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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Flat In January 2022

Ford Motor Company sales were flat at 143,531 units during January 2022 in the United States. Sales increased at the Ford brand, while decreasing at Lincoln.

“Ford market share increased over a year ago on strong demand for our newest products such as Bronco, Maverick and Mach-E. Ford took in a record 90,000 new vehicle orders in January. Vehicles are turning at a record pace on dealer lots, as we work to fill these orders,” said Vice President, Ford Sales U.S. and Canada, Andrew Frick. “This year represents a turning point for Ford in electrified vehicles, as our electrified portfolio grew at nearly four times the rate of the industry segment, with E-Transit and F-150 Lightning set to hit the market,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. – January 2022

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during January 2022 were flat at 143,531 units
    • Truck sales totaled 71,734 units, down 4.3 percent total and down 4.0 percent at retail
    • SUV sales totaled 66,122 units, up 8.5 percent total and up 9.4 percent at retail
    • Electrified sales had their best January ever, totaling 13,169 units, up 167.2 percent. That growth is almost four times faster than the overall electrified segment, causing FoMoCo’s share to grow 5 percentage points to 10.9 percent of segment.
      • At retail, electrified vehicle sales posted a 183.1. percent increase
  • Ford hit an all-time record for both new retail vehicle orders and for filling retail orders in January, with over 90,000 new vehicle orders – up 71,000 units from a year ago and up 20,000 units from December
    • Vehicles are moving off dealer lots at a record pace, as 37 percent of Ford’s retail sales in January came from previously placed customer orders.
    • With continued industry segmentation out of cars and Ford’s focus on trucks and SUVs, Ford saw higher market share and transaction pricing up $4,900 over a year ago.
    • Overall, Ford and Lincoln total share in January was 13.9 percent – up 1.3 percentage points from a year ago.
  • Combined Ford total pickup truck sales – including F-Series, Ranger and Maverick – totaled 62,293 units, outselling GM’s entire pickup truck line in January
  • Ford brand SUV sales grew 12 percent to 60,382 units in January, giving Ford a record SUV start
    • New SUV products, including Bronco, Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach-E, added 16,692 units to the SUV sales tally
    • Thanks the new Bronco family of vehicles, Ford is seeing a record percentage of 4×4 and AWD equipped SUVs
    • In January, 76.7 percent of Ford’s SUVs were equipped with 4×4 or AWD – up 20.7 percent over last year, driving SUV transaction pricing to $43,300 per SUV – up $8,200 over a year ago.
  • Lincoln took in a record number of new retail vehicle orders last month, totaling just over 3,100 orders – this is up 291 percent compared to last year and a new record for Lincoln.

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales increased 1.4 percent to 137,791 units:

Lincoln sales decreased 25.8 percent to 5,740 units:

Sales Results - January 2022 - USA - Ford

BRONCO* 8,101*
BRONCO SPORT-22.72% 6,2218,050
E-SERIES-28.26% 2,1783,036
ECOSPORT-49.00% 2,2354,382
EDGE+7.58% 7,3556,837
ESCAPE+17.25% 13,12011,190
EXPEDITION-7.52% 4,7255,109
EXPLORER-10.17% 16,25518,095
F-150 LIGHTNING* 63*
F-SERIES-8.68% 50,48055,276
GT-42.86% 47
HEAVY TRUCKS+8.49% 1,0861,001
MAVERICK* 6,513*
MUSTANG+31.15% 5,6714,324
MUSTANG MACH-E+895.80% 2,370238
RANGER-14.18% 5,2376,102
TRANSIT-36.16% 4,7877,498
TRANSIT CONNECT-37.87% 1,2522,015
FORD TOTAL+1.44% 137,791135,837

Sales Results - January 2022 - USA - Lincoln

AVIATOR-32.13% 1,3161,939
CORSAIR+5.00% 2,1202,019
NAUTILUS-20.46% 1,3841,740
NAVIGATOR-32.10% 9201,355
LINCOLN TOTAL-25.85% 5,7407,741

Sales Results - January 2022 - USA - FMC Totals

FORD TOTAL+1.44% 137,791135,837
LINCOLN TOTAL-25.85% 5,7407,741
FMC USA TOTAL-0.03% 143,531143,578

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    Lack of V8 motors is one reason!!

  2. Karl

    Any information on the dramatic drop on Bronco Sport sales,is it a chip/supply chain issue?


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