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Biggest Conquest For Ford Bronco Is The Jeep Wrangler

It’s no secret that the sixth-generation Ford Bronco was developed specifically to do battle with the Jeep Wrangler, just like the old days. And so far, the Bronco is fairing quite well in that revived showroom battle, though Ford is having trouble building enough to satisfy demand. Meanwhile, Jeep executives have tried on numerous occasions to position the Wrangler as a superior product, even though 70 percent of early Bronco buyers defected from other brands, including Jeep. Now, in Ford’s February sales report, the automaker has revealed that more Jeep Wrangler owners have defected to the Ford Bronco than any other model thus far.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, but it is further confirmation that the Bronco is stealing a considerable number of customers from Jeep if nothing else. In fact, the Bronco’s little brother – the Ford Bronco Sport – was already getting most of its buyers from Jeep, while 63 percent of owners came from other brands in general. Adding insult to injury, the Bronco Sport even beat the Wrangler in a recent comparison test, while the Bronco has also prevailed against its chief rival on multiple occasions.

In total, over 70 percent of Bronco buyers thus far have migrated from another brand, which is undoubtedly an impressive statistic. The reborn SUV is clearly proving appealing to folks that may not have otherwise considered a Blue Oval product, though that has also turned out to be a bit of an issue as Ford continues to struggle to fulfill that demand amid various supply chain constraints, which has led to a number of owners flipping their Bronco for a profit. In fact, the rugged SUV was one of the fastest-selling used vehicles in January because of this simple fact.

Meanwhile, extreme demand has also prompted Ford to stop taking orders for 2022 Bronco models next week, as Ford Authority recently reported, while it continues to try and fill its massive backlog of orders amid unprecedented supply chain issues.

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  1. gregandrews

    Yep. Count me in. I placed a Bronco order last year and am still waiting for it. When it arrives, I’m saying goodbye to my 2016 Rubicon. The Jeep can’t come close to what the Bronco offers.

    1. Big Poppa

      the best thing thats ever happened to jeep. we get to drain the swamp of all the fake jeep owners by giving them a more pavement-oriented vehicle.
      no solid axels? that’s a hard pass from me.

      Only true jeepers will be left driving jeeps.

      Have fun with your soft tops!

  2. Don

    The Wrangler and Bronco are two totally different vehicles. The only similarity is the removable top and doors.

    Other than that the Bronco is more like the Jeep Cherokee, Compass, Renegade, and Grand Cherokee. Independent front suspension. All of the Bronco owners will soon learn the limitations of IFS just like those of us that owned IFS Jeeps learned years ago. 2007 is calling.

    Without the ability to flex the Bronco will never be able to do the off camber things a Wrangler can do off road. It’s already breaking CV axles on the stock 35s left and right.

    People who think they’re going to do an axle swap are delusional. You’d end up $120,000 into the vehicle in all the mods just to do what a Wrangler can do on basic trails.

    $120,000 Wranglers are running King of the Hammers and other events winning money on their investment.

    The Bronco is a mall crawler, aimed at mall crawlers who own Jeeps with angry grilles and lightbars they don’t even hook up, or fab fours grumper bumpers, 35s with 22s, halos, all the mall crawler mods.

    That is who Ford is targeting, because no one who actually wheels their Jeep would literally work backwards and get a vehicle that’s less capable than what they already have.

    1. Gary


    2. Wes

      And just like the vaunted H2, most of the Bronco’s will be used as city drivers. And that’s OK.

      I’ll buy a Bronco over a Jeep just because it’s bigger inside, and the drivers’ workspace (where I spend 100% of my time in the car) is more comfortable.
      Looked at a new JL 4-door last week, just too small interior for the $$.
      No offroading I will ever do can’t be done by my current Silverado pickup.

      Just want something with a covered cargo area to drive to work meetings every now and again, and to deer hunt camp down sand roads requiring 4wd. A bonus will be something that I won’t feel terrible getting pinstripes down it, as well as being able to quickly clean out the cargo area.

      Ford is targeting users like “me” and if I can find a Bronco I like at a price I like, I’ll support them for it as well.

    3. Chris

      I agree with most of what you’re saying with exception of the idea that the bronco and wrangler are completely different. I think the opposite. The bronco is literally a carbon copy rip off of the wrangler. Removal doors, and tops, 2 and 4 door versions, lockers and sway bar disconects. Similar enough to be the best mall crawler in its class. Once it’s time to trade in my rubicon I have my eyes set ona turbo diesel wrangler rubicon

  3. Mike

    Bronco are ugly and lack style

  4. Ryan

    It’s funny how ONE picture and the internet can spread so much bs. The new Bronco’s ARE NOT breaking cv’s. Fake news! There are a few here and there ( I’ve heard ) that have broken on a trail that was meant for “built” off road vehicles. And even then, some of the built one’s break. Bottom line is, it’s a new vehicle. You can’t expect ANY “new” (from the ground up) vehicle to not have “growing pains”. The Jeep Wrangler has been pretty much the same since 2007, only adding MORE off road capability, and a tiny bit more creature comforts. Can’t knock it though. The Jeep IS a great off road capable vehicle, stock! The new Bronco though ( having driven both OFF ROAD, and ON ), is a WHOLE different animal, that the Jeep just can’t compete with. Whatever your “brand” …..side by side, dollar for dollar… you can NOT beat the Bronco in every day ON AND OFF road capability, with the added benefits of comfort.

    1. Chris

      The bronco a whole different animal??? Lol the wrangler has stronger axles with better articulation, it offers a diesel with more low end torque than ant bronco. Ford will never put a diesel in a bronco. Jeep has a 6.4 hemi v8…something that no bronco not even the over priced raptor can meet. Even the 4xe has more power than the 2.7 in the bronco. Everything else the bronco has was pretty much ripped off from jeep. The 2 and 4 door version, removable tops, half doors…all of it

      1. Ryan

        Well…..I beg to differ. Ford DID NOT rip off anything from the Jeep. This “new” Bronco is actually a “throwback” to commemorate the original ( 1966 ). Yes, the original Bronco had a removable top and doors. Now before you go “original Jeep” on me, let me tell you that there were three. And NOT ONE of them were from Jeep. One was built by Bantam, one by Willys-Overland ( Quad ), and one from Ford ( Pygmy ). All were used by the military. Bantam was rewarded the contract, but couldn’t deliver. That left Willys and Ford. When all was said and done Willys won the FULL contract, but Ford had to build them. So don’t believe the “ripoff” stuff. Willys was bought by Kiaser in 1953. The “Jeep” name?? well, that depends on who you ask. As far as the diesel/6.4hemi? if thats what you want. The Ford Raptor has the F150 Raptor platform and 400 hp with 430ft/tq, out of a 3.0L twin turbo. Fuel milage ( which the Hemi Jeep has little of ) should be close to 20 mpg.

  5. Nick

    I for one went the other way. I was a Nissan/Toyota guy and wheel the hell out of my 4x4s. I went all in on the Bronco reveal and nearly two years later I don’t have a Bronco. So, in January I ordered a 2022 Wrangler Rubicon. V6 with a manual? Check. Functional color matched hardtop? Check. Off-road chops? Check. Enough technology to keep me happy? Check.

    I understand supply chain constraints and part availability, but Fords allocation fiasco and tone deaf attitude towards it’s existing reservation/order holders has lost me as a customer, not just for the Bronco but for any future vehicle I look at.

    1. Lozada77

      I’m about to do the same thing. I’ve been looking and my local dealer has some in stock!

  6. Peter

    70% of buyers migrating from another brand does not seem that impressive when Ford didn’t even have an offering in this class for a decade.

  7. Kiet anh vo

    I ordered my last year jan 2021,i didnt receive mine yet,i have a good hope it will come this summer 2022 so i can enjoy my old age pension with my Bronco Off road 4 doors 2.7L,orange 4×4, i hope Ford do not make me waiting longer i will be too old to drive and enjoy my new Toy

  8. Dave

    But it’s a Ford. I will never own a Ford again. 2001 Expedition, 4.6L V8. Ignition coils exploding, spark plugs blowing out of the head, come on Ford, this is the kind of garbage you build? Have had some Ford company vehicles, very underwhelming. And all the new Bronco’s have to have their roofs replaced? Doesn’t surprise me at all. Par for the course from Ford.

  9. Darren Roos

    This is bad news becase Jeep oweners will be able to compare what they had with Jeep against what they are getting with the Bronco and before long will be trading their Bronco’s back in. What Ford needs is a group that wants to enter the off-road market that has never owned a Jeep before and doesnt have that to compare against.

  10. John glass

    Ford is junk.there is nothing like a jeep. Jeep is king

  11. Wanted33

    One thing the article didn’t adddres is the number of Bronco reservations holdings that have given up, and bought a Wrangler. Ford’s inability to build Broncos, or even communicate to it’s customers what happening is causing quite a few lost sales. I know Ford doesn’t care, and will sell every Bronco that hits the ground, but it’s worth mentioning.
    I said this before. It is the Bronco that will have to prove itself in the real world, not the Jeep. Only time will tell if the Bronco is up to the task. If I can ever get a build date for my October ’20 reservation I may be able to find out myself. That is if I can hold on until 2024, and if I’m lucky enough to even get a date by then.

  12. Lozada77

    This is correct but getting a Bronco seems impossible. Almost seems like Ford is playing and teasing with their customers. Ford is requesting deposits on orders placed but are dragging their feet delivering. Fords communication has been absolutely horrible literally keeping their customers in the dark on when they should expect to receive their Bronco. You contact the dealer and everyone tells you a different story! The media needs to start looking into this scam Ford has going on! #getittogether!

  13. Lozada77

    Not sure why FORD CONTINUED to take orders knowing they could not fill them and taking peoples deposit!

  14. Lozada77

    Ford keeps releasing new models of the Ford Bronco but can not deliver the models they already have thousands of orders for. Ford will continue to fall behind, especially when they are not building the orders they currently have in their system! At this point Ford should skip a 2023 model fill everyone’s order and continue on with a 2024 model!


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