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Aidan Hutchinson Will Buy A Ford Bronco With First NFL Paycheck

Ford has launched a number of desirable vehicles over the past couple of years, even attracting the likes of former pro wrestler, life-long Ford guy, and current mega movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who recently expressed his desire to purchase a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, as well as the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor shortly after its reveal in January. But The Rock isn’t the only big name coveting Blue Oval products at the moment, as Michigan Wolverines superstar pass rusher Aidan Hutchinson – who’s now headed to the NFL Draft with the expectations of being a high first-round pick – apparently wants to buy a Ford Bronco with his first big-time paycheck, according to Justin Rogers of The Detroit News.

“Aidan Hutchinson says his NFL paycheck first purchase will be a Ford Bronco,” Rogers tweeted. “Lions confirmed.” With the Detroit Lions holding the number two pick in the upcoming draft and Hutchinson looking likely to go in the top five, it’s quite possible that the home team plans to fill a big void on its roster with the elite talent. In that case, Aidan Hutchinson would also be right down the road from Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, which is rather convenient, not to mention the fact that the Lions are owned by the Ford family.

Of course, Hutchinson’s future multi-million contract is more than enough to cover the cost of any new Bronco he might desire if he can’t manage to get one donated as part of his deal if the Lions do indeed draft him. Otherwise, the former Wolverine might have a bit of a problem obtaining one, unless he’s willing to pay a big markup for the privilege to do so, as order banks for 2022 Bronco models are set to close next week due to extreme demand.

Regardless, Ford has been known to make exceptions for celebrities wanting a vehicle in the past, so even if Hutchinson doesn’t wind up with the Lions, perhaps the automaker could pull a few strings anyway and make this big-time prospect’s wish come true.

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  1. Dave

    He will be spending the rest on gas if it keeps going up. The 87grade alone has went up by more then 40 cents in two days.

  2. Wanted33

    Well, I’ve been waiting on a build date for my Bronco since 03/03/21. Maybe if I change my name to “Aidan Hutchinson” I’ll get a build before the end on ’22.

  3. DW Sut

    Add to the list of reasons why a person cannot receive their order from Ford other than limited production, the backwards allocation system, now celebrity orders. Awesome.

  4. Lozada77

    I bet he will get it the next day!


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