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2022 Ford Explorer Will Temporarily Drop Second Row Climate Controls

In recent months, the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage and various other supply chain constraints have led to some creative de-contenting on the part of automakers including Ford and General Motors. Aside from offering customers the ability to delete some features and take delivery of their vehicles sooner, automakers have also been selling de-contented vehicles with fewer features and fewer chips. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2022 Ford Explorer will temporarily drop its second-row climate controls in the latest example of these efforts.

Second-row climate controls are standard equipment on the 2022 Ford Explorer, but FoMoCo is temporarily producing the crossover without them in an effort to speed up deliveries, though it plans to restore the controls at some point in the future. Models impacted by the change will have a color-matched trim cover in place of the climate controls, as seen in the photo above, while the second-row climate settings will still be able to be controlled from the first row. The window stickers on affected vehicles will note this change and reflect a $50 credit called “Rear Auxilary Cntrls Credit.”

Additionally, this change also affects 2022 Ford Explorer models with second-row heated seats, which come as standard equipment on the Timberline, ST, King Ranch, and Platinum. Those vehicles will still be built with heated second-row seating but will lack the controls temporarily until they’re installed at a later date. Impacted models will have updated window stickers showing a $100 credit for “2nd Row Htd Sts Cntrls Credit.” 2022 Explorer models lacking these features are already being shipped from the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant.

This isn’t the first time the Explorer has faced changes brought on by the chip shortage, as the crossover also previously gained an auto stop/start delete option, as Ford Authority reported last September. Additionally, both the Chevy Blazer and Traverse have been offered sans heated and ventilated seats and/or steering wheels in the past few months, too.

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  1. Paul bertrand

    How do you think long term ford automobile customer feels when they order another brand new vehicle and 45 days later there is still no response on production startup but options like start/stop, heated 2nd row seats, and 2nd row climate control are being dropped after their purchase order has been submitted in good faith. ???

  2. Joe Tylka

    So who pays for the cost for the parts and the cost of installation when they become available?

    1. Joe

      Will the $100 credit be enough to cover my cost to have it installed? Most unlikely.

    2. JT

      It will be installed for free.

      1. VM

        How do you know it will be installed for free? And how/when will we be notified?

      2. Charles Cole

        Same old b******* from Ford we ordered a 2022 platinum Explorer , Nine months Later still no switches The dealer tells us we will never get them Ford has stopped production on them permanently

  3. Joe

    No more 2nd row console, no more 2nd row
    climate control. Should we expect no more 2nd row seats as well. This is what happens
    when you lose control of your supply chain. I will not place my ST order. Ford is making it hard for us American buyers to believe the crazy prices you charge are worth it any more. We want more value, not less.

  4. Mike

    I actually ordered a ST Explorer back in the end of June 2021 still have not received it.


    I ordered my Explorer at the end of November and they told me 2 to 3 months and I still haven’t gotten it yet. If someone else ordered in June and hasn’t received it yet I guess it’s gonna be a while!

    1. Charles Cole

      Cancel the order get your money back and go buy a Dodge or Chrysler product like we did after owning more than 30 new Fords we have had enough, We proudly own a Chrysler 300 and a Dodge ram quad cab

  6. Vickie

    I ordered a Limited Explorer end of November last year. I was told 2 to 3 months as well. My car has been in production since 1/18/22. Production was going to start 2/7 then was bumped up to 1/10 with delivery around 2/13/22. Then all of a sudden switched to 5/13/22 for delivery. Now it doesn’t have a date. We don’t know if that’s good or bad. I wish we could receive more updates in emails with what it is waiting for. Maybe offer items to have on hold to receive them faster. I was never offered the auto on/off switch removed from my dealer and would love to have it removed. I also wouldn’t mind having the 2nd row climate control on hold either. I’ll never have anyone in back so won’t affect me much. I just think customers would appreciate more email updates what is actually going on with their vehicles.

  7. Renee G

    I placed an order for my 2021 Ford Explorer ST in November 2021. My vehicle was then changed by the manufacture to a 2022 because the production stopped on 21 makes. My Explorer was oddly done early and ready before my estimated time frame arrived at the dealership no issues except I ordered it with the 2nd row bucket seat and was build with captain chairs instead. I still liked it and Ford gave me the credit back because the bucket or bench seat is a charge to change it from its org build speck. I hope ya’ll get your ST’s ASAP! See ya in the fast lane.

  8. d. huts

    Where is my 2nd. row climate controls, Just bought it and was deceived!!!! Who pays for this missing standard feature???

    1. Charles Cole

      My local Ford dealer just told me I will never get The 2nd seat climate controls for my 2022 Explorer platinum

  9. PJM361

    Can someone at Ford Authority please confirm that the controls and heated seats will befit for free by the dealer. I’ve been to a few dealers and on the phone with another half dozen, but I keep getting conflicting answers. Some say they will be retrofitted and other say they won’t. So I called Ford’s national office and they transferred me to the marketing department. The originally said the parts will be installed later, and then when she put me on hold to find out if I would have to pay for it, I got disconnected. So I called back, but the new Ford representative told me they would not be installing them later. So I said just a $100 dollar credit doesn’t sound fair, and can I install parts from a used Explorer. She didn’t have an answer and when I asked if I could talk to a supervisor she said sure, they will call you in 2 days.

  10. PJM361

    It should have said, retrofitted for free.

  11. Cathi

    Can the second row climate control be controlled by the front controls? We can get the 3rd
    row to work, but not the second. Do we just not know what we are doing?

  12. stanhtucker

    My dealer says they will be unable to install.

  13. Bob O

    Ford reps like the salesman, service know
    next to nothing when you get out of the box-
    Disastrous trying to get answer re adding
    Oem trailer hitch and fog lights
    I figured it out myself
    Ford never really cared once vehicle sold

  14. Pamela Edwards

    Just found out that my 2022 XLT Explorer will not have 2 row climate controls. Disappointed, I was never told this when purchasing the vehicle. We have owned Ford vehicles for the last 15 years and always had great performance with them. But, after purchasing a $50,000 vehicle with no second row climate control and obviously no way to install the ducking to accomplish climate control installation, this is probably my last Ford.

  15. Rick Morin

    I purchased my King Ranch 2022 Explorer about 14 months ago. After researching, I contacted my dealership and questioned about getting the chip/control for the rear heated seats and rear ac control. They followed up that as soon as it arrived (it could take one year from purchase), I would be notified and they would install the parts. The Service Manager stayed in contact with me the entire time. I finally received the call that it had arrived. They installed it this morning and it took about 3 hours…it works and looks great! So worth the wait! It was all covered through the warranty. Thank you Ford for keeping your word on this product!!! We have purchased many Ford vehicles through the years!!!

  16. Rick Morin

    My wife and I give a huge “shout out” to Emily G. and Grand Prarie Ford!! Emily had great professionalism and awesome communication skills during this long process with the rear heated seats! Ford should be honored to have her on the FORD team!!


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