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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Oil Change Looks Easy To Do: Video

Oil changes have long been one of the easiest (yet one of the most important) maintenance items on most vehicles, though some can present a challenge depending on where things like the drain plug and oil filter are located. Thankfully, it seems as if the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid isn’t one of those, at least from what we can see in this video from YouTuber Blake’s Cars, who recently documented his own Ford Maverick Hybrid oil change in a handy DIY video.

The Maverick was designed to be easy to work on, as well as the basis for a number of DIY projects, so it makes perfect sense that performing an oil change on the new compact pickup would also prove to be an easy task that anyone can complete. In this case, the owner’s Maverick is a hybrid with around 2,000 miles on the clock, but he likes to change his oil a bit early on new vehicles. The owner is using 5.5 quarts of fully synthetic 0W-20 oil from O’Reillys, as well as Motorcraft’s FL-910S oil filter to complete the job.

After driving the pickup on a set of plastic ramps, the owner pops the hood, removes the oil cap, and then crawls underneath with a drain pan and a Torx T27 bit to remove the screws from the underbody shielding and gain access to the drain plug and filter. After removing that, the owner comments on how accessible both the drain plug and filter are, which certainly isn’t the case with a lot of new vehicles, including Mavericks powered by Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4.

The factory drain plug measures in at 15 millimeters, which is easily removed along with the original factory filter, which is actually larger than the replacement. With all the oil drained out, our host replaces the drain plug, installs the new filter, and fills the Maverick back up with fresh oil before rolling it off the ramps and double-checking the oil level. Overall, there seems to be a ton of room underneath the hybrid pickup, which should make it rather easy to work on in the years to come.

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  1. Ford Owner

    There is an eBay vendor who offers special underbody covers with removable cutouts for easier oil drain and filter access on many Ford vehicles . I bought one for my Fusion Hybrid . Maybe they will produce a Maverick version in the near future

  2. RickB

    I would send a oil sample to Blackstone. That looks very dark for only 2K miles.

  3. Bob Latta

    I’m looking forward to my Ford Maverick Hybrid I ordered 2 months ago. Hopefully I will hear something soon?

  4. Marinus Wittenbols

    Hello Ford, I ordered my Maverick Lariat on Oct.30 2021, when I get back to Ontario Canada at the end of April will my Maverick be ready for pickup, that will be 6 months, my dealer hasn’t heard anything yet at 4 months.
    I need a vehicle!
    Do Ford dealers lend out a vehicle while I wait, are you able to check in Mexico if my vehicle is in production, my dealer is Southlake Ford in Newmarket, Ontario.

  5. Robert

    I ordered my Maverick XLT hybrid June 14 2021 still waiting told me it might be April (maybe)

  6. MaverickManiac

    Dang.. I wouldnt rely on Oreilly oil for my vehicle. Especially on my brand spanking new one!! Yikes!!!!

  7. Reed Cook

    Two things: either fill the new filter with fresh oil before installing or run the engine 30 seconds or so before topping off the oil. That’s why it didn’t measure accurately at first. Second, your funnel needed to be flipped to catch the oil better. P.S. and don’t lay the still dripping funnel on top of your engine! Sheesh!


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