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2022 Ford Bronco Lineup To Ditch Factory Navigation System Next Month

In recent months, the chip shortage and other supply constraints have wreaked havoc on automotive production, prompting Ford to drop a number of features from a wide variety of its vehicles – some temporary, and some more permanent. This includes the 2022 Ford Bronco, which is no longer available with paint protection film from the factory, while Ford stopped taking orders for its rugged SUV for the 2022 model year back in February as its production capacity is already maxed out. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2022 Ford Bronco lineup is ditching its factory navigation system starting next month, too.

The 2022 Bronco lineup will lose its optional factory navigation system option beginning with Job 2 production, which applies to all models built on or after May 2nd, 2022, though that date is subject to change. This feature is currently available as an option on Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands trims as part of the Mid Package (222A equipment group) and is standard on Badlands trims equipped with the High (333A) or Lux Package (334A), as well as Outer Banks and Wildtrak trims. Factory navigation is not available on Base-trimmed Bronco models.

This change is officially presented as “Navigation Removal” and has been assigned the 59D order code, though it’s required, which means that factory navigation has effectively been removed from the 2022 Ford Bronco lineup altogether. However, based on how Ford has made this particular change, it’s likely that it’s only temporary as a result of the chip shortage.

On the same token, it doesn’t appear likely that Ford dealers will be able to add this feature at a later date, which has been the case with other models, including the Ford Explorer – which has temporarily lost its rear-seat climate controls, and Active Park Assist 2.0, which has recently been removed from the 2022 Ford F-150, 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E EV crossover, 2022 Ford Expedition SUV, and 2022 Lincoln Navigator luxury SUV. However, owners will still be able to use their phones for navigation via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is standard on all Bronco trims.

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  1. Bill

    Yeah, pay a mark up on a vehicle with less options and cannot be installed afterwards. Hard pass.

    1. Levern Canteen

      At least, that’s how My Dealership does

    2. Susan

      I agree totally just had to buy a new car got the ford bronco sport cause someone ran a stop sign and hit me totaled my car only had the car for 2 years and I feel like ford is punishing me by charging me the mark up of 5000.00 because people won’t go to work an they can not get cars in right now!!!!!

  2. Greggt

    That would be a pass with me too! Being stuck with Apple Play would mean looking at a different brand!

  3. Francois

    They must have asked customers that own recent Fords, like me. I have the latest Sync in both my Edge ST and GT350. I NEVER use the Ford Navigation. About 98% Waze and 2% Google Maps on Android Auto. Period. I would not miss it if it didn’t have it.

    1. MP

      Agree. We have an ’18 Edge and ’20 Fusion and never use the factory nav, just Waze through Apple or Google Play.

      In fact, the maps that came with the Edge didn’t reflect a local freeway widening that had been completed in 2015, so it would go nuts in that area believing you were on side streets. In ’19 they released new maps, but it was a PITA to load them from a thumb drive and drive for 45 minutes while they uploaded rewrote the files.

  4. Tigger

    Dear Ford

    Thanks for the extra sales.


    Jeep Wrangler

    In all seriousness though, you wonder what mastermind makes these decisions and it seems Ford has been hit harder than other automakers.

    1. Shawn B

      Because they are selling a crap ton of vehicles and rather than have them sit on a lot, they are pulling back features nearly zero people use. No one I know uses NAV. They listen to their own music off their own device and they use their own navigation with all their own bookmark and dropped pins from google maps or waze.

      1. J

        No one cares who know and whether or not they use NAV. That’s your business and a dumb anecdotal observation, that doesn’t apply to other customers.

        Plenty of people want what they ordered and expect to get it, instead of some setup which is dependent on cell service and can go dead in desolate areas.

        Think about that, before deciding for everyone else, what they need or don’t need in the vehicle they ordered.

        1. Wanted33

          I agree J, I don’t need/want anyone else making the decision concerning what I want on my Bronco. I removed the MIC, tow, and 2.7L like Ford recommended to improve my chances of a sooner build date. Of course it hasn’t happened. Now Ford is telling me I can’t get the navigation system that I ordered. My Bronco has turned into one I wouldn’t buy off the lot. Other options are running through my mind as I type this because it seems Ford really doesn’t want me driving a Bronco.

  5. Mike

    Looks like I won’t be accepting my bronco when if it comes in without it.!

    1. big daddy

      I’m sure they’ll be super bummed to sell your order on the lot for 20k over MSRP lol. You tell em Mike!

      1. Levern Canteen


  6. robh

    The one thing this article does not tell you is if Ford will reduce the price of the car to account for the deletion of this option/feature. I understand that there is a supposed chip shortage. Okay, they have to delete features because of this. but they should also reduce the price of the car or show a credit on the window sticker to account for this feature being subtracted from the car. normally, i favor Ford products. but lately they have been doing some things that are not good for the consumer. Last year i was looking at a Lincoln Aviator which i heard is also assembled in china. Of course nobody would want one made in china. but recently, Ford has deleted all info on the car to show where it was made. normally its on the window sticker. then its also printed on the door jam decal that has the VIN number and other specs listed. but now its gone. the only way to find out where it was made is to call Ford and have them look up the serial number to the car to see where it was manufactured. I don’t like that. its like they are trying to hide something with these sorts of actions. I just decided not to buy the car as that practice made me feel ill at ease with Ford and what they are doing now.

    1. Brice

      Aviators are made in Chicago. They may build some in China for that market. If the VIN starts with a 1 it was built in America. Heck the window sticker should show the assembly plant if it says CHI at the top left. Maybe that’s why you thought China?

      1. Levern Canteen

        NO Aviators are built in China sold in the US

    2. John

      “ The one thing this article does not tell you is if Ford will reduce the price of the car to account for the deletion of this option/feature. I understand that there is a supposed chip shortage. Okay, they have to delete features because of this. but they should also reduce the price of the car or show a credit on the window sticker to account for this feature being subtracted from the car.”


      Ford’s greed is so obvious & apparent.

      1. Stuart Schoener

        Ford always reduces the price when they remove features.

      2. Susan

        Ford did not reduce my price to cover for no navigation no power up windows no auto-dimming there is a whole list that didn’t realize till after got home

    3. Mark

      What is also not discussed is the future effect of the resale/trade in value down the road. I wouldn’t want a Bronco that was missing some key features without a significant price adjustment.

    4. Levern Canteen

      NOT TRUE
      SOME AVIATORS are built in Chicago

  7. Michael Fornetti

    Just buy a Land Rover Defender.
    Mine is perfect and has capability far beyond the Bronco and Wrangler.

    1. BadBronco

      Came here just to SMH at this comment. Enjoy that “capability” as you sip your latte while navigating the wilds of the concrete jungle. Just don’t get to far from your mechanic in that thing because electronic gremlins are just one deep puddle away. Thanks for the chuckle.

    2. Steve

      I looked into the Defender. Not going to pull the trigger on spending 100 k for a vehicle. Nice vehicle though.

    3. JC

      Dreamer….your nothing but a dreamer…..
      Please define “capability”.

  8. Dan Guillory

    A Defender more capable than a Wrangler or Bronco?? In your dreams!!
    Thanks to all who do not take delivery of your Broncos because of nav.
    They will be happily snapped up by grateful buyers.

    1. Beach Pony

      Truth. Defender, what is he smoking?

  9. Pam Hilton

    I was looking forward to the NAV. In the bronco. I have one Ford f 150 with and one without. It is nice while traveling. I get tired of having to stop and pull over to use a current map that is usually a year outdated. My phone is not big enough for me to see NAV on it, especially while driving. I hope it still has the backup camera and satellite radio. I also hope they reduce the price if NAV is no longer available.

  10. Bronco Billy

    I think Car Play and Auto require a cell signal, which you often don’t have in the back-country. I think the built-in Ford navigation works without a cell signal, which is critical when you are driving on remote trails. I believe this is a HUGE loss!

    1. PA Pilot

      Car play does not require cell service. Car play is the interface between your device and the head unit. The apps that you want to use may require it, but that can be mitigated with some planning. For example you can pre download google maps for areas where you know you will not have coverage. Even better yet get Gia which works fantastically with Car play. We do it all the time when overlanding.

  11. Nick

    I was at a Texas dealership yesterday, and they received in a customer’s special order raptor and everyone was up on arms. From what I overheard not only did it come missing the chip for climate control, but it came with no windshield wipers, or wiper motors…..effectively making it unable to pass an inspection let alone drive around if there may be a chance of rain….not sure what they decided to do…but if I were them I would have taken the parts off an unsold truck on the lot.

  12. Wanted33

    Well chit, by the time I get mine it won’t even have a steering wheel.

  13. Jeff

    Just another nail in the coffin for this vehicle. I get it? They have to child cars to pay employees, but there’s been no communication from the dealers about these changes, and zero from ford except here? Ford keeps saying “ask your dealer” and the dealer says “ ask ford”. This is pathetic. I’m waiting for FMC to tell us we are going to be pushed again the MY 23. Constraints and now deleted features. I’m done.

  14. Steve

    I travel a lot. I use Android Auto all the time in my rentals. I have never used NAV so I’m not upset about losing it.

  15. Steve

    I had a conversation with Ford last week. I was told that all reservations will be filled by end of this summer.

  16. JT Williams

    This is BS. I ordered the Lux package because I wanted certain amenities, one of them being navigation with the offroad and breadcrumbs feature. I wait for over 20 months, finally get a build date for mid-May and now they pull this crap. I do not like using my phone for nav and I shouldn’t need to when Ford was boasting the features included with in car nav from the initial reveal. If Ford can’t build it the way I ordered it…don’t build it until you can!

  17. Chris Blanchard

    Aftermarket GPS is superior to OEM on many levels, and costs about the same or less for most top shelf units. Free over-the-air lifetime map upgrades, BlueTooth voice command, Traffic, weather, Wayze on and on. And you can take it with you to your other vehicles or rentals, keeping all of your stored info intact. Smartphone-based nav has also come along way, and is perfectly fine for daily use.

  18. George Berry

    While everyone is complaining about the deleted Ford Nav, I am just wondering when in 2022 I will get my 2021 Bronco. I have no idea when Ford will start my Bronco. I went to the site that was to tell me my order status and it said contact dealer. What a waste of time!

  19. David Snow

    My wife only drives to work and to Karate school and church on Sundays. I’m perfectly fine with no navigation. Just build the damn thing! lol

  20. Jeffrey Hoff

    I guess nobody has gone where the is NO cell service. Then, guess what, the only thing that works is the navigation off the satilites.

  21. Chuck S.

    Bronco6G forums citing report that Ford is contradicting the nav system removal as of 4/12/22

  22. Anh kiet vo

    Please stop to take more order now for Bronco,the best way Ford should do fill it up all the old order before take in some new .The best way to avoid loosing custommers,,


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