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2022 Ford Evos Spotted In Michigan Again: First Real World Photo Gallery

Ford enthusiasts of a certain age will recall a bygone era where a number of compelling European products existed as forbidden fruit for would-be American buyers. Insatiable desires were met last decade though, and for a brief period of time, U.S. showrooms were stocked with formidable products like the Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Focus RS. However, those days are now gone, as tantalizing products like the Ford Puma and Ford Mondeo are being offered in specific markets only. The same applies to the svelte Ford Evos, an all-new hatchback/utility vehicle available only in China, a decision that will likely remain in place until the heat death of the universe. Our photographers recently caught a 2022 Ford Evos gallivanting around Michigan, an occasion that represents our highest quality look at the exotic thus far.

2022 Ford Evos

As a closely related sibling to the all-new Ford Mondeo, the 2022 Ford Evos rides on the Ford C2 Platform, although it departs from its traditional sedan counterpart by offering Chinese customers some utility to go with its athletic appearance, which shares some visual elements with the rear end of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. However, this particular model offers a black painted roof, which is not offered on the EV. Regardless, it hosts what Ford has dubbed the “Progressive Energy in Strength” design philosophy that’s meant to project agility and responsiveness, according to the automaker.

2022 Ford Evos

While The Blue Oval offers a number of sedans in China, it is explicitly focused on crossovers in the country, and is revamping its customer service operations to cater to younger buyers. That said, it’s never been more clear to trace the shared components between the Mondeo and Evos, as both models seem to share virtually everything from the front end all the way to the A pillars. They also make do with the same Ford 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine paired to the company’s eight-speed automatic transmission, which is currently offered on a wide variety of FoMoCo vehicles.

2022 Ford Evos

Sadly, as Ford Authority previously explained, the 2022 Ford Evos is very much not heading to U.S. dealers, despite the fact that this is definitely not the first time the crossover has made an appearance in North America. Neither is the Mondeo’s upscale variant, the Lincoln Zephyr, a vehicle that officially launched in the country very recently. There is a chance that a more wagon-like Ford Fusion Active could make its way to North America, but as of right now, that model only exists as nothing more than a vague rumor.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. JME80

    Ford, for the love of everything good….BRING THIS TO THE U.S.!!!

  2. Tom J

    Looks like a Volvo C40 EV

    1. Jukka

      …only one meter (three feet) longer and better looking:)

  3. Dwayne

    That’s the Ford Escape equivalent in China? Look what we ended up with. No surprise sales keep declining. No brainer.

  4. JukkaX

    Ford’s gonna move the headquarter to China soon? Could be dangerous move in these times though cos of the war political circumstances.

  5. Larry Butler

    Why do all these cars look like copies of other cars from last year?

    1. Larry Butler

      E? Edsel?? Is E a good idea?

      1. The Gentle Grizzly

        Is “E”, whether a reminder of Edsel or not, a good idea? As noted in another thread, E – this and E – that will become as dated and cliched as “EFI” fender tags in the 1980s, or “Dynaflow” or “Ford-O-Matic” tags on 1950s cars.

        Ford already has a name; one they retired a few years back. Why not have the EV cars be called “Mercury”?

  6. Walter Thomas

    Honestly, I believe that Ford in other countries are far better products than the bland and boring slab sided vehicles they offers here. The design of the Evos is far more advanced, highly detailed, well proportioned and designed to truly stand out, reaching for younger buyers which automatically attracts older buyers. Besides from the Mach-E GT, Bronco, Bronco Sport, and the aging Mustang, other Fords are too bland for my liking.

  7. Charles Hampsten

    I ordered a Maverick Lariat back in November, I’m from Illinois, any idea when mine will finally get here?

    1. Jay

      Don’t worry about it, I ordered mine a bare xlt in sept21, hasn’t heard from it, and there are people ordered back in July21 still wondering what’s up with theirs.

    2. Big Dan

      You put in a reservation. Not an order There’s a big difference. You will see it soon enough. Like every other franchise, getting everything you need to build a car is not as easy as it use tobe.

  8. Daniel c. Lee

    Wil ford make cars again? I have bought ford. Cars for over 50t years. Cars handle better than suvs.

    1. Ian V

      They never stopped making them….in other countries. For Ford to make – or bring them to the US – Americans to want cars again. Looking at the Top 25 best selling vehicles for the US, cars aren’t looking very popular these days. There appear to be down to 3 on the list.

  9. joetr0

    What’s up with the ST-Line emblem? Do they offer an ST trim in China?

  10. John

    Unfortunately, Ford is losing customers. After buying 4 Ford sedans in a row (Focus’s and a Fiesta) Ford thought we would want and outdated SUV like an Escape or Ecosport. We ended up buying a Hyundai. Next up will be my 2020 Ranger for replacement…Nothing exciting here so I’m going to hang onto it for a while. I have been a Ford owner since my first car but I am not as loyal these days.


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