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2022 Ford E-Transit Will Officially Arrive In Mexico This Month

The 2022 Ford E-Transit began customer trials in Europe last May, followed by customer testing in August, while a number of all-electric vans are also headed to California’s wine country for testing purposes as well. 2022 Ford E-Transit production began at the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant back in November, and just last month, the new model started shipping to customers. Now, Ford has announced that the E-Transit will officially arrive in Mexico this month via the Ford Electrified Authorized Distributor Network.

In Mexico, the 2022 Ford E-Transit will be available in five different configurations – Regular Low Ceiling, Long Low Ceiling, Long Medium Roof, Long High Ceiling, and Extended High Ceiling. The electrified van will also be available in four different exterior colors – Oxford White, Metropolis Blue, Racing Red, and Star Silver with a starting price of $1,460,000 Mexican Pesos ($68,582 USD). The E-Transit can be purchased at one of 52 Ford Electrified Authorized Distributors in Mexico, which are also able to service the vans.

Aside from those few changes, the Mexican version of the new E-Transit is identical to the one sold in North America, which means that it shares quite a few similarities with its ICE-powered brethren, yet also a few distinct differences, aside from its all-electric drivetrain. The electric Transit has no frunk, unlike many other EVs, and its spare tire is mounted up front, rather than below the rear cargo area.

Additionally, the E-Transit will weigh around 600 pounds more than ICE Transits, mostly due to its 67 kWh battery pack, and it will also cost roughly $9,000 more as well. Ford estimates that the E-Transit will provide owners with 40 percent lower operating costs over the lifespan of the vehicle when compared to its ICE counterpart, however. So far, Ford has taken around 10,000 orders for the E-Transit, though fleet orders were recently put on hold due to high demand.

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