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Ford Exec Wants Congress To Develop EV Incentive Programs

For over a year now, automakers and lawmakers have pushed for new EV incentive programs that would effectively replace the old, outdated $7,500 tax credit and make it more affordable for people to make the switch from ICE vehicles to all-electric models. These potential EV incentive programs are also crucial for Ford as it aims to spend $50 billion to boost its annual EV production to two million units by 2026, lofty goals that have some Wall Street analysts a bit skeptical. That’s precisely why one Ford exec is pushing Congress to get something done in that regard, according to Automotive News.

“We can see the environmental need and customer demand for innovative, high-performance electric vehicles, but if we are to be world leaders in this space we must move quickly,” Bob Holycross, Ford’s vice president of sustainability, environment, and safety engineering told members of a subcommittee within the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “To be clear, if U.S. policies are not efficient and effective in this transition, we risk being outpaced by global competitors like China and Europe.”

“This isn’t about a long-term ambition. The inflection is now,” Holycross told Automotive News. “We are past the tipping point, quite frankly, in terms of where this movement is, and it’s so important not just to be able to meet the overwhelming demand that we’ve seen from our customers and small businesses up and down the retail and commercial market, but so that we really make sure that this all happens in the U.S. for our competitiveness and security.”

Ford – which recently announced that it would be splitting its business into two entities, Model e for EVs and Ford Blue for ICE vehicles – is in the midst of a major transformation, while the company’s CEO, Jim Farley, has met with White House officials to discuss new EV incentives on numerous occasions. At the same time, President Joe Biden has been pushing EV adoption as well, recently signing an executive order directing federal agencies to stop buying ICE-powered vehicles by 2027, setting a goal of achieving a 50 percent EV mix in new vehicle sales by 2030, and rolling out a new EV charging action plan that aims to significantly boost charging infrastructure in the coming years.

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  1. Greggt

    As a US taxpayer I am totally against using tax money to further an agenda. If this was so great, it would stand on its own merits!

    1. DluxDlitz

      I could not agree more. If EV’s are so cost effective and efficient, why do MY tax dollars need to subsidize the auto industry so they can charge more for them than they’re worth? This is just another auto industry scam to add to their bottom line.
      The rich get richer and we get to pay for it!!!

  2. David Dickinson

    This request by Ford really lowers my opinion of the company. Unlike GM, Ford didn’t need a government bailout. But, now, Ford comes hat in hand to Uncle Sam asking for free money. With $30T in national debt that grows by the day, I’m really sick of people using the US of A as a piggy bank. As stated, if EVs are so great, let people pay full price for them. However, I fear the current Administration will jump on this to push their money-sucking green agenda.

  3. Everyday Patriot

    A few years ago, a congressman I voted for squealed with glee to vote for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. Let them stash their earnings away in tax havens not available to me and others not in the seven-figures-and-above category.
    I’m fine with my tax dollars doing something to benefit the common man and woman, and benefit the environment and the United States of America.
    Should this stand on its own merits? Sure. Right after the mega-rich stand on theirs, without my taxes paying for the lack of them paying taxes.

    1. Greggt

      Are you speaking of the 61% of American families that pay ZERO Federal Income Taxes or the top 10% that pay 71% of those taxes?

    2. Joe

      77% of American families got a tax cut under the last President. If you made more money that makes sense that you got more back. In the plan also the rich were limited Salt deductions to 10K. Why should a person tax can only afford a 30K car that gets 38 mpg on the highway get nothing and a EV buyer with a much higher income get $7500.00? If they want to do a tax credit, which I don’t think it is a good idea, then limit it to a family income under 80K to help the people that really need it and include ICE vehicles that get 30 MPG combined. Keep the EV at $7500.00 and ICE and Hybrids at $3500.00. Limit the sale price also at 50K.

  4. Tigger

    Good luck. Build Back Better is dead and with a looming recession and probable decreased tax revenues, the electorate will not be in favor of corporate welfare especially in an election year.

  5. TheRetiredViking

    Let the product line stand or fall on merit. I resent tax dollars being used for artificially skewing the market. Farm and dairy subsidies are bad enough; we don’t need this.

    Question for y’all: how big a success would the Prius have been were it not for the tax incentives and solo-carpool-lane exemptions?

  6. Stephen Ketterer


  7. TomB

    If the Feds get involved, the Feds will control. Farly will be working for “them”. He’ll need Fed’s permission to move forward or make changes. Bush – 41 explained that fact to the folks developing HD TV when they asked for Fed support in the early 1990’s … H.W. Bush told them they’d never get HD TV developed at the snail’s pace of our government committees, congress, and regulatory bureaucrats. He refused their request and digital HD was developed rather than the lesser analog format. Good products don’t need Tax-Payer support.

  8. Joe

    Government shouldn’t be handing out taxbreaks and picking what cars are included. Even with the $7500.00 credit most families will not be able to afford them, have a place to charge them, or fit everyone in them.

  9. TVFord

    Tax credits and incentives work whether you like them or not. They worked to push oil exploration and still do (along with many other ways we prop up this industry). Aside from the blood and treasure we expend to keep oil cheap and the fact it helps our enemies more than us. It is not without subsidy and tax dollars being spent let alone credits. OPEC and others in the industry have manipulated things for a long time and people seem to be OK with that.
    Anyone argues it is a free market is foolish. Also it is not without government support in the least …

    The issue is not if government incentives are good or not since they exists and will continue to no matter, it is do we want to incentivize or support something or not. Incentives work and they worked to get buyers in Denmark to buy EVs. In Denmark (think it was there) they eventually did not need them as the one article I read had people noting they realized even without incentives it just made financial sense at a certain point. With the oil market we keep using tax dollars to prop it long after this should stop. Which is worse?

    I would rather tax incentives work towards clean energy that will create steady jobs in the US and keep wealth here than to keep on a path to polluting the environment and enriching those that do not want the US to succeed without any idea of how to change. So for me allowing people to take tax credits for EV purchases makes sense.

  10. mike s

    First off people, this talk of $7500 credit has been replaced with proposal of $12,500 credit. This green new deal crap is gonna ramp up prices for the average person expotentialy. Don’t these idiots realize that the air we breathe is eventually mixed with countries that care less about purity. Pollutants emit from everywhere and while I don’t doubt that man contributes to this, our effect is minimal. People can’t afford these measures being imposed upon them, just to make an enviormentalist feel better about themself. Let AOC pay for this garbage.

  11. David Dickinson

    Sobering news I just read, “Customers face months, if not years, of wait time to purchase EVs.”

  12. David

    The hypocrisy, arrogance and ignorance of Ford Execs is beyond comical. While they are lobbying for new gov’t backed EV incentives to replace the $7,500 tax credit to make EVs “more affordable” while also claiming that the EV incentives are also crucial for Ford… Dealer MARKUP OVER MSRP continues to run rampant! Looking that the Ford’s build-and-price website, a 2022 Mustang MACH-E allows for the selection of a local dealer to complete and place your custom order online. For my zip code, the dealer MARKUP OVER MSRP ranged from $2,000 to as much as $4,000. The foot note states that the consumer “accepts” the price as put forth by the dealer at the point of placing a deposit to lock your order. Ford has a major problem that must be addressed with respect to dealer greed before they ask the gov’t for more EV incentives. Or better yet – Ford should cut the dealers out of the equation and let the consumer place direct factory orders for MSRP. I stopped short and will take my business elsewhere… or simply wait a few years for the EV market to mature. FORD – PLEASE ADDRESS DEALER GREED ASAP!!!!!


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