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Ford Maverick, Ford Puma Are Now Icons, More Variants Likely Coming

Last spring, Ford officially announced that it considers a number of its existing models to be “icons,” including the Ford Bronco, Ford F-150Ford Mustang, Ford Explorer, Ford Transit, and Ford Ranger. When the 2022 Ford Maverick launched last fall, FoMoCo was also quick to note that it believed the compact pickup could quickly make its way onto the coveted icon list, too. Now, it appears that has already happened, as Ford CEO Jim Farley specifically named not only the Ford Maverick as one of the automaker’s icons, but also added the Ford Puma to that list as well.

“Ford is so fortunate to have icons that we do well without trying hard,” Farley said during a press conference announcing the creation of its Model e and Ford Blue divisions. “The F-Series, the Bronco, the Maverick, the Mustang, the Puma in Europe. Ford Blue is gonna make those products even better. More derivatives. More investment.”

This revelation comes following a meteoric rise for both models, as both are fairly new to the market, yet not wholly undeserving of icon status. The Ford Maverick has been a smash hit since its launch, as demand quickly exceeded the automaker’s production capacity, prompting it to stop taking orders for the 2022 model year in January. The Puma has also been a big hit in Europe, where it recently surpassed the Ford Fiesta and Focus as FoMoCo’s best-selling vehicle in that region, becoming the automaker’s very first SUV/crossover to hold that title, as well as the basis for its very first hybrid rally car.

Achieving icon status also means that more variants and EV versions of both the Maverick and Puma are likely on the way as well, as Ford previously stated that its EV plans will focus on both icons and commercial vehicles moving forward. Ford previously refused to rule out a high-performance on-road or off-road-focused variant of the Maverick, while a Puma EV is already reportedly on the way, possibly for the 2024 model year, though the crossover likely won’t be coming to the U.S.

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  1. Samurai

    The Puma could be more of an icon if it came to the US, just saying Ford.

    1. Lurch


  2. Peter Lacres

    The Puma isn’t an icon at all. It’s the best selling Ford in Europe but the Puma isn’t a class leader. The VW T-Roc, Peugeot 2008 or Renault Captur are more popular. It just shows that Ford of Europe has lost it! The Fiesta, Focus don’t sell in huge numbers, the VW Ford EV will only arrive late next year and by 2024 the market share will be …. 3% ???

  3. Kevin

    Show me a hybrid Maverick with AWD and the FX4 kit and I’ll sell my Silverado today.

  4. Nick

    Ford Puma??

  5. Carl Meyer

    Chinese Brands is coming, and will Take the Market.
    Strongest engines. Better Design. Low prices. Better fuel (eletric or ICE) efficiency. Confort and luxury interior.

    1. Oliver

      Not until they can pass 1st world safety standards

  6. Ada Atkins

    Love to get a Ford Maverick Truck! I had my first Ford at age 18 after graduating from High School.

    1. Daniel Beck

      My first Ford was a 1956 Fairlane Skyliner. The previous owner put in a 312 cid police engine and changed it from an automatic to manual trans. It was a great ride, but it was so heavy even the police motor had a hard time dragging the bulk around.
      I have had six or seven Fords, three Chevies, three Dodges and some imports like Porsche and Austin-Healey. By far my favorite FUN drive is the Maverick. I bought the AWD with the Fx4, Towing, and XLT packages and it is really exactly what I wanted to have and to take out and have fun.

  7. Ralph Quintiliano

    Whether or not the maverick has icon status or not is irrelevant. Remember Fords goal, to be able to mass produce a reliable vehicle that is affordable. Ford had lost sight of his vision until the maverick came along. Let’s not screw it up by upping its price point. Its bad enough the most dealers try to gouge customers when making a purchase.

    1. Daniel Beck

      Fortunately, my dealership ordered and delivered my Maverick without any problems. I ordered it and Ford kept me informed throughout the process. My dealership received the truck and detailed it and when it was ready to sign the agreement I got a phone call. My dealership was completely honest throughout the entire process. The only complaint I have is that Ford did not give enough information or training on the 2022 model year which resulted in loss of some $$ because I didn’t go for some options that I would have taken had the sales staff and dealership management had the necessary information about the options.

  8. Robert Poole

    I agree with last comment
    Don’t let dealers gouge prices

  9. Phil Pearl

    How is the Ford Maverick an icon if no one can get one? Please!

  10. Scott P Vorves

    I ordered a Ford Maverick 3 months ago and it still hasn’t gone to production. I work at Nissan in TN and we are pumping out SUVs and cars like no tomorrow. What is the issue with Ford Maverick?

  11. Bill Byrne

    nice too bad you cant build one ! ordered a maverick 7 months ago, and nothing!!

  12. Fran Avery

    Why can’t we get the puma here. They discontinued the focus. I’ve had my focus hatchback since 15. I love it. Why do they discontinue good cars

  13. DeMonso A Waters Sr

    I’m ready for the Plugin hybrid with AWD

  14. Monte Ray Willingham

    I ordered my Lariat Maverick in October 2021 I received it in July 15 2023 the bad thing it took 21 months to get it. The good thing is it is a 2023. I drive it 80 miles an hour everywhere I go on the interstate 33 and 34 miles to the gallon. It is a hybrid 2 wheel drive. I love it i also live in Mexico 200 miles from the plant in Hermosillo. I love my 2023 Maverick and also I got it for the 2021 price 😁


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