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Ford Everest Raptor Not Being Developed As Customers Don’t Want One

The all-new, next-generation 2023 Ford Everest was just revealed early this morning, which has many wondering – will a Ford Everest Raptor variant follow, the same way it did with the Everest’s recently updated Ford T6 platform counterparts, the Ford Bronco (the Ford Bronco Raptor) and Ford Ranger (Ford Ranger Raptor)? It would certainly make sense given the popularity of those models, along with the Ford F-150 Raptor, coupled with the fact that the Everest is an off-road-focused SUV, to begin with. However, a Ford Everest Raptor doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

“Yeah, you know, we certainly spoke to…and especially when you talk about, you know, Everest owners, clubs for example, and people who use Everest in probably a more extreme way than perhaps a normal customer,” Ian Foston, Ford’s T6 chief platform engineer, explained to CarExpert. “A few of them have said, oh, wouldn’t it be awesome to do an Everest Raptor. But in reality, I would say that we haven’t had a massive calling for it [outside of those few people]. There have been few people asking about it [that weren’t Ford’s extreme Everest customers].”

It’s an interesting development, especially considering the fact that it would seemingly be rather easy to make an Everest Raptor since it shares so much in common with the Ranger, not to mention a platform with the Bronco. However, it seems that not enough customers are interested in a more hardcore version of the new SUV, and thus, Ford didn’t deem such a move as fiscally responsible.

For now, Ford hasn’t even announced a more rugged or off-road capable version of the next-generation Everest, only Sport, Titanium+, and Platinum levels, though more are set to be revealed in the coming weeks. The new SUV does come equipped with a few features that should appeal to off-roaders, however, including specially-tuned dampers, a 50mm wider track, a choice of two four-wheel drive systems – part-time or full-time, underbody protection, selectable off-road driving modes, a locking rear differential, two front tow hooks, and upfitter switches.

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  1. Justin L.

    Why would we not build this here alongside the Bronco and Ranger…Would be an awesome blend between an Explorer and Bronco for ruggedness and refinement.

  2. David Humphries

    Ford are wrong not creating an Everest Raptor.

    An Everest Raptor would compete with the 300 Series Landcruiser GR and help change the image of the Everest from shopping trolley to serious diesel powered offroad vehicle.


    Talvez tengan miedo de quitarle venta al Ranger Raptor, que estrena actualizacion, porque la caja no se usa como pick up, y los usuarios, seria mucho mas util como todo terreno, un FORD EVEREST RAPTOR, o cambian a los directivos o no van a pleno para resaltar la marca FORD


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