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Is This A Ford Fusion Active Prototype, Or Something Entirely Different?

The Blue Oval’s pivot away from sedans coincided with an explicit transition toward crossovers and utility vehicles, a major shift that has not only impacted North American product offerings, but global models as well. Americans are already cognizant of the fact that the automaker ended Ford Fusion production almost two years ago, and its closely related sibling, the European Ford Mondeo, is scheduled to bow out sometime in the near future. But for several years, there have been rumors indicating that the company would revive the midsize as the Ford Fusion Active, a wagon-like crossover designed to take on the likes of the venerable Subaru Outback. So far, hints of the mythical vehicle have failed to result in any concrete evidence of the vehicle’s existence, although a recent prototype captured by our photographers could in fact be it, although a healthy amount of skepticism is necessary here.

Ford Fusion Active

There are visual cues that suggest this is Ford Fusion Active prototype. For starters, although the front end is heavily obscured by camoflauge, it appears to wear an aesthetic similar to the recently introduced Ford Mondeo sedan and Ford Evos crossover, two vehicles limited to the Chinese market. When compared to the Ford Evos, this vehicle features a relatively straight roof through the area above the rear doors, thus increasing its interior volume. By contrast, the Evos has a roof that immediately slopes downward after the B-pillar. Any potential Outback competitor would place more of an emphasis on utility, and would likely feature a roof more in line with this prototype.

Ford Fusion Active

That said, sources have suggested that this vehicle may not be a Ford Fusion Active, but some other type of mystery crossover. In fact, sources stated that this is a Chinese “homeroom” product, meaning Ford’s Chinese division is taking the lead on its development, although other regions can offer input if they feel compelled to do so. While that may dispel any notions of it coming to North America, it should be noted that development of the next generation Ford Ranger was a global undertaking, and that particular vehicle is officially headed to U.S. dealers in 2023, so anything is technically possible.

Ford Fusion Active

To throw more confusion into the mix, rumors of a three-row Ford Escape have persisted for years, essentially right alongside the Ford Fusion Active whisperings. There is precedent for such a vehicle, as the three-row Ford Edge Plus is offered in China. However, this vehicle looks nothing like the current Escape and seemingly shared no visual cues with the upcoming 2023 model, which is slated to receive a refresh. In any event, there are two things we know about this vehicle: that the taillights are placeholder units, and that it is an internal combustion powered vehicle. It will be interesting to see if this is in fact a Fusion Active, as Ford Authority has previously struck out on past assumptions.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. CWJ

    I think its a restyled Escape…and same unit will be the Lincoln Cosair….i read they are going to kill the Nautius/ Edge…in a few years….and by increasing the size of the Escape/ Corsair chassis…will give more room…and help upsize the car mabe 3 row seats..etc…

  2. tina22

    Had a new (9 miles) Edge for loaner from dealer. Nice lines; appointments, etc.; but too hard for both of us to get in and out of (kinda like one of the boy’s Fu-tons); not economical, but very peppy. The economy was always a factor for our earlier buying decision(s) so, we bought a bigger gas hog> Explorer. FMC: our opinion on Edge= higher ground access; better economy; rear seat configurations for easier access/storage space?? Just sayin….

  3. Lurch

    It looks too boxy to be a Fusion/Mondeo or any modern sedan. I think it’s just another crossover.

  4. N

    Maybe Ford actually listened and this is the new Edge. I know I’m wrong but I can dream right?

  5. Brad Barefoot

    Yawn … another suv/crossover. Go to Ford of Europe or AutozineUK and see the Mondeo Estate wagon. Hey Ford … the people are tired of “stupid useless vehicles” … GM’s on the matt right now, build what we want … not what a “soccer mom focus group w/blinders on” wants.

  6. John P

    Bring us the Puma, something to get excited about!

  7. Explorer ST

    Has to be an EV right??? DRLs look like those that were teased on one of the vehicles in the “Ford of Europe” conference.


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