just 78,000 miles, and when it’s time on earth is done, I will seek out another, newer one.

    Lincoln NEEDS some sort of sedan among the fleet of SUVs. I see hundreds of MKZs and MKSs on the road now, but where are these owners going to go when it’s time to replace those cars?

    There needs to be a Lincoln-specific assembly plant, with more emphasis on quality, both in materials and assembly. When a buyer is spending $60K+ for a vehicle, they have a right to expect something a step above a Ford.

    Becoming all-electric will certainly spell the demise of the Lincoln brand. Electric cars still have to be charged by “evil, coal-burning power plants”. I believe this is a short-sighted approach by woke, millenials who are now making corporate decisions.

    1. John W Bannen

      All coal firing plants are being replaced either renewable energy or natural gas. EV are the solution to global warming. I have been driving electric EV since 2000 charging off solar the sun for 22 years. Never been out of power to make it home.

  7. Mick1

    My Ford dealer was forced to give up Lincoln.

    1. TheRetiredViking

      Any reason why? Just curious…

  8. Greg Lefevre

    Love my Lincoln Aviator, the nicest car I’ve ever owned (15th and counting.). Beautifully crafted, powerful, fabulous interior, great on short drives and long road trips. The service and support from the dealership are the best.

  9. patrick harris

    I introduced my wife to the Lincoln brand. She chose the Navigator. I really like the comfort and design and it’s good for trips. I couldn’t get her to go for the aviator which I think is a great trip car.

  10. Howard

    Wanted to buy Corsair , but there are none available!!! I shall buy elsewhere. When I tried to order a vehicle dealership told me it would take approximately 4 months and then no guarantee. Goodbye Lincoln forever. Ford should be ashamed

  11. Joe Sinkovits

    Will somebody please explain to me why ANYBODY would still consider a Lexus? They are nightmarishly ugly, and the two examples I was stupid enough to buy brand-new were the biggest pieces of automotive garbage I’ve ever seen, right out of the box. Both had repeated issues, and when I complained, neither the dealership, Lexus nor Toyota could’ve cared less. The dealership personnel was rude and arrogant, and neither Lexus nor Toyota even had the grace to acknowledge receipt of my complaints, much less do anything to resolve them. I would sooner crawl across broken glass than set foot in a Lexus or Toyota dealership — or any Asian product peddler — ever again.

    1. Michael

      I intended to buy a Honda ( first Asian vehicle for me in 40 years ) and I agree with you, the Honda dealers ( I visited several ) were rude and arrogant, and acted like you were in a Bentley dealership, and none of them could care less about the vehicle I wanted to buy, all they were interested in was going through their option, etc., catalog with me, to rack up additional charges for the dealership and their commissions. I walked out of all of them. So back to Ford, and if I have to wait 4 months for a new vehicle, so be it.

    2. John W Bannen

      Agree that both Lexus and Toyota have dropped the ball. Toyota should be ashamed of itself for not promoting quality and EV’s.

  12. Ken

    How about Ford giving the Lincoln brand the attention it deserves? A true luxury sedan and maybe a coupe. Cross overs are great but not everyone wants one. Taking old Ford models and rebadging them and trying to dress them up with a better quality of fake wood trim and some softer grade of leather/vinyl doesn’t cut it! It is a tragedy what has happened to Lincoln, Cadillac and the former Chrysler Imperial. The prestige, opulence and class are gone. There is still demand for plush, quiet, good riding luxury cars in this country regardless of what the manufacturers try to make us believe. Not all of us want cheap black plastic door panels and dashboards and your choice of interior colors as long as the carpet is black and the seats are beige or black “leather”.

  13. Michael

    I have a 2017 Lincoln Continental Black label. Although I’m a SUV and crossover guy I love this car. One of the best looking cars out there. I get plenty of compliments out here in South Korea. In the future I may upgrade to a Aviator or a Navigator. As of right now I’m happy with my continental. I do feel Ford needs to bring back at least a luxury sedan.

  14. A Brooks

    I’ve always likened Lincolns as the best made American Luxury Automobile. Much like the Rolls-Royce. Can you imagine a Lincoln as large as a Rolls and just as luxurious. All the way down to the beautiful disappearing Hood Star. With all the great technology that Lincoln now has. Wow, talk about a luxury liner and stay with it.


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