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2022 Ford Maverick Among Top New Cars Selling Above MSRP

Since its launch last year, the 2022 Ford Maverick has been a hot commodity as one of the fastest-selling vehicles in the U.S. This has predictably led to a number of dealers slapping the compact pickup with markups, making it less of a value proposition than its low MSRP might imply. With Ford shutting down 2022 Maverick orders recently as demand exceeded the automaker’s production capacity for the year, this problem only figured to get worse, and that’s precisely what has happened, according to the latest data from iSeeCars.

The 2022 Ford Maverick has once again landed on iSeeCars’ list of new vehicles priced the highest over MSRP – not once, but twice. The Maverick Hybrid came in at number two on the top 15 list, as it’s selling for 25 percent or $5,601 over its sticker price, on average, ranking it behind only the Jeep Wrangler at 26.7 percent. Meanwhile, the Maverick powered by Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 ranked sixth at 22.2 percent or $5,368 over sticker, on average.

“The Maverick compact pickup has been in high demand since its debut, which forced dealers to stop taking orders for both versions at the end of January and not resume until summer,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Heightened gas prices have boosted demand for this already hot seller, with both the hybrid and gasoline versions returning excellent gas mileage, and even these marked-up pickups remain attainable for buyers given their starting prices of around $20,000.”

The Maverick has proven to be a popular alternative to traditional economy cars like the Honda Civic thanks to its low starting price and excellent fuel economy, though that has not only made the pickup hard to find but has also rendered deals virtually non-existent. However, with a high projected resale value and continued heavy interest in the Maverick, demand – and prices – figure to remain high for the foreseeable future, at least into the 2023 model year.

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  1. Mike

    It use to be that automakers and dealers would deliberately add on options to a vehicle to drive up the price ( and profit ) and people would pay. Now they do not have to do anything to drive up the price, which they are, and people are still paying, for nothing. What are people thinking, paying more for nothing? More money the brains.

    1. M

      In 2020 we had $4 Trillion in circulation in our economy.. that is cash, coins and bank accounts. 24 months later and the Fed has printed non stop.. we now have $22 Trillion in circulation. There is waaay too much money chasing too few products and services. This lunacy is what happens.

  2. Crazy Cuban

    When is Ford going to start selling direct to the buyer and stop letting dealers rip people off?!

  3. gregory w thrush

    Several weeks ago Ford stated it would lower allocations for dealers marking up vehicles above MSRP it would appear that was all talk no action. Why make the statement if you are not going to act on it????

  4. Jim Rico

    The Maverick is a pick-up truck not a car. Please get that right.

    1. Rich

      The Maverick is a small unibody CSUV, not a truck. If you pay over $25,000 for one, they saw you coming.

  5. mike s.

    The only reason I would buy the Ford Maverick is BECAUSE of it’s low price. Why order one, wait months to get it, and then have the dealer tell you “you’re gonna pay us another 5 grand if you want it”. STUPID. That’s exactley what people are that allow themselves to get fleeced. I want one of these pickups BUT news like this will keep me from walking into that dealership and puts a bad taste in my mouth that turns me against Ford for any vehicle they sell. Parent company Ford loves this situation and wil reap the spoils. They have no intention of putting pressure on the dealers. Car buying has changed industry wide and the good old days of finding a real deal on a dealership lot is GONE.

    1. Frankie

      Ford maverick no where to be found. And if you find one they are over $38.000.00.???????????????????????????????????????????????.

  6. Don Kemp

    Why can we not buy a compact truck even when you are advertising $1,000 off????
    I need a truck now & am not interested in any pre-owned!!
    Thank you,

  7. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    The dealer cannot markup a vehicle you ordered and have a signed and printed contract on. If it is dealer stock or a vehicle that someone ordered and decided not to buy then the dealer can mark it up. At MSRP the Maverick is still a good value but at 5k and above it is not. Dealers could eventually kill the success of the Maverick and customer loyalty by their markups. If compact trucks become popular other manufacturers will make them. Toyota with the Prius hybrid system would make a good compact truck and Subaru could decide to try a compact truck again. The excessive dealer markups could bring about the dealers own demise.

    1. mike s.

      You sir, are naive. Dealerships are doing exactly what has been described. They know that if the customer refuses to pay the “ransom” then they (the dealership) can sell the vehicle for more.

      1. Jeffrey D. Sproul

        If you have a written and signed agreement with the total price out the door when ordering the vehicle the dealer has to agree to the price or be sued for breach of contract.

      2. Linda Michelle Swiech

        or slapped w a lawsuit & I would do exactly that.


    With Ford dealers ripping off the public with asking prices 25% over list, it takes the Maverick out of the affordable trucks market. Once on my target list as a possible new truck, the Maverick now falls below several competitors for my business.

  9. tommy

    Speaking as a retail customer, I find any dealer that reneges on an agreed upon price, signed deal or not, is not worthy of further business, and IS worth of many word of mouth expressions of dissatisfaction. They will, repeat WILL lose customer base and profit at least ten times what they will make on the broken promise.
    As a dealer, a retail sale will take place at an ‘agreed upon price’, with willing seller and buyer. No one forces payment of excessive profits, and the dealer is just taking the profit that a retail customer would(could) also take should they buy at MSRP. IOW, the customer can turn around and make $$ after purchase at MSRP, so why should the dealer not do the same?
    I personally would not pay any ADM beyond MSRP as a rule. But someone with more money and less self restraint should not be stopped from paying whatever they agree to with the selling dealer or retail customer re-selling.

  10. Fenry Hord

    Just imagine…. If only Ford can meet production. They can flood the US of Mavericks (and Broncos). Those in the market for a sedan, small suv, small truck will seriously consider one. I did at one point, but my old car is showing age and already has an expensive-to-repair issue so no time to wait or play games with Ford stealership I had to get new vehicle right away. Ended up with a Honda (a little below msrp). Not sure if this is Ford’s marketing tactic, but they lost a sale with me and I’m sure thousand other people, too.


    I ordered my Maverick on Jan 26,2022 any idea when I may expect delivery?

  12. Bob Tasa

    The clamor for the death of dealerships get louder. The public knows dealers are taking sticking it to them while the supplies are tight and gas is insane. As this continues more people are going to demand FORD to dump their dealers and go to online ordering and show rooms. Maybe FORD is happy their customers are being shived by the dealers with their name on the door, look at the lightning or the Mach E now the Maverick. Must make Ford proud to have people willing to stick it to the average joe. Lots of people were excited about a cheap truck that got good gas mileage until dealers started charging up to 15K over sticker. As a consumer that is keeping their old vehicle going on a shoe string
    looking for a new vehicle a FORD stealership will not be a place to visit no matter how cool the product is.

  13. Carl

    Been waiting 15 months for mine and NO communication from Ford. Hope to live long enough to see one!


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