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Ford Once Again Caught Benchmarking The Lucid Air

Last month, Ford Authority spies spotted Ford benchmarking the new Lucid Air against the Ford Mustang Mach-E, despite the fact that those two vehicles share essentially nothing in common aside from the fact that both are EVs. Regardless, it was an interesting tidbit for certain, given the fact that the Lucid Air is a luxurious and rather expensive vehicle packed with technology features and supreme power. Now, Ford Authority spies have spotted Ford benchmarking what may be the very same Lucid Air once again, over a month later.

Like the previously-spotted sedan, this Air is also finished in white with the same wheels and stickers. Far more expensive than any of Ford’s current EVs with a price tag ranging between $77,400 and $169,000, depending on trim, it’s likely that Ford wants to take a closer look at the Air’s technology, as it is Lucid’s very first vehicle to make it to production.

The Lucid Air comes in a variety of trims, including the base Air Pure, the Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and the sold-out Air Dream Edition, which touts up to 1,111 horsepower and 520 miles of range, depending on whether shoppers choose the Performance or Range variants. The Air Dream Edition Performance is currently the most powerful EV on the market, while the Range has the most range of any EV currently on sale.

Way back in 2017, Ford had the chance to acquire Lucid Motors but ultimately chose to pass on that opportunity. Now, Lucid’s market cap is awfully close to Ford’s. As it continues to invest heavily in EVs, The Blue Oval has instead resorted to benchmarking the automaker’s very first product, along with a number of established electric vehicles including the Tesla Model 3, Model Y Performance, and Audi e-tron.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Perhaps. Just perhaps FORD is rethinking the stupid idea to discontinue sedans for this market. Sliver of hope but it’s still best not to hold your breath too long.

  2. JE

    Ford or Lincoln have absolutely nothing to compete with the Lucid Air. For those who, like me, don´t like SUV´s or crossovers, the Mach-e is simply no option. I hope Ford really rethinks the stupid idea of cancelling all its sedans.

  3. Steve

    Well, if Ford would sit down with these 20 somethings instead of building these waste of money EV’s they would be surprised how many 20 something’s prefer a sedan to a coupe. First thing my 22 year old daughter requested, a 4 door car. Why? So her and her friends can get in and out easier. By the way, she ended up buying a Merc, so Ford, you lost another future ford owner. Why a Mercedes? Because they look cool for under 20 grand. Bonus…..It’s a Mercedes. Ford can’t touch that because they’re more focused on really ugly EV’s….Rivian. Just say no…… Like Dad always said, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. That really applies to Rivian. I mean WOW…. really ugly.

    1. Ryan

      I’m a 20 something and we own and SUV and a truck. Your single person anecdotes mean nothing. The vast majority are looking for SUVs. Now thatay change if gas stays high for a long period of time, but ford doesn’t need to build a sedan just because you’re daughter wants it.

    2. Glenn Stecen

      Waste of money EVs lamo what an idiot you do realize that EV sales are up 40% while the industry is down for the year, right? That both Ford and Tesla have a 1.5 month lead time on their EVs, yet the legacy makers have excess inventory for the past three years in the entry level luxury segment?
      That why I say you’re an idiot and it’s not just bc you’re illiterate; after all you must be if you’re discussing Rivian the way you are. The vehicle is faster quieter better built better equipped looks future-proofed and is better in every conceivable metric than any gas powered truck If aliens were to visit earth they would look at pick truck buyers and say damn this species is stupid except for these guys over here driving the vehicle named Rivian

  4. MattR

    Why is Ford being “caught” benchmarking competitors products? I’d expect them to benchmark.


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