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2022 Ford Super Duty Production Once Again Impacted By Chip Shortage

The semiconductor chip shortage hasn’t eased as we’ve entered a new calendar year, as Ford has idled a large number of plants over the past couple of months, impacting the production of most of its models. That includes 2022 Ford Super Duty production at the Ford Ohio Assembly Plant, which was down last month, as well as the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, which operated on two shifts temporarily in February. Now, 2022 Ford Super duty production is once again being impacted by the chip storage, according to CNBC.

FoMoCo confirmed that Super Duty production at the Kentucky and Ohio Assembly Plants will be down next week, a closure that will also impact production of the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, medium-duty trucks, and chassis cab models. These cuts are just the latest in a long line of them in the first quarter of 2022 as the automaker continues to struggle to procure chips and various other supplies and raw materials.

Just last month, the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant, which builds the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, as well as the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger, were two of eight total Ford assembly plants to close temporarily, while numerous other plants were operating on reduced schedules over that same time period.

Meanwhile, this crisis doesn’t appear likely to improve anytime soon, but estimates on when the shortage might ease range greatly. A report from the U.S. Department of Commerce suggests that microchip demand will continue to exceed supply for at least six more months, while Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that he believes the problem will persist through 2023.

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  1. Jason

    It’s not really a chip shortage. I work in the semiconductor industry and we do make automotive chips. What happened is auto manufactures panicked early in the pandemic and cancelled their chip orders. Later they wanted those orders back but we sold that capacity to other companies which essentially moved them to the back of the line.
    So it’s poor planning by the automotive industry.
    Semiconductors are considered an essential industry so we never shut down during the pandemic. We kept producing chips the entire time. In fact we’ve shipped more chips than ever before.
    It was poor planning along with very high demand.

  2. Lkofenglish

    Russian military disaster in Ukraine makes for a “quick fix” as Moscow Mitch Teacher’s Retirement Fund gets annihilated. Oil prices this high makes Ohio one of the richest placest on Earth quite suddenly.

  3. billy goodman

    ordered my new f 250 super duty on oct 21 2021, only to find out the dealership got baught out in dec 2021 dealership never notified me had to re-order jan 2022 but ford keeping me informed as well as the new dealership hanging in there and i will not buy an electric. ooorah

    1. Eddie

      Did you get a build date yet? I also ordered a super duty in early January 2022 and still don’t have a build date yet.

      1. George

        I ordered my Super Duty on Dec 9 2021 and still haven’t gotten a build date. Just received and email 2 weeks ago but a longer delay and thats all the info I have gotten.

        1. Randy

          George, I ordered my F-450 also on Dec 09, and also received the same letter

        2. Kurt

          At least you got an email. We Ordered the End of December

  4. Michael

    I ordered an F250 Super Duty Nov. 26, 2021 as of today (03/30/2022) still unscheduled for build.

    1. David

      I ordered an F250 in November 2021 and have not heard anything as of today (4/11/2022) and I really need a truck to tow my travel trailer. Quite a problem.

      1. George

        I have same problem. we purchased a used 5th wheel in December and I ordered my F250. luckily The 5th wheel was at a camp site for winter season storage and I was able to keep in there but had to pay for whole seasonal since I have no idea when Ill get my truck. At least we can still camp this year. I just hope I get my truck by the fall So I don’t have to pay to keep camper there for winter.

    2. Robert Morrison

      I ordered my F250 Nov 27, 2021, I have not heard anything

  5. Jason Berry

    I ordered a 2022 f350 on oct 1st 2021, finally got a vin number in feb 2022, start on production march 3rd 2022, got a completed built date of march 23rd. and as of march 30 still awaiting delivery date.

  6. Jim

    Ordered my 350 tremor 11/23/22 , no vin, no build date, hopefully I will hear something in April,

  7. Eugene

    Ordered my 2022 F350 Platinum F350 Dually 8/13/21 as of today 4/1/2022 still list as in processing no VIN

    1. Chrispin

      same here F250 Platinum 2/18/22 as of Friday it has few delays and no VIN
      and Window sticker

  8. Alex

    Ordered my F-250 Limited 11/05/2021 and still no vin or update.

  9. Ryan

    ordered my 2022 f-250 tremor on 8-4-21 finally got a VIN end of February Scheduled to get built this week. We shall see. Very disappointed with Ford! Seen others same Tremor package from other dealers get ordered in November and followed them via VIN some have been delivered and were a regular order for dealer lot. Mine being a Special Order you would of thought would be priority. I guess we will see if the thing ever shows up! Understand the chip thing but the fact lot trucks came before mine is what pisses me off!

  10. derrick chisholm

    if anyone is looking for a 2022 lariat crewcab longbox in alberta or saskatchewan or anywhere for that matter, ill sell mine and it still hasnt hit 500km. i drove it from the dealership to my farm

  11. Rob

    I ordered a 2017 F350 two months before production even started. It took over 9 months to get the truck even though any who ordered later were receiving and driving their new trucks. Date of the order has little to do with the date of production but the options one orders will control when the assembly is scheduled and completed. So for all the do dads and fancies checked on the order sheet there is no estimation of time till delivery. I ordered a 2022 F350 back in the beginning of Nov ’21 and just got a notice parts are still not available but don’t worry, it will come eventually. And since I stripped the 2017 of all camper related equipment my wife now sit and wait and wait and wait and wonder if we will get to enjoy our multi month long trip north while the fuel is still cheap at $5.60/g

  12. Nathan Huffman

    Some of these comments at least let me know I’m not alone. Ordered an F-450 Lariat Nov. 11th and still have not received VIN/Build Date. I did get another ‘we are working on it and haven’t forgotten you’ email a couple of weeks ago.

  13. Dennis

    I ordered a 2022, F-250, Lariat, Super Duty, Crew Cab, short box on Mar. 4th 2022. Looking for more information on the build time as of recent times. Am having a hard time finding recent production #s that Ford is putting out and #s of truck per month being produced. Anyone out there have any good information on this?
    Thanks for your time, Dennis

    1. Dave

      Similar situation. Same truck, basically. Ordered March 5th. I’m not expecting to hear ANYTHING until mid-summer. The dealer salesman said to expect it sometime in the 4th quarter of 2022. I made sure not order the 5th wheel prep, bedliner, or sunroof. But I do have the Tremor package and Lariat Ultimate. May arrive with some things chipless, I’m told (by dealer). Like heated seats/steering wheel and things like that. The chips can be installed later.

    2. Mike

      I don’t have good info, but I ordered My F250 on Mar 13, 2022. I received an email from Ford with an order number and a VIN#, expected build date is the week of May 2, 2022.

    3. George

      I ordered a 2022 F 250 Lariat, crew cab with long box on December 9, 2021. As of today I only received one email from Ford over month ago that there is a longer delay for production. Haven’t heard anything yet about Vin or production and its 4/27. When I first ordered truck I was told I would have had delivery 4 to 5 months at latest.

  14. Klaus Gaertner

    Similar situation 🙁 Ordered F250 Lariat Super Duty, Crew Cab, Tremor, etc. etc…. Jan 10th 2022. March 9th 2022 I also got only an information from Ford per e-Mail:
    Thanks again for placing your 2022 Super Duty F-250 Lariat order. While we’ve been busy working to get your new vehicle into production, we’ve run into a few delays.

    Sometimes certain features or options can lengthen the time before a vehicle is scheduled for production.

    We know there’s a lot of anticipation when it comes to getting into a new vehicle, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated. Once your vehicle is ready to move into the production schedule, you’ll be hearing from us again.
    My dealer is telling me just the same, easiest way to keep me quiet. My dealer don’t care if I would cancel my order because if I don’t buy it the next customer will buy it.

    Ford is stalling there customer. They use software and for this they should tell you exact when the build your car. OR Ford can’t build any of this order for an F250 etc. etc….

    Most important question for me: Can they build our orders or can’t they build or orders?
    I call it mismanagement and the customer has to pay for it like always.

    Ford should be careful and not so arrogant because a lost customer won’t come back to Ford anytime soon. Maybe I will become a RAM guy 🙂

    1. George

      Your right, they do need to be careful and not so arrogant or they will loose customers. I was a die hard GM guy. owned 4 chevy’s and one GMC since 1988. I tried to order a new GMC AT4 2500 HD back in December and the arrogant salesman at my local dealer whom I purchased off before said they weren’t going to waste their time placing an order for a new truck that will take months to get. So thats why I decided to order a Ford after being a long time GM guy. So far Ford doesn’t look so great to me now. I really hate to be a RAM guy but I do see a few of them on the lots.

    2. Dan

      Same bullsh*t. ordered my F350 Platinum on 12/28/21 was told if I removed the tunnel cover would get it faster, so I removed cover. Month later dealer calls me up and tells me remove bed spray liner and will get faster so I did so I did. 3 months from order date dealer calls me up and tells me remove the 5th wheel prep you will get it faster what bullsh*t. Asked the dealer to asked Ford if they don’t paint the truck would they start building it. I should have bought a Ram. I guess

  15. Stephen Geel

    I ordered mr F350 King Ranch 10/21/21 and still no vin number!😡

  16. Jeff

    I ordered my F-350 Lariat Mar 2021. Just got shipped on 11 Mar 2022

  17. Steven Francis

    Well folks I’m sharing your frustration and anxiety regarding new Ford truck orders. I ordered my F350 XLT DRW Oct. 23, 2021. Received an email from Ford telling me the build was complete and it was being shipped or was in transit to dealership. The delivery has been delayed several times. Dealer visibility report says its parked in a lot somewhere at Kentucky Truck. I wish I could drive a VIN# and window sticker that’s all I got for 7-months. I can assure you speculation is worthless Ford doesn’t care. Customer satisfaction should be JOB ONE!!!

  18. Jesse

    I ordered an F350 Cab and chassis with a super cab and the order got submitted wrong. (no super cab) It was picked up and given a vin number when I realized it was the wrong truck. The only option was to start over with a new order at the back of the line. I’m wondering if this drags on if they will consider our trucks the 2023 model?

  19. Muzzy

    Ordered my 2022 F250 Lariat, 4/28/21,
    Ford said it was built 3/4/22
    Deal said it it should arrive this week 4/18/22, but I’m not holding my breath.
    1 year wait for a truck, seems reasonable, right

  20. David

    I ordered a F250 Lariat, 6.7L Power Stroke, Crew Cab, 4WD, SB Nov. 18th. A couple of months later I got concerned that the F250 might not have the payload capacity I was looking for. I ordered a F350 Lariat, 6.7L Power Stroke, Crew Cab, 4WD, SB on Feb 2nd. I haven’t gotten a VIN for either one of them yet.

  21. Michael Day

    I ordered my 2022 F-350 DRW platinum in March of 2021 and have had 4 canceled build dates. They gave me a new build date of May 9th 2022, but I’m losing faith in this process it’s been 13 months since I placed my order. I’ve been a faithful ford owner my whole life and have had nothing but the best experience with Ford. But since the pandemic and chip shortage I think ford has lost there core values in there customer service. The system they have in place is broken, you can’t get any information from the dealer or the manufacturer. It’s actually pretty sad this is the worst experience I have ever had with ford. And now you have dealers price gouging there customers

  22. 777driver

    I ordered an F350 4×4 Crew Cab, 6.7 Power Stroke Diesel, Tremor, Black appearance pkg, Lariat October 25, 2021.

    The alleged build date kept changing with creeping delays from March 2022 – April 24 , 2022.

    I received an email about a week ago indicating that it was “in production.”

    On Thursday, 4/21/2022, I received an email stating that the truck is “Built,” and is awaiting shipment.
    It then states, “Our current estimate for delivery to Sawgrass Ford (South Florida) is between May 6, 2022 and May 12, 2022.”

    We shall see.

  23. Mark

    I order my 2022 F-250 xl with the stx package on Sept 30,2021 and no vin# yet. I think Ford owes all of us a free extended warranty. My dealer feels bad that Ford is not producing are trucks in a timely manner, Talked to him today(4-25-22) and he is as frustrate as anyone they are killing his business.

  24. Mike

    I placed an order for a 2022 F350 Ultimate Lariat DRW in August of 2021 and haven’t received a VIN or build date as of yet. My salesman tells me that there is 8 Items that have supply chain issues. Some are pretty useful items ie: dually axle, fifth wheel prep, chrome running boards, dually box, paint color ? crew cab, wide body frame…… so basically the whole dam truck is supplied chained… WTF!!! This is ridiculous. nothing mentioned in the email about any chips

    1. George

      Exactly I didn’t get any mention of a chip shortage for my build either. My dealer called me after talking to his Ford Rep and told me if I would consider deleting the Fifth wheel prep and factory spray in Bed liner I would get a faster build date. No mention of any chip shortage just those 2 items. I ordered the truck because I purchased a 5th wheel camper so I need the prep package I told him I want the truck as I ordered it.

  25. Andy

    Chip Shortage or Chip Diversion? I heard an interview with CEO Jim Farley a week ago and he outright said, and I am paraphrasing, that they were making a priority of directing microchip supply towards the F150 Lighting in order to get that truck launched. F150 Lighting is a huge stakes game for Ford, between wallstreet analysts-shareholders, their teetering stock price hinges on the success this monumental EV truck platform. I may have heard Mr. Farley wrong, but he stated the F150 Lighting has over 3,000 chipsets in each truck. That is a HUGE number of chips compared to a typical gasser super duty.

    My sense is that if its chips that is slowing production on the Superduty, it’s due to FMC diverting chipsets to other priority platforms.

    My Superduty has been on order since December 6- got the “delays” notice last month but yet to have a build date. Most frustrating is the random reports of some ordered later that got production sooner. The communication could certainly be improved

  26. DANIEL lawrence TOON



    I orderd my 350 King Ranch Feb, 08,2022. Only recieved i email from ford 4,07,2022 with a delay for porduction date. Was told by dealer not to order bedliner or fifthwheel hitch.

  28. Klaus Gaertner

    May 12th I received the following email:
    Dear ……….,
    We are excited to let you know your 2022 Super Duty F-250 Lariat Crew Cab has been scheduled for production. Your vehicle is scheduled to be built the week of June 13, 2022.

    with a button to track the VIN which was in the email.
    I was able to track my VIN for 2-3 weeks but suddenly the tracking is not working anymore.
    I am not sure if this is the way from Ford to keep the customer silent and on a long line?!?!?

    1. Kenneth

      Have you had any additional news from Ford?

  29. GettinATremor

    Ordered a Tremor on 12-22-21. I just got notified today that my order is scheduled to build week of July 25.

  30. Bud

    I own a fleet of SD 550, 600 and 750. Ford is MIA in every way these days. Parts can not be found (cats, injectors, ect…), dealer repair facilities are writing $10-$15K estimates and telling you to drop off and wait months on end. I say F#CK Ford for being MIA and not taking care of loyal fleet owners.

    They are doing nothing but focusing on building electric vehicles…Geez! those require chips too but they are building them. Ford has abandoned loyal customers and noone is talking about the silence

  31. Tom Krenn

    I placed my Platinum order on November 3,2021. I have had 3 different build dates. The last one being August 1,2022. I always thought the plants kind of shut down in August to reboot the line for the new year trucks coming in. I do NOT think I will be getting a 2022 truck until Thanksgiving. A year and the truck will already be a year old. Does anyone know if these plants stop production in August to switch over to the new model year?

  32. Clay McBride

    Ordered my 2022 F350 Platinum/Tremor back in the first week of December (2021). Still no build date… so frustrating to have the dealer only be able to tell me that my order is “in good order.”

    1. Clay McBride

      Dealer is now saying the “delay” is due to parts shortages on the Godzilla motor. I was hoping they were going to say it was due to something on my “nice to have” list of options. I keep waiting…


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