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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Standard Side Graphic

Following its reveal earlier this year, the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor build and price configurator went live, at which time it was revealed that the high-performance off-road SUV would offer a variety of graphics options. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Bronco Raptor was originally slated to come equipped with standard “Raptor” graphics above the rear wheel well from the factory unless buyers chose the graphics delete option. However, FoMoCo has since reversed course on that decision, as Bronco Nation is reporting that the Ford Bronco Raptor will no longer come with the standard Raptor decal, while the graphic delete option is now standard.

Bronco Raptor Standard Graphic

“The all-new 2022 Bronco Raptor SUV is the ultimate off-road machine and deserves an exterior styling as badass as the terrain it can conquer,” the automaker said in a statement. “That’s why when we saw an opportunity to enhance the widebody look, we took it – we’ll be removing the standard Raptor Graphic on the rear fenders.”

Bronco Raptor Graphic Delete

As a result of this change, those that opted for the standard Raptor decal will receive a $100 credit. Alternatively, Bronco Raptor order holders can also switch to the Upgraded Raptor Graphic package, but only have until April 8th to make that change.

Bronco Raptor Upgraded Graphic

The Upgraded Raptor Graphic retails for $1,075 and is available on models equipped with the High and Lux Packages, which essentially means all Bronco Raptors, as these are the only two options buyers have in that regard. The upgraded graphic adds pixelated highlights in black, gray, and silver to the hood, rear doors, and rear quarter panels of the Bronco Raptor for a unique look.

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  1. Don Wood

    Why can’t Ford offer the Raptor and its other Bronco’s with roof and fender colors matching the paint color on the vehicle’s body? Jeep offers this. Land Rover offers it. Why can’t Ford do what other vehicle manufacturers offer? Is Ford so behind the times that it can only provide roofs and fenders in gray? Sort of like Henry Ford’s old saw that you can buy a Ford model T in any color, as long as its black.


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