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Ford Pro Debuts All-New Commercial EV Charger Lineup

Ford Pro – the automaker’s relatively new commercial business – has been hard at work rolling out new services since its launch a few months ago, including complimentary ones for both electric and gas-powered fleets and Ford Pro Charging – which aims to help ease the transition between ICE-powered vehicles and EVs for fleet customers by providing a comprehensive solution for electric vehicle charging that consists of both hardware and software. Now, as FoMoCo continues to try and sell skeptical fleet customers on the cost savings and other benefits of switching to EVs, it has also debuted its all-new commercial EV charger lineup.

In total, Ford is launching six new home and depot chargers that aim to create a one-stop shop for its commercial customers in that regard, all of which include installation, software, service, and even financing bundled into one package. This turnkey approach is intended to address concerns fleet managers have about transitioning to electric vehicles, as roughly half of a group of surveyed customers recently indicated that they have concerns about charging infrastructure.

Ford offers a variety of AC and DC charging solutions to address those concerns, including 11.5 and 19.2 kilowatt home and depot chargers with J1772  or CCS-1 connectors, as well as four different depot-only chargers ranging from 60-180 kilowatts with CCS-1 connectors, most of which are Wi-Fi, cellular and ethernet-capable.

“It starts with sitting down with our customers to learn their business and how they plan to use their electric vehicles,” said Muffi Ghadiali, Ford Pro Charging general manager. “Regardless of the size of their business or the industry they are in, we’ll help them plan their charging infrastructure – whether it’s installing home chargers for employees or developing a large-scale depot system – to make the transition to electric seamless.”

Once these charging systems are up and running, Ford Pro customers can also take advantage of a full suite of monitoring and productivity tools including E-Telematics, Ford Pro Charging, and also get access to the BlueOval Charging Network, which currently touts 20,500 charge locations, 70,000 plugs, and over 7,300 DC fast charging plugs in the U.S.

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